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Automate ambassador programs quickly with tracking and support for increased sales.

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This app is a game-changer for turning customers into ambassadors effortlessly, with automated discount code generation and commission tracking to help you boost sales and brand loyalty.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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July 13, 2024

Turn Customers into Referrals - Automate Your Ambassador Program

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Streamline and supercharge your ambassador program with this transformative app. No more painstakingly managing spreadsheets or sending emails manually. This robust tool ingeniously automates the entire process for a seamless experience. Let the app worry about the details while you focus on maximizing your business potential.

Stay ahead with the best support at your fingertips. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that immediate assistance is just a request away, ensuring continuous, snag-free app operation.

Kickstart effective influencer marketing without breaking any sweat. With automatic creation of unique discount codes for each ambassador, sharing becomes a breeze. These personalized codes not only elevate your brand's exposure but also foster a strong connection with the ambassadors' followers.

Stay on top of your business performance, thanks to intuitive sales and commissions tracking. Never miss a beat with the app's sophisticated system that comprehensively maintains records of your ambassadors' activities. Get insightful information that can guide you to make informed strategic decisions and boost your bottom line.

Home in on the strategy that works best for your brand. Empower your business operation by improving efficiency and cultivating promising connections with this advanced app.


Set your own commission and discount percentages
Customize your ambassador portal to align with your brand
Automatically generate discount codes and track commissions for seamless management
Benefit from instant support ensuring uninterrupted app operation
Increase brand exposure and build connections with personalized discount codes.


Automate ambassador program management for a seamless experience
Instant support ensures uninterrupted app operation
Increase brand exposure and build connections with personalized discount codes

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Omnisend, Klaviyo


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Owlfred Review

Hoot hoot! Let's dive into the wonders of the Affiliate & Ambassador Portal developed by ConvertOut! Offering a user-friendly way to turn your shoppers into referral machines, this app is all about automating your brand ambassador program, making it a breeze for merchants and ambassadors alike. With a high average rating of 4.8 out of 5 by 99 wise users, this app has successfully spread its wings across 344 Shopify stores. It seamlessly generates discount codes tied up with each ambassador, enabling them to share tempting deals to their followers. This clever owl is particularly fond of the effortless commission and sales tracking feature for all ambassadors. You, the wise merchant, can define your own commission and discount percentages, and customize your ambassador portal to preserve your unique branding. I must not forget to mention the compatibility with Omnisend and Klaviyo. Leaving the days of manually sending hectic emails and managing spreadsheets behind, this app offers a free plan as well as a generous 14-day free trial with additional plans, flying up to a maximum of $299. You'll surely get a hoot out of transforming your customers into ambassadors in just a few clicks!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an affiliate program and an ambassador program?
An affiliate program tends to be more transactional. Affiliates promote a product using a unique code or link and earn a commission for each lead or sale made. An ambassador program on the other hand is about building relationships. Ambassadors are passionate about the brand and their role is not just to promote but also to represent and humanize the brand on a long-term basis.
How do I create an ambassador program?
To create an ambassador program, you first need to identify engaged and passionate customers who love your brand. Provide them with resources or perks that make it easy and rewarding to represent your brand. Then, keep them engaged and recognize their efforts regularly.
What is the main benefit of using an affiliate and ambassador program?
The main benefit of using an affiliate and ambassador program is it helps extend your brand's reach. Through their personal networks and online platforms, affiliates and ambassadors can introduce your products to new audiences that you might not be able to reach directly.
How do I find affiliates and ambassadors for my program?
You can find affiliates and ambassadors for your program by promoting it on your website and social media platforms, reaching out to influencers in your niche who may have followers interested in your products, or by using an affiliate marketing platform which can connect you with potential affiliates and ambassadors.

Shopify App Comparison: Affiliate & Ambassador Portal vs Referral Candy & Affiliate - which is better?

When comparing the "Affiliate & Ambassador Portal App" with the "Referral Candy & Affiliate App," both platforms offer valuable features and benefits for businesses looking to enhance their marketing efforts. However, there are some key differences between the two. The Affiliate & Ambassador Portal App focuses on streamlining and automating the ambassador program, with features like automatic creation of unique discount codes and intuitive sales and commission tracking. This app aims to improve efficiency and cultivate connections with personalized discount codes. On the other hand, the Referral Candy & Affiliate App provides a comprehensive tool for word-of-mouth marketing, offering dual-functionality of both referral and affiliate marketing. It allows customers to generate referral links and rewards them for referring friends, strengthening customer loyalty and growing the brand exponentially.

While both apps have their unique strengths, we recommend the "Referral Candy & Affiliate App" for businesses who are looking to unlock the power of word-of-mouth marketing and strengthen their customer loyalty. With its versatile functionality and ability to integrate seamlessly with popular platforms, this app provides a comprehensive solution for customer acquisition and retention. Additionally, the app's reward system incentivizes customers to refer friends, enhancing the overall shopping experience and promoting the Shopify store. Whether you're in the fashion, nutrition, electronics, or pet products industry, this app's effectiveness and versatility can help expand your customer community and boost sales.

Affiliate & Ambassador Portal Shopify AppAffiliate & Ambassador Portal
Referral Candy & Affiliate Shopify AppReferral Candy & Affiliate
Average Rating 4.9 out of 5 4.9 out of 5
Number of Reviews 121 2140
Estimated Installs 355 1504
Min Price $0.00 $59.00
Max Price $299.00 $299.00
Works With Omnisend, Klaviyo
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