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Boost your sales with quick and easy volume discount bundles on your Shopify product page.

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Bundle OS | Quantity Breaks is a fantastic app that allows you to easily create volume discount bundles on your product page to increase your average order value and boost your sales.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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June 13, 2024

Increase Sales with Volume Discounts - Bundle Offers for Your Shopify Store

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Experience an efficient solution for increasing eCommerce sales with remarkable ease. This app is expertly designed to highlight quantity discounts on product pages seamlessly without causing slowdowns. Experience a noticeable improvement in sales performance, all the while playing safe with inventory management - each offer is meticulously tracked to ensure cleanliness and accuracy.

Aimed to showcase flexibility, the app comes with a host of avant-garde pre-made templates that ensure a swift and hassle-free launch. But the magic doesn't stop there. It also presents immense opportunities for design enhancements – whether it's an upgrade to your variant design or an addition of upsells and cross-sells. Compatibility is also a non-issue as the app works flawlessly with all themes.

One of the top reasons this app remains a crowd-pleaser is that it offers customization options, and no technical expertise is required. With these essentials all in one place, boosting your online store's performance is only an install away. Get started today and watch the app work wonders for your business.


Increase eCommerce sales effortlessly by showcasing quantity discounts, bundle offers, and enticing upsells
Customize your store with avant-garde templates and easily upgrade variant designs for a seamless launch
Track offers meticulously on an individual item basis to maintain clean inventory management
Encourage quick purchases by highlighting special offers to customers
Seamlessly integrate with all themes, including Infinite Options, for flawless compatibility.


Increase average order value by encouraging customers to buy more with Quantity Breaks and Bundle offers
Save time and improve sales performance with meticulously tracked offers, ensuring clean inventory management
Boost design enhancements and cross-selling opportunities effortlessly with customizable templates and easy-to-use editor

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Owlfred Review

Who-hoo! Bundle OS | Quantity Breaks, brought to you by MACAS Studio, is an absolute hoot of an app that gives a much-needed boost to your average order value. It allows Shopify merchants to cleverly create volume discount bundles right on their product page. With a robust 3.9 out of 5-star rating from 42 reviews, the app has found its sweet spot among 88 Shopify stores. Not only does it feature an easy-to-use editor and fully customizable layout for a better brand match, but it also keeps your inventory squeaky clean by individually tracking each offer. It's an excellent way to spruce up your variant design or introduce cross-sell and upsell tactics on your products. Need more incentive? It's all about getting your customers to spend more with quantity breaks, bundle, or upsell offers. Just make sure to highlight your offer and watch the customers flock over! At $14.99 per month after a 14-day free trial, this app is certainly worth a fly-by.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Bundle OS Quantity Breaks help me with upselling and cross-selling on Shopify?
Bundle OS Quantity Breaks app can assist by offering your customers discounts on product bundles or when they purchase in volume, thereby prompting them to buy more items.
What is the concept of product bundling in Shopify?
Product bundling in Shopify is a strategy where you group multiple products together as one package deal. This can incentivize customers to buy the bundle for the offered discount resulting in increased order values.
How does a volume discount work in the context of Shopify?
A volume discount on Shopify is a sales tactic that offers your customers a discount when they buy in large quantities. It encourages bulk purchases and enhances overall sales.
What does the term 'Revy' refer to in the Shopify context?
Revy is commonly connected to apps for Shopify which specialize in upselling, cross-selling, and promoting deals. It's not directly related to Bundle OS Quantity Breaks though it follows a similar concept of enhancing sales.

Shopify App Comparison: Bundle OS | Quantity Breaks vs Smart Bundle Discounts - which is better?

When comparing Bundle OS and Smart Bundle Discounts, we found that both apps offer powerful options for increasing eCommerce sales through bundle offers and discounts. However, Bundle OS stands out with its emphasis on customization and seamless integration with all themes. With Bundle OS, you can easily upgrade variant designs and add upsells and cross-sells to enhance your store's design. The app also offers a variety of avant-garde pre-made templates for a hassle-free launch. The ability to track offers on an individual item basis ensures clean inventory management. Overall, Bundle OS provides a comprehensive solution for boosting your online store's performance.

On the other hand, Smart Bundle Discounts offers its own unique features and benefits. The app allows you to create different types of bundles, including Product Bundle, Volume Bundle, and Collection Mix & Match. It also enables easy creation of bundles without the need for coding or customization. The integrated Analytics feature provides insights into bundle performance, empowering you to refine decision-making processes. Smart Bundle Discounts offers a more streamlined approach to sales strategies and provides the freedom to exhibit creative prowess in concocting unique packages. If you're looking for a simplified sales management solution with a focus on bundle types, Smart Bundle Discounts is a solid choice.

Overall, both Bundle OS and Smart Bundle Discounts offer valuable options for increasing sales through bundle offers and discounts. However, our recommendation would be Bundle OS due to its seamless integration with all themes, customization options, and emphasis on design enhancements. Bundle OS provides a comprehensive solution for boosting your online store's performance and offers a range of features that can help drive sales. So, we would highly recommend choosing Bundle OS for your eCommerce needs.

Bundle OS | Quantity Breaks Shopify AppBundle OS | Quantity Breaks
Smart Bundle Discounts Shopify AppSmart Bundle Discounts
Average Rating 4.1 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 44 4
Estimated Installs 44 14
Min Price $14.99 $0.00
Max Price $14.99 $0.00
Works With Infinite Options
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