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Unlock the Global Market with On-Demand Book Printing

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With Bookvault you can be setup and ready to sell in minutes. Simply add the app, create an account and start building your library of products. With automatic online product validation, you will not be caught by delays in making them ready for sale. Bookvault has a decades long history of producing 1000s of on-demand products every day, so by choosing Bookvault, you are benefitting from the quality standards and pricing usually reserved for the largest publishers.

Immerse yourself in the world of literature and organize your unique online library with ease using this efficient app. Designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, it swiftly enables you to promote your collection of literary gems within a matter of minutes. No need to worry about delays or hindrances in setting up your products for sale, the automatic online product validation ensures your books are ready for eager readers in no time.

Deftly sidestep the common hurdles of online sales with our extensive track record. You’re not just adopting an application, but reaping the benefits of a time-tested process that churns out thousands of on-demand products routinely. This isn't just another run-of-the-mill online book club option but creates an advantageous platform typically reserved only for renowned publishers. Ready yourself to tap into exceptional quality standards and competitive pricing that await you.

Harness the power of convenience and efficiency packed into this app and propel your journey into the sphere of online literature sales to new horizons. Now, converting your passion for books into a successful online venture has never been smoother or simpler.


Quickly validate your online products automatically
Customize your books with dozens of binding styles and formats
Create custom sizes with virtually limitless options
Expand sales by listing book titles on top online retailers
Effortlessly transform your love for books into a thriving online business.


Increase your online sales by adopting a time-tested process that routinely churns out thousands of on-demand products
Tap into exceptional quality standards and competitive pricing typically reserved for renowned publishers
Seamlessly convert your passion for books into a successful online venture with convenience and efficiency

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Owlfred Review

Who-o-oa, book lovers and self-publishers, Bookvault is such a noteworthy app for you! This remarkable Shopify app enables you to print and fulfill your books on-demand, allowing you to tap into global markets without the fuss and cost of maintaining physical stock. As simple as add, create, and build - establish your account and start developing your Library of Wonders in mere minutes. With their automatic online product validation, you no longer need to worry about delays in making your books ready for sale. With a decades-long track record of creating thousands of on-demand books daily, opting for Bookvault is like getting exclusive access to the production quality and pricing typically offered to the largest publishers. With features like quick automated product validation, dozens of binding styles and formats to choose from, and virtually limitless custom sizes achievable, U-turns are discouraged! Boost your direct sales by adding your titles to popular online retailers; an open-ended invitation to potential readers. Can we appreciate the free installation and possible additional charges only as needed, budgeting wisely, my friends! Perfect for those tucked under the 'Fulfilling Orders' and 'Managing Orders' categories, it's a new chapter with Bookvault. Dive in, the story unfolds in your favour.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is print on demand and how does it influence the book industry?
Print on demand revolutionizes the book industry by allowing authors and publishers to print books as orders come in, eliminating inventory costs. This method has lowered barriers of entry for new authors and small publishers.
How do I get my book published worldwide?
Publishing a book worldwide typically involves finding a publisher with global distribution capabilities, or using a print-on-demand service like Bookvault that distributes to various countries. Be mindful of different copyright laws and regulations in each country.
Is Lulu publishing still in business?
Yes Lulu publishing is still in business. Known for being easy to use, it offers print-on-demand services and boasts worldwide distribution capabilities.
Can I sell my book internationally?
Absolutely, selling a book internationally can be done through online marketplaces, partnering with international publishers, or using print-on-demand services with global distribution such as Bookvault.

Shopify App Comparison: Bookvault vs Locad - which is better?

We have two powerful apps to compare here - Bookvault and Locad. Bookvault is an app designed to help you organize your online library and sell your books with ease. With features like automatic online product validation and customizable book options, Bookvault makes it simple to promote and sell your literary gems. It offers exceptional quality standards and competitive pricing, typically reserved for renowned publishers, giving you a valuable advantage in the online book sales market. If you're looking to convert your passion for books into a successful online venture, Bookvault is the app for you.

On the other hand, Locad is an e-commerce logistics application that excels in efficiency and reliability. It allows you to take control of your company's inventory, packing, shipping, and tracking needs in the Asia-Pacific region. With a robust network of warehouses and shipping associates in key locations, Locad ensures prompt deliveries and enhances customer satisfaction. Streamlining inventory management, automating order fulfillment processes, and optimizing shipping routes are just a few of the features that make Locad a valuable tool for growing your brand. If you want to simplify logistics and boost productivity in your e-commerce business, Locad is the app to choose.

We highly recommend both Bookvault and Locad, depending on your specific needs. Whether you're a book lover looking to sell your collection or an e-commerce business owner seeking efficient logistics management, these apps have got you covered.
Bookvault Shopify AppBookvault
Locad Shopify AppLocad
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