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April 9, 2024

Transform Your Email Popups into an Exciting Game!

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ClawCrane transforms email popups into an engaging claw crane game, exciting customers and growing your email list. Win customer retention and boost conversion rates with our unique approach. Say goodbye to dull, intrusive popups; ClawCrane seamlessly integrates into your store, offering discounts while capturing emails. Strengthen customer relationships and increase sales with our memorable experience. Let ClawCrane make your store the talk of the town!

Taking a creative spin on email capture, this engaging application transforms standard email pop-ups into an entertaining claw crane game. Reimagining the way you captivate your customers, it combines the allure of entertainment with the effectiveness of promotional discounts. By incorporating this delightful game into your digital storefront, you'll be able to effectively captivate shoppers, increase interaction and grow your email list effortlessly.

Further than simply being a game, this application is an impactful tool for customer retention and conversion enhancement. It allows merchants to replace typical intrusive pop-ups, with an enjoyable user experience that intrigues rather than irritates. As a result, it takes storefront engagement to a new level, promoting detail capture without causing customer disruption.

In addition to its engaging interface, this app is strategically designed to house a dual function – offering discounts while capturing valuable customer emails. This feature not only brings joy to your potential customers but also gives them a reason to stay connected to your storefront, thereby fostering stronger customer relationships.

Craft a remarkable shopping experience that drives conversation, engagement, and sales. Allow this application to turn your store into a memorable and talked-about shopping hub. Offering a modern and dynamic way of email capture, it sets your store apart, proving that customer engagement doesn't have to be dull or intrusive–it can be fun and fruitful, too.


Transform standard email pop-ups into an engaging claw crane game for capturing emails effortlessly
Customize in-game items like Anime, Kawaii, and Children toys, or upload your own icons for a personalized experience
Utilize advanced triggers such as exit-intent, time-based, and scroll-on-page for maximum engagement
Implement a subtle call to action with a floating icon and shake effect to enhance conversions
Enjoy wide language support and compatibility across desktop and mobile devices.


Increase shopper engagement with an entertaining claw crane game for email capture
Improve customer retention by replacing intrusive pop-ups with an enjoyable user experience
Foster stronger customer relationships by offering discounts and capturing valuable emails

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Isabellastraße 2, Essen, 45130, DE
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Works with

Klaviyo, Mailchimp


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Owlfred Review

ClawCrane: Game & Email Popup is a real hoot, transforming the typically mundane task of email popups into an exciting claw crane game. This app, from vendor, gyres and gambols in the wabe of Shopify apps that are designed to engage customers while expanding your email list. With a rating of 3.9 out of 5 based on 22 reviews, it seems to successfully take flight for some merchants but not all. Its design allows for an interactive and memorable experience, providing a tangible boost in customer retention and conversation rates. Plus, with its wide range of language support and compatibility with major platforms like Klaviyo and Mailchimp, it caters to a global audience. Pricing starts from a comfortable $5/month with a 3-day free trial, offering affordable access to an engaging, dynamic method of connecting with customers. It's a unique approach to an abandoned cart solution and granting discounts through a fun and challenging game. For stores looking to put a feather in their cap with a unique customer experience, I'd say give ClawCrane a try!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of email popups for my shop?
Email popups can be highly effective as a marketing technique. They can grab visitors' attention, boost email sign-ups, and increase conversion rates by offering attractive discounts and giveaways.
What does spin to win mean in ClawCrane?
Spin to win in ClawCrane refers to an interactive game element where customers can spin a digital wheel. Customers can potentially win rewards such as discount codes, which can encourage purchases and increase customer engagement.
How can I initiate an email popup on my Shopify store using ClawCrane?
To initiate an email popup on Shopify using the ClawCrane app, you would need to install the app on your Shopify store. Proceed by setting up your email popup options, including the design, triggers, and display settings on the ClawCrane dashboard.
Is it possible to add a popup to an email with ClawCrane?
While ClawCrane primarily provides popups for your Shopify store, it does not directly add popups within an email. However, the popups can still help in growing your email marketing list, enabling you to reach out to your customers with promotional emails.

Shopify App Comparison: ClawCrane: Game & Email Popup vs Pug Feed - which is better?

When comparing ClawCrane: Game & Email Popup App and Pug Feed App, it's clear that both apps offer unique capabilities and benefits. ClawCrane transforms standard email pop-ups into an entertaining claw crane game, capturing emails effortlessly while providing an enjoyable user experience. Its customizable in-game items and advanced triggers enhance engagement and conversions. Additionally, the app fosters stronger customer relationships by offering discounts and capturing valuable emails. ClawCrane sets a store apart, proving that customer engagement can be fun and fruitful.

Pug Feed, on the other hand, is designed specifically to transform social media engagement and increase sales. It enables the creation and easy updating of product feeds, intelligently grouped by collection for easy Facebook set creation. The app also includes a feature to embed tempting discounts within product links, preventing cart abandonment and leading to successful sales. Pug Feed saves time and increases efficiency for Shopify merchants, maximizing their social media impact and sales. Overall, the app offers a holistic solution to cater to the real needs of Shopify merchants in the modern eCommerce world.

You can recommend both apps based on your specific needs. If you're looking to enhance storefront engagement and captivate customers with an entertaining game, ClawCrane is the app for you. On the other hand, if your focus is on increasing social media engagement and sales, Pug Feed is the perfect choice. Both apps offer unique capabilities and benefits that can help you achieve your goals in the eCommerce world.
ClawCrane: Game & Email Popup Shopify AppClawCrane: Game & Email Popup
Pug Feed Shopify AppPug Feed
Average Rating 3.8 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 22 1
Estimated Installs 65 0
Min Price $5.00 $15.99
Max Price $29.00 $15.99
Works With Klaviyo, Mailchimp
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