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April 9, 2024

Increase Sales and Personalize Customer Experience with Automated Marketing

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Nossos recursos estimulam novas vendas e personalizam a experiรชncia do consumidor em cada compra, aumentando a recorrรชncia e o ticket mรฉdio no seu E-commerce.

Deliver a highly personalized shopping experience with this loyalty marketing app. Empower your brand to foster solid relationships. Let your customers feel valued with personalized rewards and incentives. This exceptional platform drives repeat purchases, escalates average order values, and stimulates fresh sales for your e-commerce store.

Create customized loyalty programs that your customers can't resist. With our features, your clients will feel more connected with your brand as we let you personalize each shopping experience. Crafting loyalty has never been this efficient and effective.

Let the app work for you by elevating the average transaction value in your online store. With data-driven insights, create tailored shopping experiences that make consumers feel prized and understood. Witness a surge in returning customers and overall customer worth. The resulting customer loyalty will have a ripple effect, leading to an increase in your profitable sales.

Get this stellar loyalty marketing module now and begin your journey to customer retention, increased order values, and new business. Allow your customers to experience an exceptional retail experience like no other.


Stimulate new sales with voucher automation
Value top customers with cashback rewards for future purchases
Personalize marketing strategies through WhatsApp, SMS, and emails
Drive repeat purchases with personalized rewards and incentives
Increase average order values by creating tailored shopping experiences


Drive repeat purchases by offering personalized rewards and incentives that make customers feel valued
Increase average order values by creating tailored shopping experiences based on data-driven insights
Elevate customer loyalty and overall customer worth leading to an increase in profitable sales

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Rod. Josรฉ Carlos Daux, 4150, Saco Grande, Florianรณpolis, RS, 88032-005, BR
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Owlfred Review

Take a peek at Loyalty Marketing by Smartbis, a beadily sophisticated tool designed to give your E-commerce business a significant boost. Despite having a scarce number of reviews & a lower average rating, it brings you a medley of personalized digital marketing strategies that leverage WhatsApp, SMS, and E-mail. Tighten your spectacles and read on through its novel features - from automatic voucher issuance with custom validation rules, to scheduled messages and 'Refer & Earn' schemes. It also values customer feedback, offering rewards for ratings, and contributing to a more interactive shopping journey. Most interestingly though, it appears to be a backend app without any visible installs, meaning it's waiting quietly behind the scenes like a wise, nocturnal bird ready to swoop in with assistance when required. It's complimentary to start with, but charges may crop up like wayward feathers at higher usage levels. It's compatible with WhatsApp, which in today's context is as useful as a comfy nest to returning birds. Whether this is the right app for you, dear Shopify merchant, may depend on your marketing objectives and budget. Remember to focus on improving customer loyalty and rewards to drive repeat sales- like a faithful owl putting its best wing forward!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the role of marketing automation in improving customer experience?
Marketing automation simplifies and streamlines the customer journey. It facilitates the consistent delivery of personalized messages, improving the user experience and strengthening the relationship between the brand and the customer.
How can marketing automation boost sales?
Marketing automation can increase sales by nurturing leads and enhancing customer engagement. It allows tailored communication to meet customer needs, leading to increased likelihood of conversion.
What is the impact of automation on the customer experience?
Automation improves the customer experience by delivering timely and relevant content. It assists in maintaining regular interaction with the customers, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.
In what ways can personalization enhance customer experience?
Personalization improves customer experience by making the user feel valued. Tailored content that meets their needs and interests increases engagement, drives brand loyalty and enhances the overall customer journey.

Shopify App Comparison: Smartbis: Loyalty Marketing vs Fondue CashBack Promotions - which is better?

We compared two loyalty marketing apps, Smartbis and Fondue CashBack Promotions. Both apps aim to increase customer loyalty and repeat purchases through personalized rewards and incentives. However, Smartbis offers additional features such as voucher automation and personalized marketing strategies through WhatsApp, SMS, and emails. This enables brands to create tailored shopping experiences and drive new sales. On the other hand, Fondue CashBack Promotions emphasizes the flexibility to customize promotional strategies based on customer preferences. The app also creates a unique promotional ecosystem that recaptures potential revenue when customers do not redeem their rewards. Overall, both apps have their strengths, but if you are looking for a more comprehensive loyalty marketing solution, we recommend Smartbis.

Smartbis provides a platform that empowers brands to foster solid relationships with their customers. With personalized rewards and incentives, customers feel valued and are more likely to make repeat purchases. The app also offers voucher automation and personalized marketing strategies through multiple channels, ensuring a personalized shopping experience. In comparison, Fondue CashBack Promotions focuses on personalized rewards and cashback promotions to increase customer engagement and loyalty. The app allows merchants to customize their promotional strategies based on customer preferences, leading to higher repeat purchase rates. It also creates a unique promotional ecosystem that encourages positive interactions and engagements with customers. While both apps have their advantages, we believe that Smartbis provides a more comprehensive solution for loyalty marketing.

Smartbis: Loyalty Marketing Shopify AppSmartbis: Loyalty Marketing
Fondue CashBack Promotions Shopify AppFondue CashBack Promotions
Average Rating 1 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 2 40
Estimated Installs 0 530
Min Price $0.00 $65.00
Max Price $59.90 $65.00
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