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Transfer orders smart and automated to your Brand Canyon backend, sync inventory, and let us handle fulfillment for you.

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Brand Canyon is the perfect app to streamline your print-on-demand orders, sending them seamlessly to your Brand Canyon backend for efficient processing and fulfillment, so you can focus on marketing while we handle the rest!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

Last Updated:
June 13, 2024

Automate Order Processing and Shipping with Brand Canyon Integration

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Immerse yourself in the realm of print-on-demand solutions with a cutting-edge tool that takes the complexity out of your Shopify operations. This meticulous app links seamlessly with your platform, channeling your orders directly to the backend, streamlining order fulfillment, and virtually eliminating the risk of overselling. It also keeps your inventory in harmonious sync, ensuring you only receive orders for products that are truly available.

With the gamut of heavy lifting handled in the background, you are free to focus on what matters most - marketing your products and growing your business. This app isn’t just about fulfilling orders; it’s about enabling you to sell more, waste less, and bolster your bottom line. In a busy marketplace, this tool is your key to staying one step ahead and elevating your print-on-demand experience to new heights.

Efficiency and productivity are within your reach. It's time to streamline your operations and appreciate the truly hands-off approach this app offers. One click could very well revolutionize the way you run your business. The playing field has changed - equip yourself with the right tools.


Produce and ship from Germany for sustainable and fair practices
Manage orders effortlessly with a user-friendly backend
Customize branding with various options like web labels, neck prints, and hang tags
Access a wide range of ethical textile products
Optimize operations for increased efficiency and productivity, enabling a focus on business growth.


Save time and reduce the risk of overselling by streamlining order fulfillment and keeping inventory in sync, leading to fewer customer complaints and higher customer satisfaction.
Increase revenue and focus on scaling your business by freeing up time to concentrate on marketing efforts, ultimately driving more traffic and increasing conversion rates, leading to a boost in average order value.
Stay competitive in the marketplace and revolutionize your print-on-demand experience with a hands-off approach that enhances efficiency, productivity, and overall business growth.

About the Vendor

Sosa Brothers GmbH
Mühlenhagen 130, Hamburg, 20539, DE
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Owlfred Review

Whooo's ready for an effortless print-on-demand experience? Let's take a look at "Brand Canyon: Print-on-Demand" by Sosa Brothers GmbH. Despite being a backend app (and therefore having no trackable installs), there's a lot to love here. Brand Canyon is designed for seamless integration with your Shopify store. It allows your orders to be smartly and automatically transmitted to your Brand Canyon backend - putting all the printing and shipping concerns on auto-pilot while you focus on marketing your gorgeous products. Their wide product range is not only varied but also fair and sustainable. Cool, isn’t it? You can even sync your inventory with theirs and avoid taking any orders you can't fulfill. Also, they offer fantastic branding options - various web labels, neck prints, hang tags to give every package a personal touch. While the app is free to install, do note that there could be additional charges related to your usage. Given the average rating is a whopping 5 out of 5 from 2 reviewers, it's fair to say that those who've used Brand Canyon are flying high with satisfaction. Recommended for those looking to streamline their print-on-demand operations with this feather-light and highly efficient Shopify app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a print-on-demand app simplify my Shopify operations?
A print-on-demand app links seamlessly with your Shopify platform, channeling your orders to the backend for streamlined order fulfillment and virtually eliminating the risk of overselling. It keeps your inventory in sync to ensure you only receive orders for products that are truly available.
Can using a print-on-demand app help me to focus more on marketing and growth?
Absolutely. With the bulk of the heavy lifting, like order fulfillment and inventory management, handled by the app, you have more time and energy to focus on marketing your products and growing your business.
How can a print-on-demand app help me sell more and waste less?
The app ensures you only receive orders for products that are truly available, reducing waste. By streamlining your operations, it frees up time for you to focus on strategies to increase sales. It's about enabling you to sell more, waste less, and bolster your bottom line.
How does a print-on-demand app change the way I run my business?
A print-on-demand app revolutionizes your operations by streamlining your Shopify processes. It manages order fulfillment, keeps your inventory in sync, and relieves you of these time-consuming tasks, allowing a hands-off approach. As a result, you can concentrate on marketing, growth, and maximizing profit.

Shopify App Comparison: Brand Canyon: Print‑on‑Demand vs Printful: Print on Demand - which is better?

When comparing Brand Canyon: Print-on-Demand and Printful: Print on Demand, we can see that both apps offer similar capabilities and benefits for print-on-demand businesses. Both apps streamline the order fulfillment process and keep inventory in sync, reducing the risk of overselling and leading to higher customer satisfaction. They also allow for customization options and offer a wide range of high-quality products to choose from. However, there are a few key differences that set these apps apart.

Firstly, Brand Canyon: Print-on-Demand offers the unique feature of producing and shipping from Germany, which promotes sustainable and fair practices. This can be a major selling point for businesses that prioritize ethical sourcing. Additionally, this app emphasizes efficiency and productivity, enabling businesses to optimize their operations and focus on growth. On the other hand, Printful: Print on Demand focuses on providing unbeatable support throughout the business growth journey, making it a reliable partner for entrepreneurs. This can be particularly valuable for new businesses that may need more guidance and assistance.

In conclusion, both Brand Canyon: Print-on-Demand and Printful: Print on Demand offer valuable solutions for print-on-demand businesses. We recommend considering your specific needs and priorities to determine which app aligns better with your goals. If you prioritize sustainable practices and operational efficiency, Brand Canyon could be the ideal choice. However, if you value strong support and guidance, Printful may be the better option for your business.

Brand Canyon: Print‑on‑Demand Shopify AppBrand Canyon: Print‑on‑Demand
Printful: Print on Demand Shopify AppPrintful: Print on Demand
Average Rating 5 out of 5 4.7 out of 5
Number of Reviews 2 6084
Estimated Installs 0 141363
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Max Price $0.00 $24.99
Works With Checkout , eBay, Etsy, Amazon, Storenvy
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