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Easily engage customers and boost loyalty with BM: SMS Marketing—no marketing experience required.

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BM: SMS Marketing & Email is a great choice for e-commerce stores looking to easily reach and engage with their customers through personalized SMS and MMS marketing campaigns.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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June 13, 2024

Turn One-Time Shoppers into Loyal Fans with SMS Marketing

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Harness the untapped potency of SMS marketing to re-engage one-time shoppers and transform them into loyal patrons. Equipped for all users, regardless of marketing expertise, this app enables seamless creation of effective SMS marketing crusades. Not only is its interface intuitive and straightforward, but it also empowers the user to conceptualize, devise, and launch personalized campaigns with operative precision.

This application focuses on repeat business, recognizing the latent value perennial customers hold for any enterprise. It's an ideal medium for revitalizing inactive customers, motivating them to repurchase and thereby convert into dedicated enthusiasts. Simplicity, adeptness, and efficiency are hallmarks of this Shopify application.

What distinguishes this app is the degree of customization it brings to the fore, adding a personal touch to every outreach to fortify a meaningful customer relationship. To sum up, it's a strategic tool that combines simplicity and sophistication to enable formulating convincing SMS campaigns, driving repeat customer engagement, and catalyzing business growth.


Create personalized SMS messages tailored to individual customers
Access built-in SMS templates for inspiration on timely events, promotions, and sales
Utilize Smart Send technology to schedule messages at the optimal time
Launch SMS campaigns effortlessly and efficiently
Engage in repeat customer outreach with customized messages


By capitalizing on the power of personalized SMS campaigns, you can reactivate inactive customers and increase repeat purchases
Use of Smart Send technology ensures ideal sending times, leading to higher read rates and potential sales
The built-in SMS templates save you time and creative effort for event-based and promotional marketing campaigns.

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Owlfred Review

Perched high in the digital forest, I've spotted an app that could make a world of difference to your Shopify store. "BM: SMS Marketing & Email" is a nifty tool tailored for ecommerce stores looking to tap into the power of SMS and MMS marketing. Its slogan indicates simplicity and efficacy, and its users seem to agree if the perfect average rating of 5-stars from multiple merchant reviews is any indication! The app includes exciting features like personalized SMS messages (with support for MMS in US locations), built-in SMS templates for easy message crafting, and Smart Send technology to ensure your messages land at the perfect moment. Though it's a backend app and we can't gauge its popularity from installs, its well-oiled functionalities and zero-dollar price tag hint at some serious value. Whoo will benefit? Those looking for an easy way to transform one-time shoppers into repeat customers, and create a fan base from their repeat customers - all through the wonders of SMS marketing! This one gets a wise old hoot of approval.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How effective is SMS marketing?
SMS marketing is highly effective due to its direct and timely approach. The conversion rates are high as text messages have an estimated open rate of 98%. Plus, the response rate for SMS is 45%, much higher than email's 6%
What is the benefit of SMS marketing?
SMS marketing provides immediate communication with customers, high engagement rates and it's cost-effective. It allows businesses to reach customers directly, resulting in instant value and fostering stronger customer relationships
Does Shopify have SMS marketing?
Yes Shopify supports SMS marketing through a variety of third-party apps, one of which is BM: SMS Marketing. You can use such apps to send marketing messages, promotions, or notifications directly to your customers' phones
What is SMS marketing?
SMS Marketing is a communication strategy which uses text messages to send promotional or transactional messages like offers, discounts, sales, and notifications directly to customers' mobile phones

Shopify App Comparison: BM: SMS Marketing vs Sinch MessageMedia SMS - which is better?

When comparing BM: SMS Marketing App and Sinch MessageMedia SMS App, both apps offer powerful capabilities for driving customer engagement through SMS marketing. However, there are key differences that set these apps apart.

BM: SMS Marketing App stands out for its degree of customization, allowing users to add a personal touch to every outreach. With tailored messages and personalized campaigns, this app helps foster meaningful customer relationships and drive repeat engagement. Additionally, its intuitive interface and simplicity make it accessible to all users, regardless of their marketing expertise. We highly recommend this app for those looking to revitalize inactive customers and catalyze business growth.

Sinch MessageMedia SMS App, on the other hand, focuses on amplifying customer engagements through multiple platforms, including bulk SMS, MMS, and popular social networks. With features like automated text reminders and targeted bulk SMS campaigns, this app is ideal for driving conversions and boosting revenue. Its all-in-one messaging solution and around-the-clock global support ensure a hassle-free customer communication process. For those looking for a robust messaging platform to maximize their Shopify store, we recommend Sinch MessageMedia SMS App.

BM: SMS Marketing Shopify AppBM: SMS Marketing
Sinch MessageMedia SMS Shopify AppSinch MessageMedia SMS
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