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Track and manage your ecommerce shipments with the world's #1 order tracking app

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ClickPost is a must-have for seamless order-tracking and shipment management, providing a hassle-free experience for eCommerce businesses.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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April 17, 2024

Track Your Shipments and Delight Customers with ClickPost

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ClickPost provides seamless order-tracking and shipment management. With ClickPost, you can monitor and track shipments across carriers on a single dashboard. Filter option by dates, statuses, couriers and destination is also available for all shipments. You can also search for a particular shipment by its AWB or Order ID.

Optimize your Shopify store's logistical flow with an encompassing app that provides a superior order-tracking and dispatched goods management experience. This application lets you streamline your shipment oversight, offering full transparency across multiple carriers from a single, intuitive dashboard.

Busy merchants will appreciate the time-saving features, including advanced filter capabilities. Users can effectively sort shipments based on various parameters such as dates, statuses, courier services, and destinations. This functionality adds a new level of convenience to store management, enabling efficient workflow and smoother operations.

Simply put, this tool puts shipment information at your fingertips. It encapsulates the power of quick search for pinpoint accuracy in tracking. Locate a specific shipment through its air waybill (AWB) or Order ID, eliminating the burden of excess information. Forge a seamless logistical path, effectively bridging the gap between you and your customers, keeping them updated and satisfied.

The application transforms shipment tracking from an effortful task to an effortless routine, empowering Shopify store owners to maintain control over their product journeys. Embrace the fusion of technology, management, and optimization for improved customer confidence and amplified store credibility.

Whether you're charged with managing a small-scale store or a widespread, multi-carrier operation, consider this your go-to tool for an uncomplicated, consolidated shipment tracking solution. Experience control, convenience, and clear-cut shipment management all inside one powerful app designed with your logistical needs in mind.


Generate carrier recommendations based on data analysis to optimize shipping choices
Create shipping labels efficiently across various carriers using a centralized dashboard
Display real-time tracking updates on your Shopify website
Easily locate specific shipments through quick search features for streamlined management
Manage multiple carriers seamlessly from one dashboard for enhanced control and efficiency.


Save time by efficiently sorting shipments with advanced filter capabilities, enabling you to streamline your logistical flow and operations
Keep customers updated and satisfied with quick search features to easily locate specific shipments, improving customer confidence and retention
Increase operational efficiency by managing multiple carriers from a single dashboard, enhancing control and convenience in your shipment oversight.

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Owlfred Review

ClickPost Order Tracking is a feature-packed app designed to deliver a fantastic post-purchase customer experience. Developed by ClickPost, this app is primed to monitor shipments across all carriers, providing a detailed understanding of your deliveries in a single, accessible screen. The tracking doesn't stop there, however - details can be refined by dates, statuses, couriers, destinations and more, and you can also slice through the information for deeper understanding thanks to their robust analytics capabilities. Sounds fabulous, right? But wait, there's more: it also empowers your customer service by presenting customers with their own branded tracking page, replete with real-time updates and much-needed transparency. The app also includes a powerful Exceptions management platform to manage shipping delays, stuck shipments, failed deliveries and more. But, the wise owl I am, I must also draw attention to its current rating: while it shows hefty potential, it only has two reviews with an average rating of one star, indicating that early users have come across some issues. However, every fledgling takes time to learn to fly with the winds of ecommerce. ClickPost Order Tracking, being new on the Shopify app scene, may be well worthy of your consideration, if you're willing to nurture its growth and influence its future enhancements. Be prepared for a noticeable investment though, as it comes with a price tag of $500/month.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of order tracking in ecommerce?
The purpose of order tracking in ecommerce is to provide transparency on the shipment process to the customers. It allows them to know the status and location of their purchase, thus enhancing customer service and satisfaction.
What does ClickPost Order Tracking app offer for Shopify merchants?
ClickPost Order Tracking app provides real-time updates about the shipment process. It assists in automating the tracking process, saving time for Shopify merchants and providing a better shopping experience for their customers.
How is tracking a delivery with ClickPost Order Tracking beneficial for customers?
By tracking a delivery, customers have the peace of mind knowing the current status and estimated delivery date of their order. ClickPost Order Tracking enhances this experience by providing real-time updates, ultimately improving customer satisfaction.
What is the role of AI in ClickPost Order Tracking?
AI in ClickPost Order Tracking automates the process of tracking, making it seamless and efficient. It eliminates human error, improves accuracy, and enables prompt update notifications.

Shopify App Comparison: ClickPost Order Tracking vs Repsorder: Reps Commission - which is better?

The ClickPost Order Tracking app is a powerful tool designed to optimize the logistical flow of your Shopify store. With its comprehensive order-tracking and dispatched goods management features, this app offers a superior shipment oversight experience. The advanced filter capabilities allow you to efficiently sort shipments based on various parameters, saving you valuable time and streamlining your operations. Additionally, the quick search features make it easy to locate specific shipments, ensuring that you can keep your customers updated and satisfied. We highly recommend this app to both small-scale store owners and those managing multi-carrier operations, as it provides a consolidated and uncomplicated shipment tracking solution that will enhance control and convenience in your logistical management.

On the other hand, the Repsorder: Reps Commission app offers critical solutions in sales commission management, making it an ideal fit for Shopify Merchants with an extensive network of sales representatives. By automating vital activities such as commission tracking and onboarding processes, this app frees sellers to focus on growth and operational enhancements. Moreover, it brings accuracy and transparency to the table by providing precise data from the merchant's Shopify store. The flexibility of setting specific commission percentages and robust management of rep orders not only sustains a harmonious work environment but also strengthens the critical relationship between merchants and their sales reps. If your business relies on a dynamic network of sales representatives, we highly recommend embracing the intelligent design and streamlined operations brought forth by Repsorder to effectively transform your sales commission management.

ClickPost Order Tracking Shopify AppClickPost Order Tracking
Repsorder: Reps Commission Shopify AppRepsorder: Reps Commission
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