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Bundleup automatically calculates inventory levels of bundles and splits orders into component SKUs after purchase.

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Bundleup is a great app for managing inventory levels of bundles and ensuring accurate order fulfillment by splitting orders into component SKUs.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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June 13, 2024

Manage Inventory Levels & Split Orders with Bundleup

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Streamline your product bundling process effectively with the Bundleup app. It eliminates the need for theme editing and conveniently lets you create and manage bundles from your existing admin interface. Make your e-commerce business more efficient by offering multiple bundle versions with different options, all handled with ease.

Gone are the days of manual stock management for each component in a bundle. Bundleup calculates your bundle inventory automatically based on individual component stock levels. This prevents overselling and aligns with both your sales strategy and customer expectations.

Post-sales, the app goes a step further. Choose to simplify your order processing by letting the app automatically break down the purchase into its individual bundle components. With this functionality, product tracking becomes effortless and improves your operational efficiency. Experience the difference of smart bundling and inventory management with the Bundleup app.


Automatically sync inventory of bundles based on the component stock levels
Unbundle orders that contain bundle products for correct fulfillment of SKUs
Choose to keep bundle order line or remove it from order after processing
Improve operational efficiency with smart bundling and inventory management
Streamline product tracking by breaking down purchases into individual bundle components


Automatically calculate bundle inventory based on individual component stock levels
Streamline order processing by automatically breaking down purchases into individual bundle components
Improve operational efficiency with smart bundling and inventory management

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Owlfred Review

Hoot hoot! Bundleup is an app that's pure gold for Shopify store owners who sell products in bundles. This smart tool calculates inventory levels of bundles and breaks down orders into individual SKUs post-purchase, ensuring you never oversell or scramble to fulfill orders. Through Bundleup, you can create and manage multiple bundle versions right from your admin panel - no theme editing needed! Plus, its ability to unbundle orders containing bundle products can be a game changer for the correct fulfillment of SKUs. While Bundleup seems to be a niche tool with less installs at present, it's certainly proving incredibly useful for those in the bundled product business. Its current rating (1.8/5) suggests that there's room for improvement, but considering the unique features it offers, I do recommend you to give its 14-day free trial a whirl. Perhaps our feathered friends at mysync, the creators of Bundleup, could iron out those pesky issues soon! For a nominal $15/month, managing your bundled product inventory seamlessly might just be a click away.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of managing inventory levels?
Managing inventory levels ensures that a business has enough stock to meet customer demand but not so much that resources are tied up, which could lead to wastage or loss.
How does one effectively control inventory levels?
Effective inventory control often involves observing sales trends, predicting future demands, and maintaining optimal warehouse organization.
Can you explain typical methods to control inventory?
Typical methods to control inventory include just in time strategy, safety stock maintenance, ABC analysis, and first in, first out (FIFO) inventory management.
Could you clarify what managing an inventory system entails?
Managing an inventory system involves the oversight of stock quantities, sales, and purchases. This can include forecasting, replenishing stock, maintaining necessary documentation, and ensuring optimum levels of product availability.

Shopify App Comparison: Bundleup ‑ Bundle Inventory vs ReConvert Post Purchase Upsell - which is better?

When comparing Bundleup and ReConvert Post Purchase Upsell, we can see that both apps offer valuable features and benefits for Shopify businesses. However, there are some key differences between the two that make them unique in their own ways.

Bundleup is a powerful app that focuses on streamlining the product bundling process and inventory management. With features like automatically calculating bundle inventory based on individual component stock levels and breaking down purchases into individual bundle components, Bundleup allows businesses to efficiently manage their bundles and prevent overselling. This app is ideal for e-commerce businesses that heavily rely on bundling products and want to improve their operational efficiency and customer experience. We highly recommend Bundleup for businesses looking to simplify their inventory management and bundle creation processes.

On the other hand, ReConvert Post Purchase Upsell is a comprehensive app that aims to optimize post-purchase experiences and increase customer value rate (CVR). With its features like strategic one-click upsells, collecting valuable customer data, and enticing bundle-style cross-sell offers, ReConvert helps businesses enhance customer engagement and drive deliberate consumer actions. This app is perfect for businesses that want to leverage upselling and cross-selling techniques to boost their revenue and create a cycle of reinvestment. If you're looking to maximize your profitability and stay ahead in the competitive Shopify marketplace, we recommend using ReConvert Post Purchase Upsell.

Bundleup ‑ Bundle Inventory Shopify AppBundleup ‑ Bundle Inventory
ReConvert Post Purchase Upsell Shopify AppReConvert Post Purchase Upsell
Average Rating 1.5 out of 5 4.9 out of 5
Number of Reviews 6 4595
Estimated Installs 0 17026
Min Price $15.00 $0.00
Max Price $15.00 $14.99
Works With Shopify Flow, Checkout , 17Track track order tracking, Klaviyo Email & SMS Marketing, SMSbump SMS Marketing by Yotpo, Rebuy Personalization Engine, Loox Stamped Alireviews Review, One Click Upsell Funnel
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