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A customizable drag-and-drop form builder with multiple field options and seamless integration with popular mail services.

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Contact Form Ultimate is a versatile app that allows you to easily create customizable forms and efficiently manage customer interactions.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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July 12, 2024

Create Professional Forms Easily with Contact Form Ultimate

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Expand your interaction with your clientele via the Contact Form Ultimate app, a unique tool that makes customer engagement seamless and more effective. Transform your storefront with numerous versatile forms, from quizzes to text areas, providing a personalized experience for every site visitor.

With an easy-to-use interface, revamp your pages to better suit your business's needs. Add an array of input fields and even incorporate reCAPTCHA to ensure the authenticity of the communication. With an effective message management system, keep track of all interactions efficiently.

Furthermore, this tool is designed to work seamlessly with various mail services, allowing you to promptly respond to customer needs and queries. The fully customizable forms can be strategically placed anywhere on your storefront to maximize visibility and encourage communication. Forge stronger relations with your customers by making your interface more approachable and interactive.

Embed the essence of user-friendly interaction and efficient communication within your storefront. Whether it's queries, suggestions, or invaluable customer feedback, make sure no word goes unnoticed with Contact Form Ultimate, the paragon of organized and streamlined customer communication.


Easily create custom forms using a drag & drop builder or premade templates
Support various input fields like text, HTML, date, quiz, reCAPTCHA, and more
Display forms anywhere on your site using shortcodes for maximum visibility
Centralized message management system to efficiently handle and respond to customer queries
Seamlessly integrate with popular mail services for streamlined customer communication and support


Create personalized and interactive forms to enhance customer engagement and provide a seamless experience
Efficiently manage and respond to customer inquiries and feedback to strengthen customer relationships
Easily integrate with various mail services for prompt customer support and communication

About the Vendor

Vital Apps
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Works with

Gmail, SendGrid, Mailchimp, Sendinblue, Outlook, Store 2.0 themes


PREMIUM (Monthly): $7.99 / month β€’ Unlimited forms & input fields β€’ 500 free emails/month β€’ Unlimited SMTP emails/month β€’ Storage: 2GB β€’ SMTP services: Yes β€’ All form types & templates PREMIUM (Annually): $83.88 / year β€’ Unlimited forms & input fields β€’ 500 free emails/month β€’ Unlimited SMTP emails/month β€’ Storage: 2GB β€’ SMTP services: Yes β€’ All form types & templates
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Owlfred Review

Whooo's in need of a versatile contact form builder for their Shopify store? Meet Contact Form Ultimate, created by the clever folks at Vital Apps. This drag & drop form builder is a hoot with its easy customization and handy management features. With comprehensive input fields including text, quiz, reCAPTCHA, and file upload, it offers flexibility to suit every nest. Now, its average rating does perch at a 3.4 from 18 reviews; some users found some minor glitches, but it seems from the reviews that the developer was quick to swoop in and sort them out. Its integration with email giants, such as Gmail, SendGrid, Mailchimp, Sendinblue, and Outlook is particularly worth mentioning, making interactions with your lovely customers a piece of cake. With a price tag going from as low as $6.99 a month, it's not a bad choice for spiffing up your storefront's overall customer engagement. Although this app might not be the king of the forest, it's definitely worth a gander.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of contact forms on a website?
Contact forms on a website serve a critical role in gathering visitor information, facilitating easier communication. They allow customers to reach out for help, ask questions about products or services, and provide feedback without leaving the platform.
Can Contact Form Ultimate be used on other platforms besides Shopify?
Contact Form Ultimate is primarily designed for Shopify. While it may function on other platforms, compatibility and full feature usage aren't guaranteed. Use it with Shopify for optimal results.
How does Contact Form Ultimate improve customer interaction?
Contact Form Ultimate provides a fixture where customers can easily communicate their inquiries or feedback, enhancing user interaction. It punctuates a seamless customer journey on the Shopify page and can foster overall customer satisfaction.
Is there customization options in Contact Form Ultimate?
Indeed, Contact Form Ultimate offers customization options. Merchants can design their contact forms to mirror their brand image, customize the form fields to match their data gathering needs, and set their preferred notification settings.

Shopify App Comparison: Contact Form Ultimate vs Powerful Contact Form Builder - which is better?

The Contact Form Ultimate app provides a comprehensive set of features and benefits that make it a standout tool for enhancing customer engagement. With its easy-to-use interface and customizable forms, users can create personalized and interactive experiences for their site visitors. The app also offers a centralized message management system, allowing for efficient handling and response to customer inquiries. Furthermore, seamless integration with various mail services ensures prompt communication and support. Overall, Contact Form Ultimate is a top choice for businesses looking to forge stronger relationships with their customers through streamlined and organized communication.

On the other hand, the Powerful Contact Form Builder app offers a robust solution for streamlining online business processes. Its seamless integration with multiple third-party applications, such as Mailchimp and Google Calendar, elevates the user experience and enhances business efficiency. The app also allows for easy file and image uploads during form submissions, further enhancing customer interaction. Additionally, users can personalize registration forms with custom fields, providing tailored experiences for their customers. Overall, the Powerful Contact Form Builder app is a powerful tool for businesses looking to optimize their digital interfaces and refine their data collection processes.

Based on our evaluation, we would recommend both the Contact Form Ultimate app and the Powerful Contact Form Builder app. Each app offers a unique set of features and benefits that cater to different business needs. For businesses looking to enhance customer engagement and communication, the Contact Form Ultimate app is the ideal choice. On the other hand, the Powerful Contact Form Builder app is recommended for businesses looking to streamline their online processes and optimize their data collection.
Contact Form Ultimate Shopify AppContact Form Ultimate
Powerful Contact Form Builder Shopify AppPowerful Contact Form Builder
Average Rating 3.4 out of 5 4.9 out of 5
Number of Reviews 18 1590
Estimated Installs 464 30064
Min Price $6.99 $0.00
Max Price $7.99 $19.89
Works With Gmail, SendGrid, Mailchimp, Sendinblue, Outlook, Store 2.0 themes Mailchimp & Klaviyo, Hubspot & Omnisend, Google Calendar / Google Sheet, GetResponse & Sendinblue, ActiveCampaign & Zapier, Campaign Monitor & reCaptcha
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