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April 10, 2024

Boost Sales and Connect Listings in Multiple Marketplaces!

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The Buy Now Button App easily connects products to listings in multiple marketplaces like Amazon, Prime, Walmart, and anywhere else! This increases customer trust and boosts your sales by directing your customers to buy your items directly. Our outstanding customer support will help you get started to grow sales, increase your orders, and gain trust with your customers around the world. The Buy Now Button for Amazon and other markets is designed to help customers love shopping with your brand!

Looking to seamlessly bridge your Shopify store to multiple online marketplaces such as Amazon and Walmart? Look no further. The designated app serves as your key connector, intuitively linking your products to a multitude of listings on popular selling platforms with ease. With a clear focus on aiding your Shopify business growth and expansion, the Buy Now Button App+More moves beyond the typical commerce tools, aiming to boost your global customer trust and escalate your sales figures.

The prime advantage of using this app is empowering customers to purchase your products directly, thereby enhancing their shopping experience and reinforcing their trust in your brand. This seamless shopping and the simplified purchase process catalyze the increase in your sales volume through a global customer base, augmented orders, and boosted trust levels.

What's more, the app prides itself on providing superlative customer support to assist you in capitalizing on your e-commerce venture. The intuitive Buy Now Button function, optimized for Amazon and other markets, strives to foster brand loyalty and enriches your customers' overall shopping experience. With this revolutionary tool, transform your e-commerce journey from simply selling products to creating unforgettable shopping journeys for your customers.


Increase sales across all your marketplace listings: Amazon, Prime, and Walmart with ease
Target customers geographically by country and by item for precise marketing strategies
Build trust by offering your products on well-known platforms like Amazon and eBay
Seamlessly connect your Shopify store to popular online marketplaces including Amazon and Walmart
Provide exceptional customer support to boost brand loyalty and enhance the shopping experience


Empower customers to purchase directly, enhancing shopping experience, increasing sales volume, and boosting trust levels
Provide superlative customer support, fostering brand loyalty, and enriching overall shopping experience
Seamlessly bridge Shopify store to multiple popular online marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart to boost global customer trust and escalate sales

About the Vendor

JoJo Agency
Lubbock, TX, US
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Works with

amazon, ebay, walmart, etsy, prime, KDP


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Owlfred Review

The BNB Amazon Buy Now Button+More app by JoJo Agency is a tech powerhouse that reaches out its trusting wings to embrace multiple online marketplace giants like Amazon, Prime, Walmart, eBay, Etsy, and more. With 207 reviews under its feathers boasting an impressive 4.9-star average, the app has fluttered into the store setups of 178 Shopify merchants. For just $9.99/month - plus a 14-day free trial for the cautious owlets - BNB gives you the ability to increase sales across all your online marketplace nests, grow your orders and gain trust from customers all around the globe. Additionally, get ready to swoop onto your targeted audience geographically or by item. All these feathers in BNB’s cap cater to the needs of careful owls who appreciate product comparisons, upselling, and cross-selling. All signs point towards highly recommending this app, especially for the Shopify merchants aiming to enhance their brand image and outreach on well-known platforms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I simultaneously list products on multiple platforms using BNB Amazon Buy Now Button+More?
BNB Amazon Buy Now Button+More provides a feature to allow simultaneous listing on multiple platforms. This is possible using synchronization which ensures any changes made on one platform are reflected on others.
How does BNB Amazon Buy Now+More help with managing multiple marketplaces?
The BNB Amazon Buy Now Button+More is designed to provide centralized management for multiple marketplaces. This simplifies product listing, inventory management, and tracking sales.
Will cross-listing products with BNB Amazon Buy Now Button+More help increase my sales?
Definitely. By cross-listing products on multiple platforms, your products gain more visibility which may likely lead to increased sales.
How can the app BNB Amazon Buy Now+More help to boost my sales on the Marketplace?
The app increases conversion rates by implementing effective upselling and cross selling strategies. It also sets up targeted product recommendations that could entice potential buyers.

Shopify App Comparison: BNB Amazon Buy Now Button+More vs Equate ‑ Product Compare - which is better?

When comparing BNB Amazon Buy Now Button+More and Equate ‑ Product Compare, we can see that both apps offer unique capabilities and features that cater to different needs. BNB Amazon Buy Now Button+More focuses on seamlessly bridging your Shopify store to multiple online marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart. This app aims to boost your global customer trust and escalate your sales figures by empowering customers to purchase your products directly. It also provides exceptional customer support to enhance the shopping experience and foster brand loyalty. With its global reach and customer-centric approach, BNB Amazon Buy Now Button+More is a recommended app for businesses looking to expand their e-commerce ventures.

On the other hand, Equate ‑ Product Compare app prioritizes customization and helps customers make informed purchasing decisions by offering side-by-side product comparisons. This app is perfect for stores that stock items that could potentially confuse buyers. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can tailor the display of your product comparison tables to suit your customers' needs. Equate focuses on enhancing user experience, streamlining shopping decisions, reducing customer confusion, and ultimately optimizing the path to purchase. For Shopify merchants looking to increase conversion rates and provide a comprehensive product comparison tool, Equate ‑ Product Compare is a recommended choice.

BNB Amazon Buy Now Button+More Shopify AppBNB Amazon Buy Now Button+More
Equate ‑ Product Compare Shopify AppEquate ‑ Product Compare
Average Rating 4.8 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Number of Reviews 213 65
Estimated Installs 942 114
Min Price $9.99 $0.00
Max Price $9.99 $8.99
Works With amazon, ebay, walmart, etsy, prime, KDP Algolia Search, Boostcommerce Filter, Langify, LangShop
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