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Automatically sort collections and push sold-out items to the bottom for better organization and customer experience.

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Jedi - Collection Sort is a must-have app to automate and enhance the way your products are sorted in collections, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

Last Updated:
July 12, 2024

Automate Collection Sorting with Advanced Technique - Demote Sold-Out Items

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Seamlessly streamline the shopping experience in your online marketplace with this strategic tool, designed explicitly to ease product visibility management. Address customer dissatisfaction caused by sold-out product listings and maintain a high intent-to-purchase rate with this unique app.

Eliminate the stress associated with managing the visibility of sold-out items, a task that, if not handled efficiently, can dissuade potential consumers and affect your business negatively. This tool intelligently tailors the product sort order in every collection, enabling a seamless and frictionless shopping experience.

A key feature is the capacity to customize the order of sorting layers based on precise business needs. An innovative solution it provides is the 'push down' feature for sold-out items. By placing the 'sold-out products' sorting layer at the bottom, items that are no longer available are automatically pushed down, reducing unnecessary clutter and focusing your customers' attention on available products.

Mitigate the risk of losing potential sales to frustrating browsing experiences by incorporating this strategic, straightforward, and efficient tool into your Shopify marketplace. Streamline browsing, inspire purchase decisions, and enhance customer satisfaction with the 'push down' solution today.


Sort products by Best selling, Inventory, Metafield, AI sort, and more for tailored browsing experiences
Create multiple layers (Batches) to apply specific sorting rules on each layer
Utilize AI sort to flexibly organize products based on various parameters
Automatically update product order in collections every hour for up-to-date listings
Enhance customer focus on available items by automatically positioning sold-out products at the bottom of collections.


Increase customer satisfaction and purchase decisions with customized product sorting layers based on business needs
Reduce clutter and focus on available products by automatically pushing down sold-out items in collections
Save time and mitigate lost sales with automated product sorting every hour

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Owlfred Review

Who wouldn't want to automate their collection sorts and bid cheerio to those sold-out products? The wise old owl says "Coll Sort - Push Down Sold Out" could have your collections looking as organized as a barn full of tasty mice. Its reviews are middling, but let's not feather our nests with assumptions just yet – this is one of our nifty backend apps. This smart utility lets you adjust sorting layers however you please and even demotes those annoyingly unavailable items to the bottom of the pile. It features the flexibility to configure your sorting settings universally or by each collection. With a drag and drop feature, custom sorting options for tagged products, and support for up to 1000 items per collection, this free app could be the feather in your Shopify store’s cap. Just remember, this is a fledgling app from Jedi Apps in the collection manager category, so give it some time to prove if it can truly soar.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Jedi - Collection Sort improve my Shopify store?
Jedi - Collection Sort streamlines the shopping experience by easing product visibility management, particularly for sold-out items. It customizes the product sort order in every collection to focus customers' attention on available products.
What is the push down feature in Jedi - Collection Sort?
The 'push down' feature in Jedi - Collection Sort is a solution where sold-out products are automatically moved lower in the visibility order. It reduces clutter and helps keep your customers focused on available items.
Can I tailor the sorting layers with Jedi - Collection Sort?
Yes with Jedi - Collection Sort, you can customize the order of sorting layers based on your precise business needs. This feature allows you to control product visibility in a way that best suits your store.
Can Jedi - Collection Sort address customer dissatisfaction?
Yes. By simplifying the shopping experience and keeping attention on available products, Jedi - Collection Sort can effectively address dissatisfaction caused by sold-out product listings and a confusing browsing experience.

Shopify App Comparison: Jedi Product & Collection Sort vs Push Down & Hide Out of Stock - which is better?

When comparing the capabilities of Jedi - Collection Sort App and Push Down & Hide Out of Stock App, we can see that both apps offer solutions to improve the management of product visibility in Shopify marketplaces. However, the Jedi app stands out with its unique 'push down' feature, which automatically places sold-out products at the bottom of collections. This reduces clutter and focuses customers' attention on available items, enhancing their browsing experience and increasing the likelihood of purchase decisions. On the other hand, the Push Down & Hide Out of Stock app also provides the ability to move out-of-stock products to the bottom of collections, ensuring a tidy storefront. Additionally, it offers the benefit of automatically hiding sold-out products in real-time to optimize user experience, preventing any potential disappointments. Therefore, both apps have their strengths, but Jedi's 'push down' feature sets it apart in terms of improving customer focus on available items.

While both apps offer similar features such as sorting products based on different criteria and automatically updating product order in collections, the Jedi app takes it a step further with its AI sort capability. This allows for flexible organization of products based on various parameters, providing a tailored browsing experience for customers. Furthermore, Jedi offers the benefit of reducing unnecessary clutter by automatically pushing down sold-out items, saving time and mitigating lost sales with automated product sorting every hour. On the other hand, the Push Down & Hide Out of Stock app focuses on maintaining a fluid and user-centric shopping experience by seamlessly redirecting pages of previously hidden items and automatically unhiding back-in-stock products. Overall, both apps offer valuable inventory management features, but Jedi's AI sort capability and 'push down' feature provide additional benefits in terms of tailored browsing experiences and reducing clutter for increased customer satisfaction.

Jedi Product & Collection Sort Shopify AppJedi Product & Collection Sort
Push Down & Hide Out of Stock Shopify AppPush Down & Hide Out of Stock
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