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Create custom-branded links, monitor performance & engagement to optimize your marketing strategy.

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Cubitz is a great app for creating custom-branded links for influencers and monitoring their performance to optimize your marketing strategy!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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July 12, 2024

Create Custom Links for Influencers and Improve Marketing Strategy

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Experience the power of customization branded links in your e-commerce. Tailor-made for influencers, this app enables the creation of unique supercharged URLs synonymous with your brand. Bidding adieu to generic links, this remarkable tool paves the way for a heightened brand image and substantial online impact.

This gear is not just about creating custom-branded links; it's about obtaining insight. With data-backed performance tracking, each link created serves as an opportunity to learn. Observe the engagement, analyze the performance, gauge the impact, and unleash the alterations needed in your marketing strategyโ€”all achieved in real-time. The focus here is not on mere creation, but optimal utilization and constant improvement.

The app presents a methodical approach to managing social media platforms' marketing strategy. It's about creating links, yesโ€”but it's more about tracking their performance and adjusting your social media strategy accordingly. Allow your business to evolve with the ever-changing digital market trends while staying on top of tracking each link's performanceโ€”an optimization amplified!

Fine-tune your marketing tactics with this app as your ally. It is meticulously designed for more effective marketing strategy formulation, providing you with substantial control over your enterprise's online presence. Harness the comprehensive potential of influencer collaboration, paired with the crystal-clear visibility of data-driven decisions.


Track link performance in real-time for data-driven marketing decisions
Create custom supercharged branded links for a heightened brand image
Optimize social media strategy with comprehensive link tracking
Formulate more effective marketing tactics with influencer collaboration
Obtain insight and analyze performance data for constant improvement.


Create unique supercharged branded links for heightened brand image
Analyze link performance in real-time to make data-driven marketing decisions
Optimize social media strategy with comprehensive link tracking for effective marketing tactics

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Owlfred Review

Welcome fellow Shopify merchants to the wonderful Cubitz, an absolute standout in the field of marketing analytics! This top-drawer, yet greatly underappreciated backend app shines a laser-focused spotlight on your brand's online presence. With Cubitz, you can grapple with custom-branded link creation for influencers, closely monitor performance, and skyrocket engagement โ€” all juicy ingredients for a robust marketing strategy! Not only that, the power to track link performance means you're armed with deep insights to ensure you're on the right path. The app's features are truly the cherry on top, as they allow you to cook up unique brand-centric links and make data-driven decisions through meticulous link tracking. Surprisingly, this diamond-in-the-rough has a flat price tag of zero. Yes, you read that's FREE! Despite just one review (with a perfect 5-star rating, mind you), it's crystal-clear that Cubitz is a sleeping giant in a realm where data is king. In short, Cubitz is my recommended pick for Shopify merchants looking to wield the power of influencer marketing and prudent analytics. Go forth, and prosper!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is influencer marketing?
Influencer marketing involves using key brand advocates to drive your message to the larger market in an organic way. It pinpoints people with large social followings who have sway over your target audience, then focuses marketing endeavors featuring those key influencers.
What are the key benefits of influencer marketing?
Influencer marketing can reach consumers via their favorite online personalities, given credibility, increase brand awareness and reach, provide valuable insights into your target market, and drive sales. When done well, it taps into a community of people who trust and value the opinions of the influencer, and translates that trust to your brand.
What are the 3 R's of influencer marketing?
The 3 R's of influencer marketing are Reach, Relevance, and Resonance. 'Reach' is the number of people you could potentially reach through the influencer's follower base. 'Relevance' ensures the influencer is a good fit with your brand and is sharing content that aligns with your messaging. 'Resonance' refers to the potential level of engagement the influencer can create with an audience relevant to your brand.
How is influencer marketing related to marketing analytics?
Marketing analytics is used in influencer marketing to track, measure, and analyze performance. This can include measuring the reach of an influencer's posts, counting the number of clicks on an affiliate link, or tracking the sales that come directly from a specific influencer campaign. This data can help you understand the effectiveness of your influencer marketing strategies and make informed decisions about future marketing efforts.

Shopify App Comparison: Cubitz vs Trackify Facebook Pixel,TikTok - which is better?

When comparing the capabilities of Cubitz and Trackify Facebook Pixel & Feed, we can see that both apps offer valuable tracking and analytics features to help optimize marketing strategies. Cubitz focuses on creating custom-branded links and providing real-time performance tracking. This allows users to observe engagement, analyze performance, and make data-driven marketing decisions. On the other hand, Trackify offers precise tracking integration with TikTok, Facebook, and Snap pixel events, along with server-side API. It provides detailed analytics, key performance indicators, and Facebook attribution reports to fine-tune marketing campaigns and boost sales.

While both apps have their unique strengths, Cubitz excels in providing comprehensive link tracking and optimizing social media strategies. By harnessing the power of customized branded links, users can elevate their brand image and gain visibility. On the other hand, Trackify offers a broader range of tracking capabilities, including tracking purchase and non-purchase events, creating custom audiences based on various criteria, and generating reliable reports. This app is ideal for users looking to maximize outreach, conversions, and elevate customer engagement through active audiences and catalog feeds. Overall, we recommend both apps based on your specific needs and goals.

Cubitz Shopify AppCubitz
Trackify Facebook Pixel,TikTok Shopify AppTrackify Facebook Pixel,TikTok
Average Rating 5 out of 5 4.9 out of 5
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