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July 8, 2024

Advanced Shipping Rules: Accurate Calculations Based on 30+ Parameters

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Shipping Rates - Shipeasy app is a powerful instrument for e-commerce entrepreneurs focusing on drop shipping businesses and those requiring specific shipping calculations. This invaluable tool accounts for item-based and origin-based rates, enabling a refined level of shipping cost precision that saves you from unwanted overhead.

Embrace rule-based flexibility with various conditions tailored to your cart and product parameters. This includes the ability to implement factors such as zip code, distance, and product dimensions into your shipping strategies. The solution here is designed to cover every intricate variable that affects your shipping costs, making it perfect even for sellers dealing in oversized, bulky products requiring precise dimension calculations.

Error-proof your shipping rates with the distinctive feature of rate blending; for an optimal mixture of rulesets, maximizing cost-effectiveness. In addition, the app even offers custom rates specifically tailored for unique types of customers such as wholesale clients - providing quadrant-specific shipping solutions that cater perfectly to your business model.

Compatibility is key. The app functions seamlessly across all Shopify supported countries using your preferred currency. However, it's critical to note that use of the app requires Shopify's Carrier Calculated Shipping API to relay rates effectively.


Optimize shipping costs with item-based and origin-based rates for precise calculations
Combine rulesets intelligently with rate blending for increased cost-effectiveness
Customize shipping strategies with tailored rates for wholesale clients and quadrant-specific solutions
Error-proof rate calculations using zip code, postal code, and distance
Schedule a demo and get free setup assistance for seamless integration


Save money by optimizing shipping costs with item-based and origin-based rates for precise calculations
Increase cost-effectiveness through rate blending that combines rulesets intelligently
Streamline shipping strategies with custom rates for wholesale clients and quadrant-specific solutions for tailored shipping options

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Logbase Technologies LLP, PSG STEP E-Lab, PSG College of Technology, Peelamedu, Coimbatore, TN, 641004, IN
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Logbase Technologies LLP, PSG STEP E-Lab, PSG College of Technology, Peelamedu, Coimbatore, TN, 641004, IN Map

Works with

USPS, Fedex, Canada Post, UPS, Australia Post, DHL


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Owlfred Review

Shipping Rates — Shipeasy is a top-notch shipping calculator app with an impressive 5-star rating from 715 reviewers. The app offers a comprehensive solution for businesses to calculate shipping rates using over 30 parameters and advanced shipping rules. With features like flexible shipping rates, tailored shipping rules, rate blending, and prevention of losses with accurate calculations, this app is a must-have for merchants looking to optimize their shipping strategies. While the number of installs may not be tracked, the stellar reviews and array of features make this app a standout choice for businesses of all sizes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Shipping Rates - Shipeasy app impact Shopify's shipping costs?
Shipping Rates — Shipeasy is a Shopify app designed to provide more precise control over how shipping rates are calculated. It does not directly change Shopify's internal algorithms but rather adds onto them, allowing merchants to factor in aspects like product weight, distance, or specific courier rates.
What is the advanced shipping rules API used for in Shopify store?
Shopify’s Advanced Shipping Rules API is designed to allow Shopify stores to create more complex, customised shipping rules than the basic settings allow. It's used to determine shipping costs based on factors like package size, delivery location, order value, or product weight in order to more accurately cover the costs of shipping for the merchant.
Can you explain the purpose of Parcelify in the context of Shopify?
Parcelify is a shipping application that works with Shopify. It allows merchants to create custom shipping rates based on factors such as weight, value, destination and more. It gives greater control over shipping fees which can help to increase profitability.
What is bespoke shipping in relation to Shopify?
Bespoke Shipping is an app designed for Shopify merchants. It allows for dynamic shipping rates and lead times based on the details of the order, such as item weight and customer location. It is often used for more complex shipping requirements that are not covered in Shopify's standard shipping settings.

Shopify App Comparison: Shipping Rates — Shipeasy vs Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) - which is better?

We have reviewed both the Shipping Rates - Shipeasy app and the Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) app, and both have distinct capabilities and features that cater to different needs.

The Shipping Rates - Shipeasy app focuses on providing precise shipping cost calculations and cost optimization for e-commerce entrepreneurs. It allows item-based and origin-based rates, as well as customized rates for wholesale clients. This app stands out with its error-proof rate calculations, considering factors such as zip code, postal code, and distance. It also offers the unique and valuable feature of rate blending, which combines rulesets intelligently to maximize cost-effectiveness. For businesses dealing with oversized or bulky products, the app provides precise dimension calculations. Overall, the Shipping Rates - Shipeasy app is an excellent tool for those looking to refine their shipping strategies and save money on shipping costs. We highly recommend this app for e-commerce entrepreneurs.

On the other hand, the Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) app is designed for merchants who want to offer comprehensive delivery and pickup options to their customers. One of its standout features is the ability to customize pickup times independently for each store, making it ideal for businesses with multiple locations or high-volume operations. The app streamlines operations with auto-tagged orders, providing valuable context for customer service interactions and logistical planning. It also allows for implementation of pickup obligations for specific product collections, enabling superior control over inventory management and end-to-end customer satisfaction. If you are a merchant looking to merge the convenience of online shopping with the immediacy of the physical retail experience, the Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) app is the perfect solution for you. We highly recommend this app to enhance your multichannel eCommerce strategies.

Shipping Rates — Shipeasy Shopify AppShipping Rates — Shipeasy
Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) Shopify AppStore Pickup + Delivery (CR)
Average Rating 5 out of 5 4.9 out of 5
Number of Reviews 799 512
Estimated Installs 0 1058
Min Price $0.00 $6.90
Max Price $24.99 $17.89
Works With USPS, Fedex, Canada Post, UPS, Australia Post, DHL
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