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Segment customers based on purchases, location, and behavior for personalized messaging.

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With Cohorts - customer groups, you can easily create customer segments and auto-tag customers based on their purchases, location, and behavior, allowing you to tailor messages for more effective communication.

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July 12, 2024

Segment customers & Auto-tag for personalized messaging & targeted communication.

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Understanding and effectively managing your customer base is crucial for any burgeoning business. Facilitate this process with an app that intelligently categorizes your consumers into distinct groups, streamlining your communication efforts. This app tailors communication by considering various factors like previous purchases, geographic location, and individual customer behavior.

The app fosters robust customer relationship management by enabling more frequent and personalized interaction with each consumer subgroup. The platform's intuitive segmenting capabilities ultimately lead to an improved understanding of your customers and, consequently, more targeted and impactful communication strategies.

Features also include advanced analytics and insights that further enhance the understanding of your customer base and their behavior. These tools spill over beyond communication, informing more targeted marketing and product development strategies. Savvy businesses can, therefore, extract the maximum value from every customer interaction.

It's time to upgrade your customer management practices. Streamline, personalize, and supercharge your communication efforts with this app. It's tailored to help Shopify merchants who are ready to take their customer engagement to the next level.


Auto-tag customers based on items previously purchased
Auto-tag customers based on specific discount codes used
Auto-tag customers based on country, region, or zip code
Auto-tag customers based on loyalty metrics such as total amount spent
Auto-tag customers based on order tags


Increase customer engagement and loyalty by auto-tagging customers based on their previous purchases, discount codes used, geographic location, and loyalty metrics.
Leverage advanced analytics and insights to gain a deeper understanding of your customer base, leading to more targeted marketing and product development strategies.
Save time and effort by streamlining customer communication and fostering personalized interactions with distinct consumer subgroups, ultimately maximizing the value extracted from each customer interaction.

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Owlfred Review

The Cohorts ‑ customer groups app by Mercantile Apps is a critical tool for Shopify merchants looking to level up their marketing and sales analytics. With a focus on customer segmentation and auto-tagging, this app helps businesses cater to their growing customer bases effectively and efficiently. It has a whopping perfect average rating of 5 with a couple of reviews applauding its innovative features. Features like auto-tagging customers based on items bought, discount codes used, geographical location, loyalty, and order tags make this app a must-have. Even better, it's entirely cost-effective with a free plan available and maximum price only reaching $7.95. Although we can't track the installs due to its backend nature, the dynamic segmentation capabilities of this app make it an excellent asset for any Shopify store. The owl's verdict? I absolutely recommend the Cohorts app for merchants looking to better understand and target their customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a customer segment in Shopify?
A customer segment in Shopify refers to a specific group of customers who share similar characteristics such as behavior, demographics, geography, or product usage. They are created for targeted marketing and sales strategies.
How does the 'Cohorts - customer groups' app help in customer segmentation?
The 'Cohorts - customer groups' app allows Shopify merchants to create and manage customer groups based on various criteria. This enables more personalized marketing and sales approaches that better match customer preferences and behaviors.
What can be an example of a segmented customer in Shopify?
An example of a segmented customer in Shopify might be a group of customers who have made a purchase in the last 30 days. This group could be targeted with specific promotions or rewards to inspire loyalty and repeat business.
Why is customer segmentation important for my Shopify store?
Customer segmentation is crucial for your Shopify store as it allows you to deliver more personalized experiences, which can increase customer engagement, boost sales, and improve customer loyalty.

Shopify App Comparison: Cohorts ‑ customer groups vs Admetrics Data Studio - which is better?

When comparing Cohorts ‑ customer groups and Admetrics Data Studio, it's clear that both apps offer powerful capabilities for businesses looking to enhance their marketing strategies. Cohorts ‑ customer groups excels in customer relationship management, with its ability to intelligently categorize customers into distinct groups based on factors like previous purchases and geographic location. This segmentation capability allows for more personalized and targeted communication, ultimately leading to increased customer engagement and loyalty. Additionally, the advanced analytics and insights provided by Cohorts ‑ customer groups can inform more targeted marketing and product development strategies, maximizing the value extracted from each customer interaction.

On the other hand, Admetrics Data Studio stands out with its intelligent marketing analytics platform. This app consolidates paid and organic traffic data from various sources, offering AI-driven insights to improve ad performance. With the ability to attribute sales to the correct channels and access an array of 100 metrics, businesses can make data-led decisions that significantly impact overall business growth. The integrated statistics engine of Admetrics Data Studio also allows for testing creatives, audiences, and campaigns across multiple channels, enhancing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and improving conversions.

Overall, both Cohorts ‑ customer groups and Admetrics Data Studio provide unique and valuable capabilities for businesses. Depending on your specific needs and goals, one app may be more suitable than the other. We recommend considering your priorities and objectives to determine which app aligns best with your marketing strategies.

Cohorts ‑ customer groups Shopify AppCohorts ‑ customer groups
Admetrics Data Studio Shopify AppAdmetrics Data Studio
Average Rating 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 2 15
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Max Price $7.95 $899.00
Works With Shopify admin Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, Google Ads, Snapchat
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