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A/B test product photos with Bloom to increase sales and optimize conversion rate.

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Sounds like Bloom is the perfect tool to A/B test your product photos effortlessly and boost your sales!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

Last Updated:
April 9, 2024

Boost Sales with Automated A/B Testing for Product Photos

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The PDP is the new landing page, and product photography is the first thing the shopper sees on the PDP. Bloom imports photos and videos from influencer UGC, photo review services, and digital asset managers. It launches the new content directly on your PDP carousels, then auto-optimizes to maximize purchase rate, learning and automatically showing the right content to maximize CRO.

Highlight the visual appeal of your product listings with a smart tool that seamlessly integrates user-generated content (UGC), influencer imagery, and photo review assets. Break the monotonous pattern of conventional product displays and give your visitors a refreshing catalog experience.

As the significance of product display pages (PDPs) grows, leveraging rich visual content has never been more vital. This tool uses sophisticated algorithms to import a diverse range of content, from influencer media to customer reviews, transforming your traditional PDPs into vibrant showcases. It doesn't just stop at embedding content; the system is built to learn and adapt, consistently optimizing to increase your purchase rate.

Rank higher in discoverability with the app's smart auto-optimization feature that uses machine learning to hone in and display the most effective content. Enhance conversion rate optimization by showing your audience the right content at the right time. Stand out in the highly competitive e-commerce landscape with visually rich, engaging and persuasive PDPs.

Craft a compelling narrative for each product with an intelligent tool that understands what appeals to your audience. Experience the power of highly curated imagery helping to convert casual browsers into committed buyers. It’s not just a tool—it’s a transformative approach to online product display.


Maximize product photo conversion rate with a CRO platform
Auto-optimize your PDP carousel content effortlessly
Import and A/B test top UGC seamlessly with any photo review app integration
Serve dynamic content by dynamically reshuffling PDP photos
Transform casual browsers into committed buyers with visually rich and engaging PDPs


Increase purchase rate by leveraging user-generated content (UGC), influencer imagery, and photo reviews to create visually appealing product display pages (PDPs)
Enhance conversion rate optimization with smart auto-optimization using machine learning to display the most effective content
Stand out in the competitive e-commerce landscape with visually rich and engaging PDPs that convert casual browsers into committed buyers

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Owlfred Review Recap

Hoot hoot! Meet Bloom, an owl-credible Shopify app that takes A/B testing for product photos to a whole new level! Despite not having their install data available, Bloom has received stellar reviews (a perfect 5-star average from 3 reviews), indicating its substantial value to Shopify merchants. This savvy app is your go-to for optimizing product detail pages, capitalizing on the growing importance of product photography in the eCommerce sphere. It has brainy features like automated photo optimization, dynamic reshuffling of your product pictures, and nifty integration with various photo review apps to test and leverage user-generated content. In a nutshell, Bloom is a robust conversion rate optimization platform that dedicates itself to maximizing your product photo conversion rate! While its pricing starts at $99 a month, with plans going up to $799, it's a worthwhile investment for those serious about taking their online store to soaring new heights. Consider giving it a 'hoot'! Oh, and don't forget, they offer a 30-day free trial. It's a compelling choice especially for those in the advertising category.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is A/B testing in advertising?
A/B testing in advertising is a method used by businesses to compare two versions of an ad to determine which performs better. It involves showing the two variants, labeled A and B, to similar audiences and measuring the results to see which version drives more conversions.
How does A/B testing improve advertising efficiency?
A/B testing allows advertisers to make data-informed decisions about their ads. By testing different ad components like headlines, images, or call-to-actions, businesses can identify what resonates best with their audience. This process can help improve the efficiency of advertising campaigns, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates and ROI.
Can A/B testing be automated using apps like Bloom?
Yes apps like Bloom offer features to automate A/B testing. This means once you set up your different ad versions, the app will automatically rotate them, collect data, and provide analytics on performance, helping you to refine your marketing strategies.
Is A/B testing a primary marketing strategy?
A/B testing isn't a primary marketing strategy but an essential element within one. It's a technique used to understand audience preferences and improve various aspects of a broader digital marketing campaign. With ongoing A/B testing, marketing efforts become more effective over time as ads become more tailored to the target audience.

Shopify App Comparison: Bloom vs GoodCarts Traffic - which is better?

The Bloom app offers a unique solution for online retailers looking to enhance their product display pages (PDPs). With sophisticated algorithms, this app seamlessly integrates user-generated content (UGC), influencer imagery, and photo reviews to create visually appealing and engaging PDPs. The app's auto-optimization feature uses machine learning to display the most effective content, maximizing conversion rates and increasing purchase rates. It also offers the ability to craft a compelling narrative for each product, helping to convert casual browsers into committed buyers. Overall, Bloom provides a transformative approach to online product display, making it a highly recommended app for e-commerce businesses looking to stand out in the competitive landscape.

In contrast, the GoodCarts Traffic app focuses on expanding an online store's consumer reach through a unique post-purchase cross-promotion strategy. By joining a community of same-niche stores, called "Circles," businesses can broadcast exclusive discounts to customers, promoting mutual growth and success. This cooperative advertising strategy not only helps retain existing customers but also brings new customer acquisition, organically boosting traffic and sales. With easy installation and no direct competition worries, GoodCarts Traffic offers a revolutionary way to increase consumer base and sales while enjoying shared prosperity within the Shopify marketplace. Overall, this app is recommended for businesses looking to expand their reach and enjoy the benefits of cooperative marketing efforts.

Bloom Shopify AppBloom
GoodCarts Traffic Shopify AppGoodCarts Traffic
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