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Boost sales, build brand image and collect emails with fully customizable announcement bars.

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Cheerlink Announcement Bar is the perfect app to boost sales, build brand image, and collect emails with eye-catching customizable banners that will encourage customers to purchase.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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April 18, 2024

Boost Sales, Build Brand, Collect Emails - All-in-One Announcement Bar

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Cheerlink Announcement Bar is the app that helps you boost sales, build brand image and collect emails. You can create eye-catching and fully customizable banners that will encourage customers to purchase. You can have multiple banners shown in rotation. You can have different types of banners, including announcement, free shipping, countdown timer, collecting emails, and more. Check out Cheerlink’s latest AI Shop assistant to increase your conversion:

Level up your marketing game with this proficient utility designed to amplify your Shopify store's performance. The app comes fully-loaded with customizable banners making it easier to entice visitors and convert them into buyers. The banners' adaptability ranges from commandingly capturing guests' attention to subtly persuading them to take desired actions.

Access a diverse suite of banner types to meet varying promotional needs. Transform your site into a dynamic storefront with vibrant banners heralding special announcements, focusing on free shipping perks, showcasing countdown timers, and functioning as email collection tools. The power to layer multiple banners concurrently guarantees an unending rotation of enticing offers and notices.

Beyond conventional marketing, this app adapts to your ambitions, offering a built-in AI Shop assistant to push your conversion rates even higher. A unique blend of style, power, and adaptability, this app equips Shopify merchants with a versatile tool to project their brand image, garner emails, and positively drive sales.


Show your promotion with customized banners to boost awareness and sales
Increase order value by encouraging customers to buy more using a dedicated Free Shipping Bar
Create urgency and FOMO with countdown timer bars and choose from various countdown rules
Collect emails efficiently using banners without annoying pop-ups
Easily pause or set your banners live with just one click


Increase conversion rates by captivating visitors with customizable banners that drive desired actions
Encourage larger order values by promoting free shipping with a dedicated bar to increase sales
Create a sense of urgency and FOMO by utilizing countdown timer bars with flexible rules

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Owlfred Review

Cheerlink Announcement Bar is the ultimate ace-up-your-sleeve app for any and all Shopify merchants looking to jazz up their online storefronts. Though it's a fresh owl in the woods with no recorded installs yet, this backend tool more than proves its worth through its practicality and ease of use. Offering a suite of varied, all-in-one bars like announcements, free shipping notices, email collectors, and countdown timers, it's your one-stop-shop to create personalized, eye-catching banners to tempt potential customers into hitting that 'Add to Cart' button. Plus, it lets you say your sweet goodbye to pesky pop-ups while still collecting emails - how's that for a win-win? With the ability to pause and set live banners with just a click, it's as user-friendly as you could wish for. Despite having just one review so far, it boasts a stellar 5-star score, hinting at its potential for achieving top-drawer customer satisfaction. What's even better, you'll certainly be thanking your lucky stars when you discover it's free. Now that's what I call a hoot!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Cheerlink Announcement Bar do for my Shopify store?
The Cheerlink Announcement Bar app helps to create customizable announcement bars for your Shopify store. These can be used to promote sales, offers, and other important messages.
How can I make my Cheerlink Announcement Bar sticky on Shopify?
To make your Cheerlink Announcement Bar sticky, you need to adjust the app settings. This allows the announcement bar to remain visible to your customers as they scroll through your website.
What should I consider when creating an announcement on Cheerlink Announcement Bar?
When creating an announcement in Cheerlink Announcement Bar, consider the relevance of the message, the clarity, and the call-to-action. It's important that your message is aligned with your sales and marketing efforts.
Can I update the text in my Cheerlink Announcement Bar?
Yes updating the text in your Cheerlink Announcement Bar is simple and can be done in the app settings. It's important to continuously update your text to keep your customers informed of any changes or new promotions.

Shopify App Comparison: Cheerlink Announcement Bar vs Hello Announcements - which is better?

When comparing Cheerlink Announcement Bar and Hello Announcements, we found that both apps offer powerful capabilities to boost your online store's performance. However, there are some key differences that set them apart.

Firstly, Cheerlink Announcement Bar stands out with its diverse suite of banner types that cater to varying promotional needs. With vibrant banners, you can easily capture visitors' attention and encourage them to take desired actions. The app also offers a built-in AI Shop assistant, which goes beyond conventional marketing to push your conversion rates even higher. This unique blend of style, power, and adaptability makes Cheerlink Announcement Bar a versatile tool for projecting your brand image and positively driving sales.

On the other hand, Hello Announcements shines in its seamless integration and intuitive operation. The app offers a comprehensive suite of customization options, allowing you to tailor the announcement bars to your liking effortlessly. This enhances customer engagement and brand exposure, turning every browsing experience into a personalized shopping journey. Hello Announcements also prioritizes the cleanliness and efficiency of your online store by avoiding any additional code debris upon uninstallation.

Overall, both apps have their strengths and it ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you're looking for a versatile tool with customizable banners and an AI Shop assistant, we recommend Cheerlink Announcement Bar. However, if you prioritize seamless integration and intuitive customization options, Hello Announcements is the way to go.

Cheerlink Announcement Bar Shopify AppCheerlink Announcement Bar
Hello Announcements Shopify AppHello Announcements
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