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April 9, 2024

Boost your sales with multiple add to cart buttons on product pages!

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The installation and setup can be done quickly for the button setting. The button set will display below the product description which has to be present for this additional button to appear. More options like add to cart, buy it now button, and quantity checker can be enabled.

For Shopify merchants seeking to streamline their customers' shopping experience, look no further than this unique app that simplifies the buying process with the use of versatile button configurations. Brimming with customizable options, sellers can efficiently transform their product listings, enhancing customer journey and pushing the potential for increased purchases.

Acquaint yourself with the app's swift installation and user-friendly setup. Elegantly designed, this app introduces an additional button beneath your product description, paving the way for more streamlined interaction and user engagement. Remember, a product description is required for this button function, making it an essential two-in-one marketing tool.

The standout features of this app are the 'Add to Cart', 'Buy It Now', and 'Quantity Checker' functionalities. These intuitive buttons can be enabled at your discretion providing you full control over the purchasing process of the customer. Furthermore, such functionalities not only make for a smoother shopping experience, but they subtly encourage upselling and potentially boost conversion rates.

No matter your Shopify store's scale or type of products, this app offers a smart way to gear up your online sales journey. Embrace a new era of enhanced Shopify shopping with this app and experience the greater potential of your digital marketplace first-hand.


Set up button position as default or add manually for flexible customization
Customize text, color, and animation for a personalized shopping experience
Enable 'Add to Cart', 'Buy It Now', and 'Quantity Checker' on product pages to streamline purchasing process
Swift installation adds an additional button beneath product descriptions for streamlined user engagement
Boost conversion rates by encouraging upselling with intuitive purchasing functionalities.


Streamline the buying process with versatile button configurations, enhancing the customer journey and potentially increasing purchases
Swift installation and user-friendly setup means an additional button beneath product descriptions can streamline user engagement, serving as an essential marketing tool
Intuitive 'Add to Cart', 'Buy It Now', and 'Quantity Checker' functionalities provide full control over the purchasing process, encouraging upselling and boosting conversion rates.

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ENS Enterprises Private Limited
B16, Sector-63, Noida, UP, 201307, IN
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Owlfred Review Recap

Cart Cloner, created by ENS Enterprises Private Limited, is a vastly handy tool for any Shopify store aiming to boost their conversion rates by making the customer journey more streamlined. Simple but effective, this app is all about multiplying your "Add to Cart" buttons. Thus, no matter how your customers navigate your page, the call to action is always at their fingertips - literally! As research indicates, consumers fancy the effortless shopping experience, and scrolling to find an add-to-cart button can be a hindrance that Cart Cloner skillfully eliminates. With stellar user reviews and an overall 5-star rating, this app seems to be hitting all the right spots. Features like adjustable button location, customization options for text, color, and animation, and cart features being readily available on the product page itself lend this app a personalizable touch. And did I hoot the best part yet? It’s absolutely FREE! It sounds like a win, doesn't it? Giving your Shopify store an upgrade with Cart Cloner might just be the nudge your potential customer needs to make a purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I increase add to cart on my website?
Improving your e-commerce site's user experience and product description can help increase add to cart rate. Be clear on product benefits and ensure your site is easy to navigate.
What is the add to cart button on product page?
The add to cart button is a CTA on a product page that allows shoppers to select an item for purchase. This button typically takes the user to their shopping cart.
How do I increase my eCommerce add to cart rate?
To increase your eCommerce add to cart rate, focus on user experience. Ensuring clear product images, fair pricing, and an easy checkout process can help.
What is a good add to cart to purchase ratio?
A good add to cart to purchase ratio is typically around 3:1. This means for every three items added to the cart, one is purchased. However, this can vary between industries.

Shopify App Comparison: Cart Cloner vs Interactify - which is better?

The Cart Cloner app is an excellent tool for Shopify merchants looking to streamline their customers' shopping experience. With customizable button configurations, sellers can enhance the customer journey and potentially increase purchases. The app offers features such as 'Add to Cart', 'Buy It Now', and 'Quantity Checker' functionalities, which not only make for a smoother shopping experience but also encourage upselling and boost conversion rates. The swift installation and user-friendly setup of this app make it a valuable marketing tool, as it adds an additional button beneath product descriptions to streamline user engagement. Overall, the Cart Cloner app offers a smart way to gear up your online sales journey and experience the greater potential of your digital marketplace.

In comparison, the Interactify app transforms the email shopping experience for customers by making email flows more than just informational; they become interactive shopping platforms. This app seamlessly integrates with Klaviyo within minutes, allowing customers to browse product variants, review upsells, and apply discounts without ever leaving their inbox. The ability to convert email flows into richly interactive sales channels can greatly improve conversion rates. With features such as unlimited monthly email sending, customizability of templates, and real-time analytics, the Interactify app offers automation and efficiency in email marketing. This app is highly recommended for merchants looking to drive more traffic to their site and increase the potential for conversions and sales.

Cart Cloner Shopify AppCart Cloner
Interactify Shopify AppInteractify
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