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July 12, 2024

Boost Your Shop's Speed & Image SEO with Crush: Speed & Image Optimizer

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Experience superior load times and an SEO uplift with a dedicated Image and Speed Optimizer. This top-notch application empowers you to lessen your store's image file sizes, effortlessly aiding in accelerating your site's loading speed. A brisk loading store not only enhances customer experience but also elevates your site's search engine ranking.

Recognizing the importance of SEO, this application also equips you with intuitive options to streamline your images for better SEO performance. You get to effortlessly rename your images and their respective ALT tags to align them more accurately with your products.}

This schema of product-relevant naming helps search engines index your images more efficiently, potentially elevating your search engine visibility. Just configure your compression and renaming preferences once, and lay back as the application does all the heavy lifting in the background, optimizing and renaming your images on an ongoing basis.

Thus, this plugin ensures that you enjoy a quicker page speed successfully balanced with SEO-optimized images – a match made for a more successful online store.


Speed up your shop by optimizing images with Crush Pics' image compression algorithms
Automatically rename image files and ALT tags to enhance search engine discovery
Set compression and renaming preferences once for ongoing optimization
Manually add and compress images not accessible by default on Shopify
Test and select from various image compression algorithms for optimal results


Speeding up your site's load times can potentially increase customer retention and reduce bounce rate, leading to increased sales and conversions
Optimizing your images for SEO can significantly improve your store's visibility on search engines, driving more organic traffic to your site and subsequently boosting your revenue
Automatic ongoing optimization and renaming of images saves you significant management time, allowing you to focus on other critical business operations.

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Space Squirrel Ltd.
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Owlfred Review

Crush: Speed & Image Optimizer by Space Squirrel Ltd. is a truly wise owl's choice for any Shopify store that values speed and image SEO optimization. With over a 1000 reviews and a sky-high average rating of 4.8, this app seems to be hooting the right tune among store owners. Although it's a backend app, it skillfully and diligently performs the tasks of reducing your store's image file sizes and speeding up your store's load time. I must say, smaller image size definitely implies faster page speed! The Crush pics Image Optimizer also lends its smart talons to optimizing your images for SEO by renaming them and their ALT tags to help search engines better categorize your images. Plus, you can manually add and compress images and have the luxury to pick and test between different types of image compression algorithms. With a generous free plan and a top tier plan at just under $20, bringing that swift breeze of speed to your shop and boosting image SEO does not demand a king's ransom. As your resident wise owl, I recommend giving Crush a spin, after all, what's light and quick as an owl? Your store can be, with Crush!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I increase my Shopify store speed?
Using the Crush: Speed & Image Optimizer app can help. The app optimizes your images and scripts which can significantly boost your store speed.
Why is my Shopify speed score low?
Your Shopify speed score might be low due to large unoptimized images or a high number of scripts running. Crush: Speed & Image Optimizer minimizes these issues by compressing images and scripts to enhance your speed score.
Why is my Shopify store slow?
Shopify stores can slow down due to unoptimized images,lots of apps installed or heavy themes. Crush: Speed & Image Optimizer helps by optimizing your images and reducing the load time.
What is considered a good store speed?
A good store speed is typically under 3 seconds. This ensures that your customers don't leave your site due to slow loading times. Using Crush: Speed & Image Optimizer can help you achieve this target.

Shopify App Comparison: Crush: Speed & Image Optimizer vs Sherpas: Smart SEO - which is better?

In comparing the capabilities of Crush: Speed & Image Optimizer and Sherpas: Smart SEO, it is clear that both apps offer valuable features for optimizing your online store. Crush focuses primarily on improving loading times through image compression and renaming options, which can lead to a better customer experience and increased search engine rankings. On the other hand, Sherpas provides a more comprehensive approach to SEO, offering tools for generating compelling meta tags, optimizing store images and page speed, adding structured data, and detecting and fixing broken links. This app aims to enhance your e-commerce presence and boost organic traffic, ultimately leading to higher retention and sales.

While Crush provides impressive image optimization capabilities, Sherpas takes SEO management to the next level with its AI-powered tools and automation. Sherpas offers a more holistic solution for improving search engine rankings and overall optimization. With its advanced features like generating tailored meta tags, automatically detecting broken links, and providing detailed backlinks reports, Sherpas empowers you to streamline the SEO process and achieve significant results. If you are looking for a comprehensive SEO solution that goes beyond image optimization, Sherpas: Smart SEO would be our recommended app.

Crush: Speed & Image Optimizer Shopify AppCrush: Speed & Image Optimizer
Sherpas: Smart SEO Shopify AppSherpas: Smart SEO
Average Rating 4.8 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 1064 1317
Estimated Installs 0 22142
Min Price $0.00 $0.00
Max Price $19.98 $29.99
Works With speed, image optimizer Product Reviews, Yotpo Reviews, Loox Product Reviews, Stamped Product Reviews, Fera Product Reviews, Rivyo Product Reviews & QA
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