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Display terms, conditions, and refund policies on the cart page to reduce chargebacks.

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CheckPop - Terms & Conditions is a helpful app that allows you to display your terms and conditions, return, and refund policy on the cart page to help reduce chargebacks.

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April 9, 2024

Display Terms & Refund Policy on Cart Page to Reduce Chargebacks

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You can see date and time when the customer has accepted terms. Customize Behaviour how you would like to show terms or refund policy: You can show it in new tab or popup Just install app and configure it in theme customization page. No theme code is modified by the app, it is using latest app blocks feature.

Looking for a robust and reliable method to record customer acceptance of terms and conditions? CheckPop ‑ Terms & Conditions is your solution. This feature simplifies the tracking process by catching the exact date and time when customers agree to your store policies. An immensely useful feature which gives every merchant peace of mind knowing that you have a record of their acceptance.

The app stands out with its fully customizable framework. This means, choosing your preferred approach on how terms or refund policies are displayed; pop-up or in a new tab. The flexibility to configure the presentation style to match your brand consistently is now within reach.

For those tech-savvy merchants, good news! The app leaves your theme code untouched and utilizes the latest app blocks feature. This ensures seamless blending between your current theme layout and the app’s functionality. Plus, the stress-free installation process means that even the less technically-inclined can implement this app without any hassle.

In a nutshell, this app offers an efficient method of documenting agreement to policies, customizable display preferences, non-intrusive integration, and an effortless installation process. Here's an invaluable tool that ensures each transaction in your store is compliant and transparent.


Store when the terms were accepted within Order page
Use existing page or create new one and show in pop-up
Easily customize the behavior with ultimate options in the app
Seamless blending with the latest app blocks feature for a non-intrusive integration
Effortless installation process for all types of merchants, ensuring a hassle-free experience


Record customer acceptance of terms and conditions with precise date and time stamps, ensuring transparency and compliance
Fully customizable framework offers the flexibility to display terms and refund policies in a way that matches your brand, improving customer trust and engagement
Effortless integration without altering theme code, making it easy for both tech-savvy and less technically-inclined merchants to install and use the app

About the Vendor

Maple Labs
Pune, MH, IN
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Owlfred Review

Hoot Hoot! Here’s my scoop on CheckPop - Terms & Conditions by Maple Labs. This sleek application alleviates the tad cumbersome part of running an ecommerce store - communicating your shop's terms and conditions as well as return & refund policies. It simply ensures all customers are on the same page, reducing the possibility of chargebacks. Like a wise old owl, CheckPop keeps track of the exact date and time a customer accepts these terms. Neat, right? The app is a breeze to install and you can customize the behavior to meet your needs without any coding - a real night-saver for you busy shop owners! You have the flexibility to flash the terms in a new tab or pop-up and what’s more, CheckPop uses the latest app blocks feature, ensuring your store's theme code remains untampered. It offers a free plan and a fly-by-night price of just $1.99/month post the 7-day free trial. With a 5-star rating and easy customization, CheckPop is indeed a beacon of transparency for your ecommerce operations. Whoo wouldn’t want that?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the primary features of the CheckPop - Terms & Conditions app?
The CheckPop - Terms & Conditions app primarily allows Shopify merchants to modify their carts and enhance privacy and security settings. The app also provides options to create and manage unique terms and conditions for different products or categories on the store.
How does CheckPop - Terms & Conditions app improve cart security?
The CheckPop - Terms & Conditions app significantly bolsters the security of online shopping carts by providing stringent privacy settings and prompting users to agree to the terms and conditions before they can proceed with a purchase. This feature ensures that all your transactions comply with relevant norms and regulations.
Why is the Terms & Conditions feature crucial for an ecommerce store?
A clearly stated Terms & Conditions feature is crucial for any ecommerce store as it sets forth the legal stipulations that customers must accept to make a purchase. Such a feature reduces legal risks, enhances customer trust, and ensures a smoother, more transparent shopping experience.
Can CheckPop - Terms & Conditions app be used for display modification?
While the CheckPop - Terms & Conditions app offers cart modification features and enhances privacy and security, it does not provide functionality for display modification. Display modifications pertain to how information is presented on the screen, which is not a part of this app's primary feature set.

Shopify App Comparison: CheckPop ‑ Terms & Conditions vs Sticky Add To Cart Booster Pro - which is better?

When comparing CheckPop ‑ Terms & Conditions with Sticky Add To Cart Booster Pro, we can see that both apps offer valuable features that can enhance the user experience on an online store. CheckPop ‑ Terms & Conditions provides a robust and reliable method of recording customer acceptance of terms and conditions, ensuring transparency and compliance. The app stands out with its fully customizable framework, allowing merchants to display terms and refund policies in a way that matches their brand, improving customer trust and engagement. The non-intrusive integration and effortless installation process make it easy for both tech-savvy and less technically-inclined merchants to implement this app.

On the other hand, Sticky Add To Cart Booster Pro focuses on streamlining the purchasing process and improving customer satisfaction. The app keeps the add-to-cart button visible at all times, increasing the likelihood of a user clicking on it and ultimately boosting conversion rates. The Quick Buy Button enables an immediate purchase decision, eliminating the need for multiple page traversals. Additionally, the Ajax Cart Slider allows for a quick cart review option, saving time and enhancing the shopping experience.

Overall, both apps offer unique capabilities that can benefit online stores. If you are looking to ensure compliance and document customer acceptance of terms and conditions, we highly recommend CheckPop ‑ Terms & Conditions. If your goal is to streamline the purchasing process and increase conversion rates, we suggest opting for Sticky Add To Cart Booster Pro. Ultimately, the choice depends on your specific needs and objectives.

CheckPop ‑ Terms & Conditions Shopify AppCheckPop ‑ Terms & Conditions
Sticky Add To Cart Booster Pro Shopify AppSticky Add To Cart Booster Pro
Average Rating 5 out of 5 4.9 out of 5
Number of Reviews 1 1699
Estimated Installs 0 5375
Min Price $0.00 $8.99
Max Price $1.99 $39.99
Works With Sales Rocket, Cart Slider, Cart Upsell, Buy Button, Sticky Add to Cart
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