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Boost Your International Sales with an Instant Currency Converter

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Offer the world at your customers' fingertips with a proficient currency converter tool purpose-built for online merchants. This nifty widget captivates by promising an individualized shopping experience, befitting of the modern, global consumer.

The driving force behind this tool is its agility to decode a shopper's locale and automatically display prices in their local currency. This thoughtful gesture fosters familiarity and user trust, potentially increasing store conversion rates.

With its distinctively intuitive design, the widget enables customers to find their preferred currency seamlessly. This attention to user experience is complemented by the ability to set currency rules, offering you an unrivalled level of control and customization. This facilitates a more targeted shopping journey, tailored specifically to your business needs and customer preferences.

This currency converter widget empowers you with the tool to unlock international growth opportunities. Its blend of gentle aesthetics, usability, and customization forms a localized shopping experience that could help drive customer loyalty and business growth.

Ubiquitous and adaptable, this sophisticated converter widget is an essential addition for those seeking to make their mark on the global eCommerce scene. Now, your customers from across the globe can enjoy shopping in their own currency - because nothing says 'we value you' quite like personalization.


Automatically convert currencies based on customers' location, enhancing user experience
Streamline browsing with an efficient currency search widget
Tailor currency options with custom rules for a personalized shopping experience
Auto currency conversion based on customer's country for seamless transactions
Customize switcher position, rounding rules, and currency formatting to suit your brand's needs


Increase customer trust and convenience with automatic currency conversion based on their country
Streamline the browsing experience with an efficient widget for quick currency searches
Expand your global reach while maintaining control over which currencies are offered on your site

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Owlfred Review

As the wise OwlFred, let's talk about Webrex - Currency Converter. This smart feature-packed app comes with 300 pleased reviews, averaging an impressive 4.9 out of 5 stars. Now, that's some high praise! The charm of this app lies in simplifying international selling. It works like a charm by automatically converting prices to a customer's local currency based on their location. Neat, right? It even boasts of supporting all 200+ ISO currencies, making it super versatile for any Shopify merchant. With features such as automatic, location-based currency conversion, compatibility with Shopify markets, the ability to customize switcher position and rounding rules, it's not a surprise that this app is well-liked. Moreover, it offers three types of rules: general, currency, and country; granting you the power to customize your store as you see fit. Starting at a price point of $0 and a 7-day free trial, it's a fantastic solution for merchants who want to offer a localized shopping experience but keep their prices neat and clean. Don't forget to check this out. A big thumbs up from your wise owl, OwlFred!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Webrex ‑ Currency Converter easy to use for my customers?
With its user-friendly widget, shoppers can easily locate and convert to their desired currency without any hassle.
How does Webrex ‑ Currency Converter assist in global e-commerce?
This app detects users' location and offers them accurate, rounded pricing in their local currency which gives your online store a more global reach.
Can I restrict certain currencies on my site using Webrex ‑ Currency Converter?
Yes you have the control and flexibility to specify which currencies to offer on your site.
How does Webrex ‑ Currency Converter enhance the customer's shopping experience?
The app creates a tailored experience for each user by detecting location and converting prices to local currency, creating a comfortable and oriented shopping experience.

Shopify App Comparison: Webrex ‑ Currency Converter vs Libautech: Currency Converter - which is better?

Webrex ‑ Currency Converter and Libautech: Currency Converter are both powerful tools that cater to the needs of online businesses with international clientele. However, there are a few key differences that set them apart.

Webrex ‑ Currency Converter offers a highly customizable experience for customers, allowing merchants to specify which currencies to offer on their site. This gives businesses control over their customer interface while providing a tailored shopping experience for each user. Additionally, the app enhances the browsing experience with an efficient currency search widget, making it easy for shoppers to locate and convert to their desired currency. With automatic currency conversion based on the customer's country, Webrex ‑ Currency Converter ensures seamless transactions and increases customer trust and convenience.

On the other hand, Libautech: Currency Converter focuses on providing real-time currency conversion, eliminating guesswork and boosting transparency in purchase values. With over 164 supported currencies, the app works instantly on any device and theme, catering to a wide range of businesses. Moreover, Libautech allows merchants to easily install and customize the currency converter, making it user-friendly for businesses of all sizes. By offering prices in customers' native currency, the app enhances the shopping experience and increases transparency and trust, ultimately leading to higher conversions.

Overall, both apps have their merits. If you prioritize customization and control over the customer interface, Webrex ‑ Currency Converter is the way to go. On the other hand, if real-time conversion and ease of use are important to you, Libautech: Currency Converter is the recommended choice. Assess your business needs and choose the app that aligns best with your goals and objectives.

Webrex ‑ Currency Converter Shopify AppWebrex ‑ Currency Converter
Libautech: Currency Converter Shopify AppLibautech: Currency Converter
Average Rating 4.9 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 309 16
Estimated Installs 978 274
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Max Price $9.99 $5.95
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