Smart Gift Options: Valentines

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Enhance shopping with personalized gift options like custom messages and gift wrapping!

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Owl says... "Smart Gift Options is a great way to add unique gift options to your store and enhance your customers' shopping experience with ease!"

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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April 10, 2024

Enhance the Shopping Experience with Personalized Gift Options

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NEW - Paid gift messages! Allow customers to add and pay for a gift message with their order! Add unique gift options to your store in a click and enrich your customers' shopping experience! Allow customers to add a personal gift message to their order, a gift wrap and to ask you to hide the order's price from the receipt! # Custom Gift Message Allow your customers to add their own personal touch to their order by adding a personal message

With a simple click, add an extra layer of personalization to your marketplace via Smart Gift Options: Valentines. This app allows your customers to elevate their gift-giving experience by providing paid gift message features, gift wrap options, and even the ability to conceal an order's price on the receipt - making it ideal for surprise presents or confidential orders.

Stand out among competitors by complementing their shopping adventure with a unique personal touch- a custom gift message. This functionality enables customers to add meaning and sentiment to their purchase, hence enriching both the buyers' and receivers' experiences, encouraging customer loyalty and recurring purchases.

Empower your customers to elevate ordinary orders into memorable gifts, and enhance their shopping satisfaction with this user-friendly, intuitive, and feature-packed app. Smart Gift Options: Valentines, a smart move towards a more personalized and customer-centric Shopify shopping experience.


Customize gift options with paid gift messages, gift wrapping choices, and concealed order prices
Provide multiple gift options for customers to select from, enhancing their shopping experience
Receive support for any inquiries or assistance needed while using the app
Easily turn regular orders into special gifts, boosting customer satisfaction
Stand out from competitors by empowering customers to personalize their purchases and create memorable experiences


Offer a personalized shopping experience with paid gift message features, gift wrap options, and the ability to conceal order prices on receipts
Encourage customer loyalty and recurring purchases by enabling buyers to add meaning and sentiment to their gifts, enhancing the shopping experience
Enhance customer satisfaction and stand out from competitors by empowering customers to turn ordinary orders into memorable gifts

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Owlfred Review

Well, whoo doesn't love gifts? And Smart Gift Options: Valentines by NextOs is here to make the gifting experience on your Shopify store all the more special. With a handful of installs since the launch, this app gives your customers that personalised touch by allowing them to add custom gift messages and even opt for gift wrapping. Plus, they can ask you to hide the price on the order receipt β€” talk about a thoughtful feature! The interface is fully customizable, and considering the broad spectrum of gifting options and support available, your store can become the go-to stop for customers' gifting needs. This app sports an affordable price tag of just $0.95/month with a 7-day free trial, so it's an easy investment for elevating your customers' shopping experience. It's early days yet with no reviews on board, but I'm expecting to see feel-good vibes from the user base soon. It's time to make every day Valentine's day for your customers!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a personalized shopping experience?
A personalized shopping experience is when a business tailors its service or product to meet the individual customer's needs. This can be through unique recommendations, tailored content, or specialized gift wrapping services like Smart Gift Options: Valentines offers.
How do you create personalized customer experience?
Creating a personalized customer experience requires an understanding of your customer's needs and preferences. This can be achieved through customer behavior analysis, preferences surveys, and personalized content. In addition, offering services such as gift wrapping or the addition of personalized notes, such as with Smart Gift Options: Valentines, can enhance the customer experience.
How do you deliver personalized experiences?
Delivering personalized experiences can be achieved through a combination of data analysis, technology, and direct customer interaction. By understanding customer preferences and behavior, businesses can tailor their services or products to each customer's needs. For instance, with Smart Gift Options: Valentines, customers could receive personalized gift wrapping based on previous preferences.
Why do customers want a personalized experience?
Customers want a personalized experience because it makes them feel valued and understood by the business. It can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. Particularly in the case of gifts, personalization like unique gift receipts or wrapping from Smart Gift Options: Valentines can add a special touch that makes the gift even more meaningful.

Shopify App Comparison: Smart Gift Options: Valentines vs Gift Wrap Plus - which is better?

When comparing Smart Gift Options: Valentines and Gift Wrap Plus, we found that both apps offer customization and personalization features for gift-giving. However, Smart Gift Options: Valentines goes above and beyond by providing paid gift message features, gift wrap options, and the ability to conceal order prices on receipts. This app allows customers to add a heartfelt message to their gift and create a surprise and sentimental experience for the recipient. With Smart Gift Options: Valentines, you can stand out from competitors and enhance customer satisfaction by empowering them to turn ordinary orders into memorable gifts.

On the other hand, Gift Wrap Plus primarily focuses on the gift wrap feature and offers additional functionalities such as diverse pricing scales for gift wrap items and the ability to apply gift wrap options at a product-specific level. This app allows shop owners to create personalized gift wrap options for individual products or entire collections, creating a more sophisticated and tailored store experience. By offering a personalized gift-wrapping option and allowing shoppers to send beautifully wrapped gifts directly to their loved ones, Gift Wrap Plus enhances customer satisfaction and boosts sales, especially during peak gifting seasons.

In conclusion, both Smart Gift Options: Valentines and Gift Wrap Plus offer valuable customization and personalization features for gift-giving. However, if you are looking for additional features such as paid gift message options and the ability to conceal order prices, Smart Gift Options: Valentines would be the recommended choice. On the other hand, if you primarily want a comprehensive and personalized gift wrap feature, Gift Wrap Plus would be the preferable option. Ultimately, the choice depends on your specific needs and the level of customization and personalization you want to offer to your customers.

Smart Gift Options: Valentines Shopify AppSmart Gift Options: Valentines
Gift Wrap Plus Shopify AppGift Wrap Plus
Average Rating 3 out of 5 4.9 out of 5
Number of Reviews 1 100
Estimated Installs 57 1090
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Max Price $0.95 $19.98
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