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Remove and generate perfect backgrounds effortlessly with Bluehour's AI-powered Image Editing App. Increase customer engagement and conversion rates on Shopify.

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Bluehour's PhotoBackground remover & Edit app is a must-have for effortlessly creating stunning product photos with seamless background removal and editing tools.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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April 18, 2024

Transform your product visuals with AI-powered background removal and editing

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Bluehour Product Image Editing App helps to create Stunning Photos using Background Removal, Image Editing tools. Increase customer engagement and conversion rates by Automate & Optimise your Visual Content Process. Utilize seamless Background Removal and Generate to transform your product visuals, streamlining the process and saving you time. Upload Photo, Remove Background, Edit Image and Publish to Shopify simply like never before!

Transform regular product images into compelling visuals with the efficient capabilities of PhotoBackground Remover & Edit. This app is an essential toolkit for merchants, offering high-quality background removal and comprehensive image editing functionalities. Achieve more visually pleasing content for your shop with the least amount of time and effort.

The app expertly creates impactful product visuals that can greatly influence potential customers. Streamline your visual content creation process with the app's automated system, thus freeing up more time to focus on other crucial aspects of your ecommerce business.

Process image enhancement effortlessly. Simply upload the photo, utilize the background removal feature, fine-tune with additional editing tools, and directly publish to your Shopify shop. Maximizing content engagement and conversion rates has never been this stress-free and efficient.

The app is more than an image editing utility, it's a powerful catalyst to upgrade the visual esthetic of your online storefront and to increase overall visitor engagement. Stand out from the competition with visuals that speaks volumes about the products you have to offer.


Effortlessly generate product backgrounds using AI technology
Seamlessly remove and generate high-quality backgrounds that blend perfectly with your products
Enhance and enrich product images to boost customer engagement and drive sales
Automate and optimize your visual content process with bulk image editing capabilities
Stand out from the competition by upgrading your online store's visual aesthetic and increasing overall visitor engagement.


Save time creating visually appealing product images with AI-powered background removal and editing tools
Increase content engagement and conversion rates with high-quality visuals that grab the attention of potential customers
Stand out from the competition by upgrading the visual aesthetic of your online store and boosting overall visitor engagement with compelling product images.

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Owlfred Review

An absolute whizz of an app, PhotoBackground Remover & Edit by Bluehour is an AI-powered champ that makes image background removal breezy. Though it's a back-end tool and doesn't boast many installs, don't let that deter you. Garnering a flawless average rating of 5 from two reviews, this application revamps your product visuals impressively, enhancing customer engagement and ramping up conversion rates. With a simple upload, chop, improve, and publish workflow, your images will effortlessly slide into your Shopify store, looking better than ever. What's particularly savvy about this tool is the high quality of the background removal and generation, which integrates seamlessly with your product, making any image issues a thing of the past. This app boosts the look of your product images, aiming for increased customer engagement and sales. Not to mention the fact it allows for bulk editing - music to any merchant's ears! The pricing is also a treat as it's free to install, though there may be additional charges down the line. Hop on the attractive-imagery wagon with this image editor and enrich your store's visual allure today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an AI tool for removing background?
An AI tool for removing background is a type of software that uses artificial intelligence to automatically detect and remove backgrounds from images. It does this without requiring manual selection or editing.
What is meant by background removal in photo editing?
Background removal in photo editing refers to the process where the backdrop or background of an image is removed, leaving only the main subject. This is often done to remove distracting elements, highlight the main subject, or change the background to something more suitable.
What techniques are used for background removal in image processing?
Techniques used for background removal in image processing include manual tracing and erasing, chromakey or green screen methods, and advanced AI-powered automatic detection and removal tools. These techniques range from simple to complex depending on skill requirements and quality of results.
How can I remove the background from a product photo?
To remove the background from a product photo, you can use a specialized app or software that offers background removal functionality. Simply upload your product photo, use the tool to identify and eliminate the background, then replace it with a solid color or a different scene.

Shopify App Comparison: PhotoBackground remover & Edit vs Nulls.Net Product Zoom - which is better?

After reviewing the capabilities and features of both apps, we have found that PhotoBackground Remover & Edit and Nulls.Net Product Zoom offer unique functionalities to enhance the visual experience of your online store. PhotoBackground Remover & Edit excels in its AI-powered background removal and comprehensive image editing capabilities. With this app, you can effortlessly generate product backgrounds, enhance and enrich product images, and automate the visual content process. The result is visually appealing product images that grab the attention of potential customers, ultimately increasing content engagement and conversion rates.

On the other hand, Nulls.Net Product Zoom focuses on elevating the customer shopping experience through high-definition product viewing. This app offers three distinct zoom types for interactive product exploration, allowing customers to have a detailed and panoramic view of product details. By seamlessly integrating into your Shopify store and prioritizing user ease and simplicity, Nulls.Net Product Zoom encourages customer confidence and purchase decisions. This transformative tool enhances the visual engagement of your store and ultimately boosts sales.

In conclusion, both apps offer valuable features to upgrade your online store’s visual aesthetic and increase overall visitor engagement. If you want to focus on creating visually appealing product images and automating the editing process, we recommend PhotoBackground Remover & Edit. However, if you prioritize enhancing the customer shopping experience with high-definition product viewing and interactive exploration, Nulls.Net Product Zoom is the ideal choice. Consider your specific needs and goals to make the best decision for your online store.

PhotoBackground remover & Edit Shopify AppPhotoBackground remover & Edit
Nulls.Net Product Zoom Shopify AppNulls.Net Product Zoom
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