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Save Time and Recapture Revenue with an Automated Returns Solution

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A streamlined returns process is no more a nice-to-have feature but a decisive factor in winning customer loyalty. Eliminating troublesome returns and exchanges process is critical for not just improving customer satisfaction but also preserving revenue.

This cutting-edge app helps turn returns and exchanges from potential losses into successful customer retention opportunities. It allows merchants to automate their returns process effectively, setting automation rules to handle return requests with ease. It not only streamlines the return request management but also assists in recapturing potential lost revenue by ushering customers towards exchanges rather than outright returns.

Thanks to its advanced features, merchants can reduce customer apprehension significantly with customized, professionally-branded returns pages and automated email updates that keep customers informed about their returns progress.

This tool centralizes all your returns information, allowing you to view and manage them via a comprehensive, easy-to-use portal. Its smart regional return routing and carrier data feature ensures your team can manage carriers efficiently and respond quickly to operational changes or customer queries.

Beyond return management, this app also serves up clear insights on your returns, helping you spot trends and refine your eCommerce strategy for better profitability. Transforming your returns process has never been easier or more beneficial for your business.


Automate your returns process with self-service returns page and email notifications
Implement smart return rules to reduce returns and lower customer anxiety
Provide flexible refund and exchange options to delight customers and recover revenue
Set automation rules like auto-refund and auto-restock to decrease manual work
Manage carriers efficiently with carrier and warehouse settings for quick package return and restocking


Automate returns process to save time and retain customers
Reduce customer apprehension with customized returns pages and automated email updates
Gain insights to refine eCommerce strategy and increase profitability

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Works with

Shopify Flow, UPS, FedEx, USPS, Canada Post, Gorgias


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30 review in the last 30 days.

30 reviews in the last 30 days.

84 review in the last 90 days.

84 reviews in the last 90 days.

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364 install in the last 30 days.

364 installs in the last 30 days.

299 install in the last 30 days.

299 installs in the last 30 days.

Owlfred Review

AfterShip Returns is a highly recommended app with 2233 reviews and an impressive average rating of 4.7. With its focus on providing automated returns solutions for brands to save time and recapture revenue, AfterShip Returns is a valuable tool for improving customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. The app's features such as self-service returns pages, smart return rules, flexible refund options, and automation rules make it a comprehensive solution for managing returns effectively. Additionally, its compatibility with Shopify Flow and major carriers like UPS, FedEx, and USPS ensures seamless integration into your existing processes. Whether you're looking to streamline your returns process, reduce manual work, or enhance the overall returns experience for your customers, AfterShip Returns is a solid choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the importance of offering returns on my Shopify Store?
Offering returns on your Shopify Store is a vital part of building customer trust and loyalty. It assures customers you stand behind your products and are committed to their satisfaction.
How can I effectively manage my return policy in my Shopify Shop?
Managing your return policy effectively involves clear communication about the policy on your website, making the return process easy and hassle-free for customers, and promptly handling return requests. The AfterShip Returns app can assist you in handling these tasks.
What is AfterShip Returns and how does it benefit my Shopify store?
AfterShip Returns is an app that streamlines the return and exchange process in Shopify stores. It makes the process more efficient for merchants by automating returns, generating shipping labels, and providing a convenient portal for customers to manage their return requests.
How do Shopify returns function with AfterShip Returns app?
AfterShip Returns integrates with your Shopify store to automate your return process. It allows your customers to submit return requests through a self-service portal. The app can generate shipping labels for approved returns, making the process seamless and efficient.

Shopify App Comparison: AfterShip Returns & Exchanges vs Return Prime: Return โ†’ Revenue - which is better?

After comparing the capabilities, features, and benefits of the two apps, we can confidently say that both apps are highly effective in streamlining and managing returns processes. AfterShip Returns App offers advanced features that help automate the returns process effectively. With customized returns pages and automated email updates, it reduces customer apprehension and improves customer satisfaction. Additionally, the app provides clear insights on returns trends, helping merchants refine their eCommerce strategies for better profitability. Overall, AfterShip Returns App is a comprehensive and beneficial tool for businesses looking to transform their returns process.

On the other hand, Return Prime: Exchange & Refund App also offers streamlined and centralized management of returns, exchanges, and refunds. The app integrates seamlessly with popular logistics and 3PL for an optimized returns operation. It enables prompt dispatch of return labels and facilitates convenient in-store returns, enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Moreover, Return Prime allows easy migration from other returns management apps, providing users with groundbreaking features for improved returns handling. With its focus on operational agility and customer experience, Return Prime is a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes.

Ultimately, both apps are capable of effectively managing returns processes, but the decision between the two will depend on specific business needs and preferences. So, we recommend both the AfterShip Returns App and the Return Prime: Exchange & Refund App as viable options for businesses looking to streamline and optimize their returns management.

AfterShip Returns & Exchanges Shopify AppAfterShip Returns & Exchanges
Return Prime: Return โ†’ Revenue Shopify AppReturn Prime: Return โ†’ Revenue
Average Rating 4.7 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 2328 641
Estimated Installs 6113 2428
Min Price $0.00 $0.00
Max Price $239.00 $99.99
Works With Shopify Flow, UPS, FedEx, USPS, Canada Post, Gorgias Plobal Apps, Richpanel, Australia Post Returns, Canada Post, DHL, UPS
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