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Immerse your online storefront into today's digital age with a platform trusted by brands such as Everlane, Vistaprint, and Alo Yoga. Revolutionize the management of your Shopify store with a headless CMS that focuses on increasing performance and flexibility. The Shopify architecture allows for quick and efficient iterations to your digital storefront, removing previous constraints and providing you with ultimate control.

The app's smooth drag-and-drop interface allows marketers and merchants to materialize their eCommerce website ideas with ease. By minimizing developer interference, it empowers creative teams to experiment, test, and refine site experiences fluidly. A significant reduction in developer tickets lets these vital team members focus on pioneering new commerce experiences that boost your brand's digital front.

This platform offers dual functionality with both a visual headless CMS and a dedicated Shopify app. Unleash the true potential of your eCommerce store by leveraging these robust tools to refine and optimize your conversion-focused customer journeys. Embrace the digital evolution with a headless Shopify architecture for increased flexibility and enhanced user experience.


Drag-and-drop components to create pages and sections across web and mobile
Create homepages, product and collection pages, landing pages, blogs, and more
Optimize storefront with A/B testing, personalization, and heat maps
Leverage dual functionality with a visual headless CMS and a dedicated Shopify app to enhance user experience and customer journeys
Increase performance with a headless CMS for quick and efficient iterations on your digital storefront


Increase performance by leveraging a headless CMS for quick and efficient iterations on your digital storefront
Empower creative teams to experiment and refine site experiences with a smooth drag-and-drop interface, reducing developer tickets and fostering innovation
Optimize customer journeys and enhance user experience by utilizing dual functionality with a visual headless CMS and dedicated Shopify app

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Owlfred Review

Unleash your creativity with Storefront Builder, a favorite amongst leading brands such as Everlane, Vistaprint, and Alo Yoga. This app is an efficient toolkit for e-commerce teams that want to have a hands-on approach to designing their own digital storefront, alleviating the need to constantly rely on developers. It's intuitive drag-and-drop feature lets you create and modify pages and sections across your store, giving you the freedom to build, test, and iterate site experiences at your own pace. With the ability to create personalized homepages, product and collection pages, landing pages, blogs, and more, the possibilities for your store design are endless. Also included are powerful optimization features like A/B testing, personalization, and heat maps. With well over 800 installs and a glowing average rating of 4.3, fellow merchants seem to be loving the autonomy and creativity this app provides. Starting at a monthly plan of $99 with a 30-day free trial to test the waters, let help you foster growth and achieve higher productivity for your Shopify store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is purpose within the Shopify platform? is employed to effectively design and manage your eCommerce store. It provides customizable store design options, enabling Shopify merchants to create tailor-made shopping experiences.
How can enhance my eCommerce store design? lets you design unique, impressive eCommerce storefronts without needing code, thereby boosting your store's aesthetics and functionality.
Why would a Shopify merchant choose for store design?
Shopify merchants might choose for its seamless integration capabilities, easy page building tools and vast array of customization options for the storefront.
What advantages does bring to my Shopify store?
With, you can take control of your store's design and layout by creating visually appealing pages that enhance the user experience, thereby potentially increasing conversions and sales.

Shopify App Comparison: Storefront Builder vs WebPush‑Recover Abandoned Cart - which is better?

We have evaluated two apps, Storefront Builder and WebPush-Recover Abandoned Cart, and have identified their unique capabilities and features. Storefront Builder offers a headless CMS that revolutionizes the management of Shopify stores, allowing for quick and efficient iterations on the digital storefront. With a smooth drag-and-drop interface, creative teams can experiment and refine site experiences, reducing the need for developer tickets and fostering innovation. It also provides dual functionality with a visual headless CMS and a dedicated Shopify app, enabling users to optimize storefronts, enhance customer journeys, and increase performance.

On the other hand, WebPush-Recover Abandoned Cart addresses the challenge of abandoned carts in eCommerce. It offers customizable push notification campaigns to target and entice customers back, increasing revenue and catalyzing conversion rates. The app provides real-time insights and comprehensive analytics, allowing users to evaluate campaign effectiveness and make informed strategic decisions. It amplifies customer engagement and fosters revenue growth by efficiently recovering abandoned carts and driving eCommerce performance.

Based on their capabilities and features, we recommend both apps for different purposes. If you are looking to enhance your Shopify store's user experience, optimize customer journeys, and increase performance, Storefront Builder is a powerful tool. On the other hand, if you want to target and recover abandoned carts, increase revenue, and amplify customer engagement, WebPush-Recover Abandoned Cart is the app for you.

Attribute Storefront Builder Shopify Storefront Builder
WebPush‑Recover Abandoned Cart Shopify AppWebPush‑Recover Abandoned Cart
Average Rating 4.3 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 31 4
Estimated Installs 872 17
Min Price $99.00 $0.00
Max Price $449.00 $29.00
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