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April 9, 2024

Quick and Convenient Courier Delivery Service in Brazil

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- Easy management of fleet with just a click. Book a Borzo rider whenever needed at any time of the day - Ready to assist Customer Support via app or web chat! - Book for a one-time pick-up and reduce your delivery fee expenses

Experience the effortless world of optimized delivery management with the efficient tool that transforms fleet management into a simple click. An invaluable asset for businesses operating at any hour, this app ensures prompt and reliable delivery solutions irrespective of the time and day. Catering to both frequent and one-time pickups, it focuses on cost-effectiveness, targeting your business's bottom line directly by reducing delivery fees.

User convenience is at the heart of this tool, reinforced by a highly responsive customer support ready to assist via the app or web chat. This feature helps address any concerns swiftly, maintaining smooth operations and aiding in the resolution of any potential hurdles. Revamp your delivery system with the simplicity and efficiency of this well-designed platform.

Whether you're managing a large fleet or operating on a smaller scale, streamline your delivery processes with an ingenious solution. This tool, with its perfect blend of ease-of-use and efficiency, propels your business towards its full potential. Welcome to your new standard for effective, uncomplicated fleet management.


Enable easy installation and booking with a few clicks
Place multi-drop orders effortlessly
Access different transport types including cars and motorbikes
Ensure prompt and reliable deliveries to increase customer satisfaction
Streamline delivery processes and save time by optimizing fleet management


Increase customer satisfaction and retention by ensuring prompt and reliable deliveries, leading to fewer missed or delayed orders
Streamline delivery processes, saving time and reducing costs by optimizing fleet management with ease-of-use and efficiency
Enhance operational efficiency with user-friendly features and responsive customer support, resolving concerns swiftly to maintain smooth business operations.

About the Vendor

Borzo Delivery
1-3 Boumpoulinas, Bouboulina Building, Flat/Office 42, Nicosia, 1060, CY
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Owlfred Review

"Borzo Delivery - Brazil" swoops in to assist with your intracity courier delivery needs. While somewhat of a niche app with no verified installs making it a bit of an unseen nocturnal hunter, this app does offer a unique feature set. You can run your own fleet with ease, book a Borzo rider at your convenience, and leverage assistance from ready-to-help customer support via chat. One particular feather in their cap is the option for a one-time pickup to reduce delivery fee expenses. Their toolbox also includes easy installation with just a few clicks, the ability to place multi-drop orders, and a choice between car and motorbike transport for flexible delivery options. However, reviews are scarce, and the average rating comes in at a mere 2 out of 5. As a wise owl, I advise proceeding with caution; understand their offerings and see if this app's features perch well atop your business needs before you dive in. While free to install, remember additional charges may apply. For those in Brazil seeking to refine their delivery services, it could be worth spreading your wings and checking out "Borzo Delivery - Brazil".

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Borzo Delivery ‑ Brazil?
Borzo Delivery ‑ Brazil is an app designed to facilitate local delivery and shipping label management for e-commerce businesses in Brazil.
Is Borzo Delivery ‑ Brazil fast?
Yes. Borzo Delivery ‑ Brazil is known for speedy and reliable courier service. The exact delivery times can depend on various factors including the destination and size of the package.
Does Borzo Delivery ‑ Brazil operate all over the country?
Borzo operates throughout Brazil, making it an excellent choice for businesses that ship nationwide.
What makes Borzo Delivery ‑ Brazil stand out from other courier services in the region?
Borzo Delivery ‑ Brazil stands out for its simple interface, dependable local delivery service, and efficient shipping label management. It ensures the swift and safe delivery of packages to various locations in Brazil.

Shopify App Comparison: Borzo Delivery ‑ Brazil vs Local Delivery + Pickup ‑ SE - which is better?

When comparing Borzo Delivery - Brazil and Local Delivery + Pickup - SE, both apps offer efficient and streamlined delivery management solutions. Borzo Delivery focuses on reducing delivery fees and increasing customer satisfaction through prompt and reliable deliveries. Its ease-of-use and responsive customer support make it an excellent choice for businesses of any size. In contrast, Local Delivery + Pickup provides an all-inclusive software solution tailored to both online and physical stores. With features such as route optimization, scheduling, and real-time delivery updates, it helps improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Additionally, it drives foot traffic to physical stores and reduces shipping costs, resulting in increased revenue for Shopify merchants. Overall, both apps offer unique advantages and can effectively enhance delivery processes.

However, we recommend Local Delivery + Pickup - SE for Shopify merchants looking for a comprehensive solution integrated within the Shopify platform and POS system. Its personalized order tracking, feedback collection, and proof of delivery capabilities are particularly valuable in enhancing customer satisfaction. The app's ability to drive foot traffic to physical stores and reduce shipping costs also contributes to increased revenue. With its focus on improving operational efficiency and customer experience, Local Delivery + Pickup - SE stands out as a strategic tool for Shopify merchants seeking to streamline logistics and boost online conversions.

Borzo Delivery ‑ Brazil Shopify AppBorzo Delivery ‑ Brazil
Local Delivery + Pickup ‑ SE Shopify AppLocal Delivery + Pickup ‑ SE
Average Rating 2 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 1 68
Estimated Installs 0 0
Min Price $0.00 $0.00
Max Price $0.00 $9.00
Works With Checkout , Email Notifications, Fulfilment Service, POS, Picklist, Local Delivery, Android/iOS
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