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Track cart activity, see how customers interact with your store, and receive daily email reports.

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Cart‑O‑Maniak is a great tool to track any cart activity and see how your customers interact with your store, plus you get daily email reports for easy monitoring!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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June 13, 2024

Get Insight into Customer Cart Activity with Daily Reports

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Untapped customer insights are a goldmine for savvy Shopify merchants. Enter this app, a smart analytical tool that offers beyond-norm tracking of cart activities - including additions, modifications, checkout actions, and purchases.

Far from a single-faceted solution, the app takes a holistic view of customer behavior. It records and reports not only cart-related activities but also page visits and product interactions. Uncover what products catch your customer's eye, even if they don't proceed to checkout.

Additionally, the app offers a user-friendly, digestible dashboard integrating all this valuable data for your convenience. But it doesn't stop at static information - the tool keeps you updated with daily email summaries of your store activities. This ensures you never miss a beat in your store's performance and keeps a finger on your customer's pulse.

With this robust tool's help, make informed decisions based on real shopper data, optimize your product offering, and ultimately, see your conversion rates soar.


Track customers' Add To Cart, Cart Modification, Checkout Activity, and Purchases
Monitor page visits and product interactions to understand customer behavior
View a single customer's journey on your store for personalized insights
Visualize data with graphs for a specified date range
Receive daily email reports summarizing store activities for informed decision-making


Track customer behavior beyond cart activities to optimize product offerings and increase conversion rates
Receive daily email summaries of store activities to stay informed and make data-driven decisions
Gain valuable insights into customer interactions with products and pages to improve marketing strategies and boost sales

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Owlfred Review

Looking to shine a light on the mystery of cart activity in your store? Meet Cart-O-Maniak, an ingenious app keenly developed to track and analyze all cart activity. Despite the poke of low ratings, don’t let it discourage you just yet. It's early days for this app, and it brims with potential. It lets you see the products your customers are adding to their carts, even if they're not making a purchase. This app provides detailed insights into how customers interact with your store including which pages are visited and which products are viewed. Plus, be ready to receive daily email reports summarizing all the activities. It's like your own personal CCTV monitoring the cart behavior of your customers. It’s a great asset if you're digging into customer journey mapping and sales analytics. Priced at a competitive $8.99 per month, it also offers a 7-day free trial to allow for a test run. Given that this is a newer app, it might be a diamond in the rough. So, explorers welcome! Seek and you may indeed find what you're looking for in Cart-O-Maniak.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Cart-O-Maniak help in understanding customer behavior?
Cart-O-Maniak offers detailed analytics by tracking all cart activities, from additions and modifications to checkout actions and purchases. It also records page visits and product interactions enabling merchants to understand what products are enticing to customers.
What kind of data does the Cart-O-Maniak app dashboard integrate?
The Cart-O-Maniak app dashboard integrates diverse data including cart activities, page visits, and product interactions. This provides a comprehensive view of customer behavior in a user-friendly format.
Can Cart-O-Maniak help in enhancing store performance and improving conversion rates?
Yes. Cart-O-Maniak allows Shopify merchants to make informed decisions guided by real shopper data. By analyzing customer behavior, merchants can optimize their product offering to improve their store's performance and increase conversion rates.
Does the Cart-O-Maniak app offer regular updates about store activities?
Yes Cart-O-Maniak keeps the merchants abreast with daily email summaries about the store activities which enables them to stay updated about their store's performance and customers' preferences.

Shopify App Comparison: Cart‑O‑Maniak ‑ Cart Tracking vs Realtime Cart - which is better?

We've compared the capabilities, features, and benefits of the Cart-O-Maniak app and the Realtime Cart app, and we've found some key differences between the two. Cart-O-Maniak offers advanced cart activity tracking, page visits, and product interactions, giving you deep insights into customer behavior. On the other hand, Realtime Cart allows you to create engaging landing pages easily and efficiently, without the need for intricate Javascript knowledge. This makes it accessible to beginners and professionals alike.

While Cart-O-Maniak provides a user-friendly dashboard for easy access and visualization of valuable data, Realtime Cart offers support for Shopify's multi-currency system, allowing you to tailor your store to different geographical locations seamlessly. Additionally, Realtime Cart enables comprehensive user-journey tracking, from the initial page view through to the final Shopify purchase, helping you understand consumer patterns and behaviors better. Overall, both apps have their unique strengths, but if you're looking to optimize your product offerings and increase conversion rates, Cart-O-Maniak would be your best bet. On the other hand, if you want to create engaging landing pages and gain valuable insights into customer behaviors, Realtime Cart is the way to go.

Cart‑O‑Maniak ‑ Cart Tracking Shopify AppCart‑O‑Maniak ‑ Cart Tracking
Realtime Cart Shopify AppRealtime Cart
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