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Prevent shipping errors with SafeShip: Address Validator for seamless address validation at checkout.

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SafeShip helps Plus stores prevent failed deliveries by validating and blocking invalid shipping addresses in the checkout, ensuring smooth and successful deliveries every time.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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May 14, 2024

Prevent Delivery Failures & Save Money

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Streamline your shipping process and save costs by accurately verifying customer addresses with a powerful yet easy-to-use tool. SafeShip: Address Validator is designed specifically to prevent delivery failures and additional shipping costs due to incorrect or invalid addresses.

With a simple integration process, you can have peace of mind knowing that your products are going to reach the right destination every time. The intuitive checkout app block enables you to add address validation or PO box blocking into your checkouts in just a few clicks. It operates within the checkout itself, eliminating the need for customers to retroactively correct their shipping information after an order has been placed.

However, this superb functionality is available exclusively to Shopify Plus users who have Checkout Extensibility enabled. By leveraging this opportunity, Shopify Plus merchants can optimize their operations, save resources and improve customer satisfaction by reducing delivery complications.

Remember, correct customer addresses are paramount to successful deliveries, and successful deliveries lead to great customer satisfaction—get started with this application today and revolutionize your dispatch process.


Verifies shipping addresses and prevents checkout for invalid addresses
Prevents transactions involving PO box addresses not eligible for shipping
Proposes possible shipping address corrections to ensure maximum delivery success
Restricts shipping to addresses that lack vital details like house or building number
Supports validation of both US and international shipping addresses in the checkout process.


Reduce failed deliveries and save on corrosponding costs by effectively validating shipping addresses to prevent incorrect or un-deliverable addresses.
Improve customer experience and retention by offering shipping address suggestions for optimal deliverability and reducing the potential for order delays.
Save your store from shipping to PO boxes if not supported, hence mitigating potential losses, and enhancing the efficiency of your delivery process.

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Checkout , USPS


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Owlfred Review

SafeShip: Address Validator is a handy Shopify app designed to help Plus stores prevent delivery mishaps by verifying and blocking invalid shipping addresses at checkout. With features like address validation, PO box blocking, and shipping address suggestions, this app aims to enhance deliverability and save money by reducing failed deliveries. While the app's rating is currently at 3 stars with limited installs, its focus on addressing a crucial aspect of the e-commerce experience makes it a recommended tool for Shopify Plus merchants looking to streamline their shipping processes and minimize address-related issues. Just remember, you'll need to be on Shopify Plus with Checkout Extensibility enabled to make the most of SafeShip's features.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are common faults in deliveries that could be mitigated by SafeShip: Address Validator?
Common faults in deliveries that SafeShip: Address Validator could mitigate include inaccurate shipping addresses, undeliverable locations, and typographical errors during order submission. This app verifies and corrects shipping addresses to ensure successful deliveries.
What does delivery failure mean in the context of using SafeShip: Address Validator?
In the context of using SafeShip: Address Validator, delivery failure means unsuccessful completion of product delivery owing to invalid or incorrect address details. The app minimizes this risk by validating and adjusting shipping details before the order is dispatched.
How can SafeShip: Address Validator help mitigate delivery delays?
SafeShip: Address Validator reduces delivery delays by ensuring accurate and verified shipping details. This assists in a smooth delivery process, mitigating potential delays caused by incorrect addresses or rerouting.
How does SafeShip: Address Validator ensure successful deliveries?
SafeShip: Address Validator optimizes successful deliveries by cross-checking and validating the shipping addresses provided by customers. By correcting any inaccurate details before shipment, the app significantly reduces the chance of delivery failures or unnecessary delays.

Shopify App Comparison: SafeShip: Address Validator vs LionWheel Local Delivery - which is better?

We have compared two apps that are designed to optimize different aspects of the delivery process. SafeShip: Address Validator focuses on verifying and correcting shipping addresses to prevent delivery failures and reduce shipping costs. It offers features such as address validation, PO box blocking, and suggesting shipping address corrections. By using this app, you can reduce failed deliveries, improve customer experience, and save resources. We highly recommend this app for Shopify Plus users who want to streamline their shipping process and ensure successful deliveries.

LionWheel Local Delivery, on the other hand, is a comprehensive routing app that helps optimize local delivery routes and enhance client satisfaction. It seamlessly integrates with Shopify orders, making it easy to assign orders to drivers and create efficient delivery routes. The app also includes a robust mobile application with real-time GPS tracking and proof-of-delivery features. By using this app, you can save time and money, improve customer communication, and streamline your delivery process. We recommend LionWheel Local Delivery for businesses that want to optimize their local delivery operations and build a reputation for excellence.

SafeShip: Address Validator Shopify AppSafeShip: Address Validator
LionWheel Local Delivery Shopify AppLionWheel Local Delivery
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Works With Checkout , USPS
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