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Analyze customer sentiment with automated, customizable surveys. Gain valuable feedback and track improvements.

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Callexa NPS Feedback is a great tool to automate surveys and measure customer sentiment for your Shopify store!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

Last Updated:
May 13, 2024

Measure Customer Sentiment Automatically and Improve Your Business

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Gather insightful customer feedback effortlessly with this intuitive and efficient application. Seamlessly automate survey delivery with each shipped order, collecting valuable data to understand your customers' experience. This isn't just about obtaining a score, it's about learning and growing from direct consumer perspectives.

Instant access to customer ratings and comments can be experienced right in your Shopify order entries, forming an integral part of your business process. A convenient, integrated dashboard embellishes these capabilities, boasting comprehensive statistical data and robust reporting mechanisms.

A mirror into your online store operations, this application provides an in-depth evaluation of your shop's services and product quality. It extends beyond merely quantifying your success, but also acts as a catalyst for continuous improvement tracking. Improve your business's reputation and enhance customer validated credibility with an emphasis on progress.

Connect with your customers in a profound and meaningful way to discover areas needing improvements or scorn the throes of stagnant entrepreneurship. Utilize collected feedback to refine your business strategies, ensuring a cycle of growth and success. Score-based feedback, in this case, transforms into tangible action plans for your business's progression.


Automated surveys a few days after an order has been shipped
Collect valuable comments and feedback in a convenient dashboard
Access instant customer ratings and comments within Shopify order entries
Utilize Net Promoter Score data for actionable insights
Comprehensive statistical data and robust reporting mechanisms for continuous improvement.


Automate survey delivery after orders to collect valuable feedback
Access instant customer ratings and comments within Shopify order entries
Utilize Net Promoter Score data to create tangible action plans for business progression

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Owlfred Review

Whoosh! Did you hear that? That’s the sound of Callexa NPS Feedback swooping in to help you understand and measure your customer sentiment like a pro! This savvy app is an automatic survey sender, used after your order has been shipped, freeing up your valuable time! Delightfully, it syncs back ratings and comments directly to your Shopify order entries, offering a centralized location for all that key feedback. Utilize these insights to evaluate and enhance your shop, service, and product quality over time. Leveraging the well-regarded Net Promoter Score system, you'll get reliable stats on customer satisfaction alongside valuable comments. For those who Harbour a love for clear visuals, the dashboard offers convenient statistical views and reporting functions. And guess what fellow Shopify merchants - it's completely free! Copexa GmbH really hit the bull's-eye with Callexa NPS Feedback, providing a superpower tool for customer analytics at the fantastic price of absolutely nothing! I'll give a hoot to that!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you measure customer sentiment?
Customer sentiment can be measured using various tools and techniques such as customer feedback, social mentions, surveys, and reviews. One common method is the Net Promoter Score (NPS) which can be implemented through apps like Callexa NPS Feedback. This gauges customer loyalty based on their likelihood to recommend your business to others.
What is the measure of consumer sentiment?
Consumer sentiment is a statistical measurement of the overall consumer attitude towards the economy and the health of the spending environment. It is often evaluated through surveys, feedback, and social listening techniques. Tools like Callexa NPS Feedback can help measure these metrics within your own customer base.
How companies can use sentiment analysis to improve their business?
Companies can use sentiment analysis to identify customer emotions and opinions about their brand, product, or services. This can help in uncovering issues, gaining insights into customer needs, improving products or services, and notably, retaining customers. It can also help in predicting consumer buying patterns which can be leveraged for business planning and strategy.
How can sentiment analysis be used to improve customer experience?
Sentiment analysis can significantly improve customer experience by detecting emotions in customer feedback, enabling businesses to respond quickly to their concerns. It helps identify unhappy customers before they churn, providing an opportunity to address their issues and improve their perception of your brand. Such analysis can also fuel product development or refinement based on customer preferences and feedback.

Shopify App Comparison: Callexa NPS Feedback vs LSS: Repeat Customer Insights - which is better?

The Callexa NPS Feedback app offers an intuitive and efficient solution for gathering customer feedback. With automated survey delivery after orders, this app makes it effortless to collect valuable insights from your customers. The app also provides instant access to customer ratings and comments within Shopify order entries, allowing you to stay on top of customer feedback in real-time. The integration with Shopify ensures a streamlined feedback collection process, while the comprehensive statistical data and robust reporting mechanisms empower you with in-depth insights into your shop's services and product quality. This app is the perfect tool for businesses that are focused on continuous improvement and want to enhance their reputation and credibility with customer-validated feedback. We highly recommend the Callexa NPS Feedback app for businesses looking to make tangible action plans for business progression based on score-based feedback.

The LSS: Repeat Customer Insights app is a powerful application that provides valuable insights into customer behavior and helps businesses make data-driven decisions. With data-driven tools and the ability to calculate numerous metrics, this app allows you to comprehend your customers' buying behavior and make strategies to attract and maintain loyal customers. The automated customer segmentation feature ensures targeted marketing strategies, enabling you to reach the right audience at the most opportune moment. Integration with platforms like Klaviyo enhances your analytical capabilities and allows you to stay updated on your business metrics. The ability to create and schedule email reports keeps your team informed about your store's growth and potential opportunities. If you're looking for a comprehensive solution to understand your customers and achieve sustainable growth and profitability, we highly recommend the LSS: Repeat Customer Insights app.

Callexa NPS Feedback Shopify AppCallexa NPS Feedback
LSS: Repeat Customer Insights Shopify AppLSS: Repeat Customer Insights
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