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Expand your sales with a wide range of quality products.

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Inject variety into your Shopify store catalogue by integrating the valuable offering of Octopia products. Expanding into over 30 niche categories including home essentials, high-tech gadgets, do-it-yourself tools, fitness equipment, mobile devices, and much more - this module opens up opportunities for store growth and prosperity. Large and recognized brands are ready for import, allowing you to widen your assortment or even launch an entirely new product line to captivate a wider customer base.

Experience a frictionless product expansion with clear, exclusive of VAT, purchase prices displayed right in your catalogue. This transparent pricing model takes into account all costs, including sourcing, providing you a seamless and convenient means to upscale your store. This powerhouse app provides the leverage your store needs to stay competitive and versatile, fulfilling an array of consumer needs and wants, and subsequently driving customer satisfaction and profitability.


Deliver products directly to clients in France and Europe
Automatically transfer orders to warehouses where products are stocked
Multilingual employees available to listen to your needs and assist you
Select and import Octopia products directly through the module to save time
Synchronize order and parcel volumes hourly for efficient management


Expand your store's assortment with over 30 niche categories, including recognized brands, to captivate a wider customer base
Transparent pricing model displays exclusive purchase prices, streamlining product expansion and helping you stay competitive
Save time by selecting and importing Octopia products directly, with order and parcel volumes synchronized hourly

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Owlfred Review

As an owl that's seen it all, Cdiscount Dropshipping is an intriguing feather in the Shopify app nest. Servicing across notable European markets, Cdiscount Dropshipping can be a beneficial ally for your online shop, especially when it comes to expanding your product range. With a selection of over 100,000 branded products in more than 30 categories - your store can swiftly soar to new heights. Plus, you can rest peacefully in the nest knowing that Cdiscount handles the storage, order preparation and shipping. Another reason to hoot about this app is its multi-channel offer, providing an SEO boost with mass content including product names, descriptions, meta titles and meta descriptions! However, with an average rating of just 2, this app's reputation hasn't fully taken flight. It appears there could be some turbulence for users based on critical reviews, so be sure to consider this before diving in. This free to use app may be truly valuable to those whose focus is dropping shipping across Europe, keeping in mind potential challenges pointed out by the user reviews. That's one smart shopper's wisdom from Owlfred. Happy soaring!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is having a diverse product range significant?
Having a wide range of products increases the chances for customers to find something they like, rather than leaving empty-handed. It can lead to greater customer satisfaction and build loyalty, resulting in increased sales and profit margins.
How can I broaden my product range?
Developing partnerships with new suppliers, researching market trends, and assessing customer requests can help expand a product range. Utilizing a dropshipping app like Cdiscount Dropshipping can also help in adding diverse products from various suppliers to your Shopify store.
Can you provide an example of a broad product range?
A broad product range might include different categories such as fashion, electronics, home goods, and beauty products, each with various sub-categories. For instance, a fashion range could have categories for men, women, and children with sub-categories for clothing, accessories, footwear and more.
How can I highlight and promote high-quality products?
Promoting high-quality products can be done through marketing strategies like content marketing, email marketing, and social media promotion. Highlighting key product features, showcasing customer reviews and testimonials, and emphasizing the product's value and benefits can also help attract customers.

Shopify App Comparison: Cdiscount Dropshipping vs Jouvani Dropship App - which is better?

When comparing the Cdiscount Dropshipping App and the Jouvani Dropship App, we can see that both apps offer valuable features and benefits for online retailers. However, there are some key differences that set them apart.

The Cdiscount Dropshipping App stands out with its wide range of over 30 niche categories, including recognized brands, allowing retailers to expand their store's assortment and captivate a wider customer base. The app also offers a transparent pricing model that displays exclusive purchase prices, streamlining product expansion and helping retailers stay competitive. Additionally, the app allows users to save time by selecting and importing Octopia products directly, with order and parcel volumes synchronized hourly. Overall, the Cdiscount Dropshipping App provides a seamless and convenient means for retailers to grow their store and drive customer satisfaction and profitability.

On the other hand, the Jouvani Dropship App focuses specifically on the fashion industry, offering competitively priced wholesale fashion items that cater to diverse customer needs. The app ensures rapid and reliable product delivery with US-based shipping, guaranteeing delivery within 4-7 business days nationwide. It also provides real-time inventory updates and automated order processing for enhanced efficiency, boosting sales and customer satisfaction. With a free trial offer, the Jouvani Dropship App is perfect for ambitious online retailers looking to streamline operations and boost profitability in the fashion industry.

In conclusion, both apps offer unique features and benefits for online retailers, but the choice between them depends on the specific needs and goals of the retailer. If a retailer is looking to expand their store's assortment with a wide range of categories and brands, the Cdiscount Dropshipping App would be a recommended choice. However, if a retailer is focused on the fashion industry and prioritizes rapid and reliable delivery, as well as real-time inventory updates and automation, the Jouvani Dropship App would be a suitable recommendation.

Cdiscount Dropshipping Shopify AppCdiscount Dropshipping
Jouvani Dropship App Shopify AppJouvani Dropship App
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