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Customize background music in your store to enhance customer experience and drive sales.

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Box Music app is perfect for setting up custom background music in your store to enhance customer engagement and promote your brand effectively!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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May 1, 2024

Customize Your Store Experience with Background Music

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Set the right mood in your online store with ease using Box Music - a flexible application that provides a comprehensive collection of ambient tunes for every occasion. Tailor the auditory experience of your shoppers to generate higher customer satisfaction, induce longer browsing times, and boost revenue.

This background music application lets you manipulate the aura of your e-commerce page by playing varied genres of melodies and songs. Whether you're dialing up the love for Valentine's or setting a jubilant tone for a holiday special, this app's extensive music library caters to all.

Along with an extensive catalogue of tracks, the app offers robust customization options. Change the audio icons, adjust colors and gradients to match your site's aesthetic, or craft unique messages for different playlists to ensure every note strikes a chord with your customers.

Coordinating with your Theme 2.0, the app can be easily installed across any page. So make every click a note and turn your store into a symphony of pleasing shopping experiences.


Set background music for your entire store with one click
Choose from a diverse library of songs or upload your own tracks
Personalize audio icons by selecting from a library or uploading your own
Customize icons with solid colors or gradient backgrounds to match your brand aesthetic
Create unique playlists for various occasions like Romantic, Horror, or Valentine's Day.


Increase customer satisfaction, encourage longer browsing times, and boost revenue by setting the right mood in your online store with Box Music.
Easily manipulate the ambience of your e-commerce page for different occasions such as Valentine's Day or holiday specials using the app's extensive music library.
Craft unique messages for different playlists and customize audio icons to ensure every note strikes a chord with your customers.

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Owlfred Review

Hoot, Hoot! Box Music - Background Music is a versatile app that brings a whole new sensory experience to your Shopify store. Developed by Centous Solutions (Tech Dignity), this app lets you tailor the background audio to reflect your brand and engage your customers in a fresh, melodious way. With high praise from its users and soaring at an almost impeccable 4.9 average rating, it lets you choose music from a broad variety garnering everything from romantic tunes to spine-chilling horror. Got your own unique beat? Awesome! You can also upload custom tracks to create that exclusive vibe. And, that's not all - play around with different icon combinations, colors, and background gradients until they match your brand perfectly. Remember, this isn't just about the audio - it's about setting the mood, enhancing your brand's personality, and ultimately driving those sales and conversions. The cherry on top? You can kickstart the music with their free plan! So, go ahead and set up Box Music - Background Music in your store, you might just hit the right note with your customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is background music important in stores?
Background music helps to enhance the overall shopping atmosphere. It makes the environment more enjoyable which encourages customers to stay longer and potentially make more purchases.
How does store music affect shopping behavior?
Store music can influence customer's emotions and mood. A pleasant auditory experience can make shoppers feel comfortable and relaxed, encouraging them to browse longer and purchase more.
What type of music should be played in a retail store to encourage consumers to spend more?
The type of music should match the store's brand and the customers it serves. Generally, slower tempo music encourages shoppers to spend more time in the store, consequently leading to a higher chance of purchases.
What kind of music makes people shop?
Studies suggest that different genres of music can affect shopping behaviors. Classical music might encourage more expensive purchases while pop hits can energize shoppers and improve their mood. The key is aligning the music selection with the shopper's preferences and your store's brand persona.

Shopify App Comparison: Box Music ‑ Background Music vs MX: Background Music Player - which is better?

We have reviewed two background music apps that aim to enhance the shopping experience on your online store. Box Music offers a comprehensive collection of ambient tunes for every occasion, allowing you to set the right mood and generate higher customer satisfaction. With the ability to customize audio icons, colors, and gradients, as well as create unique playlists for different occasions, Box Music provides a tailored auditory experience for your shoppers. This app seamlessly integrates with Theme 2.0 and can be easily installed across any page of your store.

On the other hand, MX: Background Music Player goes beyond playing songs and focuses on setting an aural atmosphere that lures shoppers into the buying mood. With full control over size, color, volume, loop settings, and even compatibility with popular music platforms like TikTok and Spotify, MX allows you to customize the player to match your brand and resonate with your customers through their preferred music service. This app also offers holiday royalty-free songs and insights into top TikTok songs weekly, helping you stay ahead of trends and enhance seasonal experiences.

Both apps provide valuable features to enhance the ambiance of your online store, but if you're looking for robust customization options and seamless integration with your store's theme, we recommend Box Music. However, if you want to connect with your customers on a deeper level and foster a sense of belonging by playing music from their preferred platforms, MX: Background Music Player is the ideal choice.

Box Music ‑ Background Music Shopify AppBox Music ‑ Background Music
MX: Background Music Player Shopify AppMX: Background Music Player
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