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Connect your store and effortlessly accept coffee gear orders with automatic inventory sync and order tracking.

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CafeSupply is a convenient app that helps you sync inventory levels and track orders seamlessly for your coffee gear store.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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Last Updated:
April 9, 2024

Accept Orders, Sell Coffee Gear, Track Orders, Sync Inventory: CafeSupply App

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#Connect your store to accept orders * Add our app to your store that wants to sell coffee gear and update your billing information with a few clicks. #Select coffee gear you would like to sell * Select which products from our catalog you would like to sell on your site. #Track orders with ease * Tracking details for orders automatically post back to your store once the product ships. #Automatically sync inventory * Inventory levels automatically update on your store so you never need to...

Turn your Shopify store into an alluring caffeine heaven with the comprehensive integration of this distinguished app, tastefully designed to offer coffee paraphernalia. Enjoy seamless selling, courtesy of a streamlined addition process that gets your favorite coffee gear listed on your website with just a few simple clicks. Billing updates are equally effortless, making store management an absolute breeze.

Curating a coffee-lover's dream has never been more delightful! Choose from a rich catalog of merchandise and pick exactly what matches your brand's ethos. Once selected, these high-quality products become instantly available on your online store, ready for brewing enthusiasts to purchase.

This unique app is not all about selling, as it knows the importance of post-purchase customer experience. Effortlessly track all outgoing orders with built-in capabilities that automate shipping updates directly onto your platform. Perfectly brewed for your convenience and customer satisfaction.

Say goodbye to inventory hassles. This app auto-syncs with your inventory data to ensure stock levels aren't a grumble in your coffee grind. Product availability is updated in real-time, preventing overselling scenarios and keeping your store running smoothly. Let this app handle the mundane, while you focus on growing your brand.


Add a comprehensive integration for coffee paraphernalia to your Shopify store with easy addition and billing processes
Choose high-quality products from a rich catalog to instantly display on your online store for coffee enthusiasts to purchase
Effortlessly track outgoing orders with built-in shipping automation for a seamless post-purchase customer experience
Auto-sync inventory data in real-time to prevent overselling and ensure smooth store operation
Focus on brand growth as the app handles inventory management, saving time and streamlining operations.


Increase sales by effortlessly adding a rich catalog of high-quality coffee products to your online store, attracting brewing enthusiasts and expanding your customer base
Enhance customer satisfaction by automating shipping updates and effortlessly tracking outgoing orders, leading to higher retention rates and positive reviews
Save time and prevent overselling scenarios by auto-syncing inventory data in real-time, ensuring seamless store operation and allowing you to focus on brand growth

About the Vendor

Espresso Parts LLC
4315 Lacey Blvd SE, Lacey, WA, 98503, US
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Owlfred Review

CafeSupply, developed by Espresso Parts LLC, is perched as a useful ally for Shopify merchants dealing in coffee gear. Although it hasn’t attracted any reviews yet, demonstrating it's probably a backend app, it promises some impressive features. Its main functionality revolves around effortlessly integrating orders from your Shopify store, providing an array of coffee gear to choose from, and executing efficient order tracking. Inventory syncing is another feather in its cap, preventing you from facing the "out of stock" embarrassment. Rolling all these perks into a free pricing model makes CafeSupply an enticing option. However, as a wise owl, I would remind users that the app is yet to receive any ratings or feedback, so it's important to proceed with caution. Seeing it mature and garner more user experience will be a real reassurance to merchants in the coffee niche!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the CafeSupply app aid in dropshipping?
CafeSupply simplifies dropshipping by offering a catalog full of high-quality coffee-related products. Merchants can curate their product offerings to match their brand, and these selected products become available on your online store for purchase. The app handles inventory management by syncing with your inventory data and updating product availability in real-time.
Will the CafeSupply app help track customer orders?
Yes the CafeSupply app assists in order tracking. It has built-in capabilities that automate shipping updates in real-time directly onto your platform. The order syncing feature ensures that all outgoing orders are tracked, improving post-purchase customer experience.
How does the CafeSupply app manage inventory?
The app has an auto-syncing feature which keeps inventory management hassle-free. It syncs with your existing inventory data in real-time, ensuring up-to-date stock levels and preventing oversell situations.
How is adding products to my store simplified with the CafeSupply app?
The CafeSupply app is designed with a streamlined addition process. This allows merchants to easily list their chosen coffee-related products on their website with a few simple clicks, thus making the process of selling seamless.

Shopify App Comparison: CafeSupply vs Bestfulfill‑Dropshipping - which is better?

We've compared the CafeSupply app and the Bestfulfill-Dropshipping app to find out which one is the best fit for your needs. The CafeSupply app offers a comprehensive integration for coffee paraphernalia, allowing you to effortlessly add a rich catalog of high-quality coffee products to your online store. This app not only helps attract brewing enthusiasts and expand your customer base but also enhances customer satisfaction by automating shipping updates and effortlessly tracking outgoing orders. With its real-time auto-sync inventory data feature, it ensures seamless store operation and prevents overselling scenarios, giving you more time to focus on brand growth.

On the other hand, the Bestfulfill-Dropshipping app is designed to maximize efficiency and productivity for your dropshipping business. It offers advanced product sourcing capabilities, akin to having an international shopping assistant that quickly finds any product you need. This app also provides inventory storage solutions across multiple warehouses, eliminating logistical nightmares and rental costs. Its third-party logistics feature allows for worldwide fulfillment, expanding your global presence and reaching customers wherever they are. Additionally, the app includes a dedicated round-the-clock customer service team, providing support like having an in-house team without the overhead costs.

Both apps have unique features and benefits tailored to different needs. If you're looking to curate a coffee-lover's dream and focus on growing your brand with a seamless store operation, we recommend the CafeSupply app. However, if you're running a dropshipping business and want to maximize efficiency, expand your global presence, and simplify your operations, the Bestfulfill-Dropshipping app is the one for you. Ultimately, the choice depends on your specific requirements and goals.

CafeSupply Shopify AppCafeSupply
Bestfulfill‑Dropshipping Shopify AppBestfulfill‑Dropshipping
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