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Efficient and reliable logistics solutions for your business with immediate or planned deliveries.

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Cabify Logistics is the perfect solution for businesses looking for efficient and speedy deliveries tailored to their specific needs.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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June 13, 2024

Fast, Reliable, and Convenient Delivery Solutions for Your Business

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If delivering your products smoothly, swiftly, and seamlessly is your goal, this app is an excellent choice for Shopify merchants. A logistics powerhouse unrivaled in its efficiency, the app positions itself as a valuable tool to ensure effective storage and distribution processes regardless of company size. Its vast driver network sprawls across diverse locations, providing easy access to a delivery agent who gets on the scene in less than 20 minutes.

With an emphasis on planning, storing, and distribution, the app acts as a professional steward for your inventory, ensuring every item reaches the right customer at the right time. The ability to integrate with large businesses alongside smaller ventures makes it a versatile choice, providing a proficient helping hand regardless of your logistical needs.

The swift agent response time this app offers effectively shortens the lag between ordering and delivery, significantly enhancing the customer shopping experience. Keep your customers content and your business flowing smoothly with this dedicated logistics app, navigating a path straight to your end customer!


Efficiency and speed: Dispatch delivery drivers to the pick-up point within minutes
Reliable shipments: Real-time and secure tracking of goods for each shipment
Customizable options: Choose between motorcycles, vans, or cars for tailored deliveries
Vast driver network for efficient deliveries
Seamless integration with Shopify for smoother logistics management.


Reduce delivery times with a vast driver network for swift deliveries
Ensure efficient storage and distribution processes regardless of company size
Enhance customer shopping experience with a swift agent response time

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Cabify Logistics
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Owlfred Review

Shopify merchants, meet Cabify Logistics! This app claims to bring forth the perfect combination of efficiency and speed in delivering your products from start to finish. Despite being fairly new to the Shopify app store with a single review, this behind-the-scenes hero shines with its logistics planning, storage, and distribution capacities for both large-scale companies and small businesses. With a sprawling network of drivers across the city, Cabify Logistics ensures a delivery driver at pickup locations within an impressive span of just 20 minutes! Additionally, it places high value on reliability with real-time, secure tracking of goods during each shipment. Plus, it tailors its delivery vehicles based on your precise business needs – be it motorcycles, vans or cars. Currently free to install with potential for additional charges, this app appears to be a compelling choice for merchants who prioritise seamless order fulfillment and real-time customer order tracking. Please remember to take a peek at the pricing details before hopping aboard. All in all, if Cabify Logistics continues on its promising path, it might just speed its way to top ratings yet!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a reliable courier service for my online Shopify store?
Cabify Logistics is a trustworthy choice for small to medium-sized Shopify stores. Offering customer order tracking and other order fulfilment services, it significantly enhances the delivery process.
How can I make my Shopify store's delivery service more efficient?
Implementing Cabify Logistics can improve your Shopify store's delivery business. By allowing customers to track their orders in real time and providing timely delivery, you can ensure customer satisfaction.
Why is the quick delivery of products crucial for my Shopify store?
Fast delivery is essential as it contributes to customer satisfaction and loyalty. Stores that can ensure rapid delivery, especially by using services like Cabify Logistics, have a higher chance to retain customers and foster repeat purchases due to the positive shopping experience.
How can I determine the right delivery company for my Shopify store?
Choosing a delivery company depends on the speed of service, reliability and the value it will bring to your customer's experience. Cabify Logistics is a strong option because of its customer order tracking capabilities and efficient order fulfilment services.

Shopify App Comparison: Cabify Logistics vs TrackMate Order Tracking - which is better?

We believe that both the Cabify Logistics App and the TrackMate Order Tracking App offer valuable features and benefits for businesses. The Cabify Logistics App stands out with its emphasis on planning, storing, and distribution, making it a professional steward for inventory management. Its vast driver network ensures swift deliveries, reducing the time between ordering and delivery and enhancing the overall customer shopping experience. Additionally, the app's ability to integrate with large businesses and smaller ventures makes it a versatile choice for businesses of all sizes.

On the other hand, the TrackMate Order Tracking App offers a comprehensive tracking solution that integrates with over 1300 carriers worldwide. This ensures real-time status updates, keeping businesses and customers informed throughout the entire order journey. The app's customizable tracking pages allow businesses to align their branding and provide accurate information, creating a cohesive brand experience for customers. The app also offers seamless integration with review apps, ESPs, and marketing apps, enhancing businesses' capabilities and simplifying operations.

Overall, both apps have unique capabilities and benefits that cater to different aspects of business logistics and customer experience. Depending on your specific needs and priorities, we recommend either the Cabify Logistics App for efficient inventory management and delivery or the TrackMate Order Tracking App for comprehensive tracking solutions and enhanced customer satisfaction.

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