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Automate inventory control, improve cash flow, and keep best sellers in stock with Centro's expert forecasting and procurement software.

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Centro Inventory Platform is your go-to inventory control center, helping you forecast, procure, and keep the right products in stock like an expert - say goodbye to spreadsheets!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

Last Updated:
April 9, 2024

Inventory Control and Forecasting Software for Business Growth

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Centro is your inventory control center. Centro’s automations and alerts keep the right products in stock to grow your business. Scale your operations like an inventory expert. Picture a hub of workflows fitted to your needs - smart assistants alerting you on key issues in your inbox, easy automations within clicks, and deep visibility on every purchase order and raw material. It replaces weekly inventory reporting, improves costs and cash flow, and keeps best sellers in stock, in minutes.

Maintaining optimal inventory levels and managing operations can prove to be a daunting task. The app in focus offers a robust solution that's more than a simple inventory keeper. It strategically automates and manages your stock to the finest detail, giving you total control of your inventory.

With this tool, you gain the agility of an inventory expert, scaling your operations with ease. It plays the role of a smart assistant, providing timely alerts about inventory-related concerns directly in your inbox-- ensuring that your popular products remain in stock and ready to meet customer orders.

The platform offers a user-friendly interface with easy-to-execute automations that streamline your inventory management. It eliminates the need for strenuous weekly inventory check-ups, has a profound effect on cost reduction, and helps maintain a healthy cash flow.

What sets it apart is the granular visibility it brings to operational tasks: tracking the trail of every purchase order and raw material. Embrace this level of precision inventory management today and watch your business evolve to newfound heights.


Capture every sale and prevent stock outs with automated stockout forecasts
Save time with unique workflow automations like pre-filled purchase orders
Easily track and purchase the right raw material and finished goods inventory
Gain limitless control of your business to prevent negative cashflow or late purchase orders
Save time with weekly custom inventory reports automatically sent to your inbox


Automated stockout forecasts prevent missed sales opportunities
Unique workflow automations save hours typically spent on inventory management tasks
Granular visibility in tracking purchase orders and raw materials leads to cost reduction and healthy cash flow.

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Owlfred Review

The Centro Inventory Platform is a real game-changer in the world of inventory management. Its smart automations and alerts work tirelessly to keep the right products in stock, contributing significantly to the growth of your business. Forecasting and procuring have never been easier, with the ability to prevent stock-outs using automated stock-out forecasts being one stellar feature. With a unique workflow that automates and simplifies mundane tasks like filling purchase orders, Centro boasts deep visibility into your inventory, covering everything from raw material to finished goods. Not only does it prevent negative cash outflow and late purchase orders, but it also allows for more efficient cost and cash flow management. Wave goodbye to spreadsheets, as weekly custom inventory reports are automatically sent to your inbox! Although a newer entrant to the Shopify store, with few reviews, the owl's prediction is that the Centro Inventory Platform, with its range of features and free plan option to start with, will quickly become a go-to app for Shopify merchants looking to scale their operations efficiently. Be you a small business just starting out or a seasoned CEO, inventory management is fundamental - and Centro can help!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is inventory forecasting software?
Inventory forecasting software is a tool used by businesses to predict future inventory needs based on historical sales data and trends. It helps in managing inventory levels to avoid both overstocking and stockouts.
What is the best forecasting method for inventory?
Every business is unique and the best inventory forecasting method varies. However, many businesses use demand forecasting, a method that utilizes historical sales data to predict future demand.
Can forecasting help in controlling inventory?
Absolutely, inventory forecasting plays a crucial role in controlling inventory. It helps businesses maintain an optimal inventory level by predicting future sales trends, thus minimizing stockouts and overstock scenarios.
What is business forecasting software?
Business forecasting software is a tool that uses historical data, market research, and statistical algorithms to predict future outcomes. It can forecast sales, revenue, customer behavior, and inventory needs, helping businesses plan and strategize effectively.

Shopify App Comparison: Centro Inventory Platform vs Mimoran: Purchase Orders Plus - which is better?

When comparing Centro Inventory Platform and Mimoran: Purchase Orders Plus, both apps offer valuable solutions for inventory management and operational efficiency. Centro Inventory Platform stands out with its robust automation capabilities and granular visibility into inventory tasks. It automates stockout forecasts, saving you from missed sales opportunities, and offers unique workflow automations like pre-filled purchase orders, which save hours typically spent on inventory management tasks. The platform also provides weekly custom inventory reports directly to your inbox, further streamlining your inventory management process. With Centro Inventory Platform, you gain total control over your inventory and can maintain a healthy cash flow.

On the other hand, Mimoran: Purchase Orders Plus focuses specifically on streamlining the process of creating purchase orders and managing suppliers. It simplifies the creation of purchase orders, sending them directly to suppliers with all essential details included. The app allows for easy transfer of products to preferred locations, and the ability to receive partial or full purchase orders to seamlessly update inventory in Shopify. Mimoran also offers automation workflows, multi-currency support, and the ability to forward purchase orders via email or export them as CSV and PDF files. With Mimoran: Purchase Orders Plus, you can tighten your inventory management, improve supplier communication, and elevate operational efficiency.

In conclusion, both Centro Inventory Platform and Mimoran: Purchase Orders Plus provide valuable features and benefits for inventory management. However, if you are looking for a comprehensive solution with automation capabilities and granular visibility into operational tasks, Centro Inventory Platform is the recommended choice. On the other hand, if your primary focus is streamlining the purchase order process and improving supplier communication, Mimoran: Purchase Orders Plus offers the necessary features and user-friendly navigation for your needs.

Centro Inventory Platform Shopify AppCentro Inventory Platform
Mimoran: Purchase Orders Plus Shopify AppMimoran: Purchase Orders Plus
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