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July 12, 2024

Boost your blog's SEO and increase sales with DropInBlog

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Optimize your online store’s blogging capabilities with DropInBlog - an advanced and SEO-friendly blogging solution designed specifically for Shopify. Instead of struggling with the limitations of inbuilt blogs, benefit from a strategic, robust, and comprehensive blogging platform engineered to meet the distinct needs of ecommerce entrepreneurs.

Why just settle for blogging when you can optimize it for better search engine visibility? The incorporated SEO analyzer operates like an integrated specialist, constantly inspecting and guiding every blog post to improve SERP rankings. By ensuring your blog posts score high on SEO, you increase the possibilities of being spotted by potential customers, augmenting your site traffic and prospective conversions.

Stay in control of who adds content to your blog with the user permission feature. Create custom profiles, assign individual permissions, and manage blog posts - all without providing complete access to your store. The balance of power and protection means the integrity of your store is always safeguarded.

Looking for ways to bring your products to the spotlight? Directly embed live product listings within your blog posts. This symbiosis of content and merchandise makes your blog a dynamic sales driver, subtly nudging your readers towards purchases. Plus, cherish the convenience of directly importing existing posts and executing URL redirects without any hassle. Step into a new era of ecommerce blogging with DropInBlog.


Get immediate feedback on your search engine optimization with the as-you-type SEO analyzer
Enjoy a mobile-friendly design with category navigation, search, and related blog posts
Create shoppable blog posts by embedding products with add-to-cart functionality
Benefit from a high-converting post layout that has been SEO optimized to help you rank
Receive dedicated customer support to assist you with any questions or needs


Increase your site traffic and potential conversions by optimizing your blog posts for better search engine visibility with the incorporated SEO analyzer
Safeguard the integrity of your store by controlling who adds content to your blog through the user permission feature
Drive sales and highlight products by embedding live product listings within your blog posts, creating a dynamic sales driver that nudges readers towards purchases

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Owlfred Review

Hoot hoot! All the Shopify merchants with an eye for SEO, lend an ear to the wisdom of Owlfred. The DropInBlog - SEO Friendly Blog app is a must-try! With a superb average rating of 4.9 in nearly 200 reviews, this app takes blogging to newer heights. It not only replaces the built-in Shopify blog but also offers an innovative in-house SEO analyzer to boost your ranking on search engines. It’s a seller's dream! With live product listings embedded right in the blog posts, it masterfully combines content with commerce to drive more sales. Not to leave out, its mobile-friendly design with easy navigation and search options makes it irresistible for users, while its high-converting post layout is a sure shot at strengthening your SEO game. Plus, the customer support is known to be caring and responsive, just like your truly, Owlfred. With pricing starting from $24/month and a 14-day free trial, it's definitely worth checking out!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I optimize my blog for SEO?
To optimize your blog for SEO, focus on creating high-quality, original content using relevant keywords. Keep your blog updated regularly and include internal and external links in your posts. Always ensure that your blog is mobile-friendly and has a fast load speed.
Do blogs boost SEO?
Blogs can greatly enhance SEO as they deliver fresh, quality content which search engines value. The effective use of keywords within blog posts can help improve your site's visibility in search engine results. Blogs also create opportunities for internal and external linking and boost dwell time on your site.
What is the best blog frequency for SEO?
There isn't a one-size-fits-all answer to the best blog frequency for SEO, as it depends on your industry, resources, and audience. However, maintaining a consistent blogging schedule is essential. Most experts recommend a minimum of one post per week.
How do I get US traffic on my blog?
To get more US traffic on your blog, consider the needs and interests of a US-based audience in your content creation. Use SEO tactics that target specific geographic regions within the US. Collaborating with US-based influencers or bloggers and promoting your content on US-based platforms can also be beneficial.

Shopify App Comparison: DropInBlog ‑ SEO Friendly Blog vs SEO Blog Optimizer - which is better?

When comparing DropInBlog and SEO Blog Optimizer, we can see that both apps aim to enhance the SEO capabilities of your blog. However, there are key differences between the two. DropInBlog offers a comprehensive blogging platform specifically designed for ecommerce entrepreneurs. With its as-you-type SEO analyzer, you can receive immediate feedback on your search engine optimization and improve your SERP rankings. Additionally, you can embed live product listings within your blog posts, turning your blog into a dynamic sales driver. The user permission feature also allows you to control who adds content to your blog, safeguarding the integrity of your store. With these features, DropInBlog offers a robust solution for ecommerce blog optimization.

On the other hand, SEO Blog Optimizer focuses on providing smart suggestions based on the latest Google search algorithm updates. This app serves as your SEO mentor, guiding you through the optimization process step-by-step. It offers beginner-friendly recommendations and generates SEO-optimized keyphrases for improved visibility. By using this app, you can elevate your blog's performance and stand out in the digital marketplace. If you're looking for a tool that helps you craft engaging blog articles and improve your SEO scores, SEO Blog Optimizer is a solid choice.

In conclusion, both DropInBlog and SEO Blog Optimizer offer unique features and benefits to enhance your blog's SEO capabilities. However, if you're an ecommerce entrepreneur looking for a comprehensive solution that includes embedded product listings, user permission control, and immediate SEO feedback, DropInBlog is the recommended app for you. On the other hand, if you're seeking smart suggestions and a user-friendly interface to improve your SEO scores, SEO Blog Optimizer is a worthy option.

DropInBlog ‑ SEO Friendly Blog Shopify AppDropInBlog ‑ SEO Friendly Blog
SEO Blog Optimizer Shopify AppSEO Blog Optimizer
Average Rating 4.8 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 221 15
Estimated Installs 760 0
Min Price $24.00 $0.00
Max Price $49.00 $14.99
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