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Raise funds for projects by allowing people to contribute towards set budgets.

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This app allows you to easily set up crowdfunding projects on your Shopify store, making it fun and simple for people to contribute towards your cause.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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July 12, 2024

Maximize Project Success with Innovative Crowdfunding App

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Dedicated to an egalitarian fundraising model, this powerful application equips consumers with the ability to co-finance projects they deem worthy. More than a simple application, it fulfills a social role in democratizing the funding of projects. By embracing the concept of crowd funding, the Shopify marketplace opens up previously inaccessible venues of finance for individual projects, entrepreneurial ventures, and noble causes.

With a well-designed framework, the app enables the clear articulation of project goals alongside a detailed budget that specifies the required capital for successful completion. It serves as the perfect platform for both project initiators to unveil their unique ideas and potential contributors to encounter high-potential, inspiringly innovative initiatives. Subsequently, giving these contributors the chance to finance opportunities they perceive as promising and deserving.

This robust tool proves immensely valuable for those looking to raise capital through a broad base of individuals. Embodying the proverb, it's truly 'the many small that makes a great.' Harness the power of collective micro-financing today and unlock potential for project completion that extends beyond traditional funding options.


Multiple projects creation capability
Informative dashboard displaying current projects and notifications
Ability for admin to create multiple campaigns/projects
Option for admin to set reward amount for donations
Admin control over displaying project donation progress on the store.


Supporting various projects at once
Providing a clear project budget and goals for contributors
Democratizing project funding through collective micro-financing

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Donations, Pre-orders


$15/month. Free trial available.
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Owlfred Review

Webkul Crowdfunding is a versatile Shopify app catering specifically for merchants seeking to raise funds for projects, business ventures, or non-profit organizations. Receiving warm applause with an average rating of 4.9 from 14 reviews, this app allows you to create multiple projects simultaneously, thus multiplying your funding chances. In a thoughtfully planned system, each project comes with an informative dashboard providing up-to-date notifications about the progress. You can also set a reward amount for generous donors, adding an element of gratitude and recognition to your fundraising journey. One of its outstanding features is that it allows you to control whether you want to show the project donation progress on the store or not, a feature that could potentially drive more contributions. At a cost of $15/month, after a 7-day free trial, this app is designed by Webkul Software Pvt Ltd and is instrumental for any Shopify storeowner seeking a fundraising solution through the tried and tested crowdfunding method. So, if you're ready to take your fundraising initiatives to a new level, this app has got your wings covered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you successfully crowdfund a project?
A successful crowdfunding campaign requires a compelling story, a modest yet sufficient funding goal, adequate time to build relationships and engage supporters, and regular communication and updates to backers. It also involves clearly defined and appealing rewards for backers.
What do you think makes a successful crowdfunding campaign?
Several factors make a crowdfunding campaign successful including a well-articulated purpose, a targeted marketing strategy, active engagement with backers, and clearly laid out expectations including rewards. Having a robust team and demonstrating credibility can also increase the project's success rate.
What is the biggest challenge to running a successful crowdfunding campaign?
One of the biggest challenges to running a successful crowdfunding campaign is maintaining and building momentum once the campaign is launched. This entails continuous engagement with backers, updating them on progress, and addressing any concerns or queries promptly and effectively.
What are the critical success factors of crowdfunding?
Critical success factors for crowdfunding include a worthwhile and clearly defined goal, a well-structured marketing strategy, active and continuous engagement with backers, a credible team behind the project, and transparent communication regarding rewards for backers and progress updates.

Shopify App Comparison: Webkul Crowd Funding vs Fundlify Crowdfunding - which is better?

The Webkul Crowd Funding app is an incredibly powerful tool that democratizes the funding of various projects. It allows project initiators to clearly articulate their goals and budget, while also providing potential contributors with the opportunity to finance projects they find promising and deserving. This app is perfect for those looking to raise capital through a broad base of individuals and supports multiple projects at once. By harnessing the power of collective micro-financing, this app unlocks potential for project completion that extends beyond traditional funding options. We highly recommend the Webkul Crowd Funding app for anyone looking to create a diverse and inclusive community of project financiers.

On the other hand, the Fundlify Crowdfunding app offers a strategic approach to sales, idea testing, and business growth. It allows merchants to evaluate the popularity of products or projects before production, ensuring precise inventory management and waste reduction. This app also enables businesses to run flash sale campaigns, raise funds, and take pre-orders, effectively optimizing customer demands and increasing sales. With its unique two-phase crowdfunding model and integration with Shopify's order management system, the Fundlify Crowdfunding app provides businesses with an efficient way to manage product demand and engage customers. We highly recommend this app for businesses looking to streamline their crowdfunding and pre-order campaigns, as well as minimize production waste and maximize profits.

Webkul Crowd Funding Shopify AppWebkul Crowd Funding
Fundlify Crowdfunding Shopify AppFundlify Crowdfunding
Average Rating 4.9 out of 5 4.5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 14 11
Estimated Installs 2 2
Min Price $15.00 $29.00
Max Price $15.00 $399.00
Works With Donations, Pre-orders
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