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Automated currency conversion for seamless checkout experience.

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Whether your ecommerce store caters to a truly global audience or aims to widen its circle of influence, understanding currency rates and conversions are essential. The app in discussion brings forward a fine-tuned solution with support for an extensive 170 different currencies, ensuring merchants can appeal to a diverse customer base.

Fundamentally transformative, this tool offers an automated feature primarily focusing on geographical location. Turning the tedious manual conversion to an automated process, it accurately identifies your customer's location and exhibits prices in their local currency.

Further strengthening user experience, the app also extends its automatic conversion capabilities to the checkout page. This means, your customers enjoy a smooth, uninterrupted shopping experience from product selection to payment completion.

Finely considerate of your store aesthetics, the app allows rounded-off conversions. No more oddly specific digits, instead display clear, rounded, and customer-friendly prices on your store for improved UI experience.

In summary, uncaging the potential of global sales has never been this convenient. Embrace the massive support for different currencies, extensive automated conversion, and user-friendly rounded off prices offered by this app. Tailor your store's user experience to appeal to each customer individually, regardless of their geographical location.


Access 170 different currencies in one click, catering to a diverse customer base
Enable automated location-based currency conversion for a seamless shopping journey
Display rounded-off and customer-friendly prices to enhance the UI experience and engage customers
Automatically identify customer location for accurate pricing display
Increase global sales potential by tailoring user experience to each customer's geographical location.


Appeal to a diverse customer base with support for 170 different currencies, increasing global sales potential
Enhance user experience with automated location-based currency conversion, leading to a smooth shopping journey and increased conversion rates
Improve UI experience by displaying rounded-off and customer-friendly prices, resulting in better customer engagement and potentially higher average order value

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Owlfred Review

Whoo-hoo, it's time to talk about Currency Converter Bird by BLUESEAAI Co., Ltd. As an automated currency converter with support for a whopping 170 currencies, this app automatically adjusts your site's prices to your customer's local currency based on their location. It even extends this handy functionality to the checkout page! Plus, it elegantly rounds off converted prices, ensuring your price tags always look clean and professional. Despite being a backend plugin, and keeping installation numbers under wraps, it has been met with rave reviews, boasting an impressive 5-star rating. What's more, its pricing is as delightful as finding a mouse in the moonlight - totally free! So if your business caters to a global market, this app isn't just a must-have, it's a no-brainer! With Currency Converter Bird, let your prices speak every language.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Stripe automatically convert currency?
Stripe does not automatically convert currency for you. Currency conversion happens when your customers use their cards in a different currency other than your account's default currency.
What app converts currency at checkout Shopify?
Currency Converter Bird is an app on Shopify that can handle currency conversion at checkout. This provides convenience for international customers who wish to pay in their own currencies.
Does Stripe charge currency conversion fee?
Yes Stripe does impose a currency conversion fee. When a currency conversion is needed, a fee is added to the exchange rate. This rate is competitive and is only applicable if your account's default currency is different from the charge currency.
What is the benefit of using a currency conversion app like Currency Converter Bird?
Using a currency conversion app like Currency Converter Bird can enhance the shopping experience for international customers. It allows customers to view prices, and checkout, in their own currency, which helps decrease cart abandonment rates.

Shopify App Comparison: Currency Converter Bird vs MLV Auto Currency Switcher - which is better?

We have reviewed two currency conversion apps: Currency Converter Bird and MLV Auto Currency Switcher. Both apps offer automated currency conversion based on customer location, allowing businesses to appeal to a global customer base. Currency Converter Bird stands out with its support for 170 different currencies, offering a wider range of options for merchants. It also provides rounded-off and customer-friendly prices, enhancing the UI experience and potentially increasing customer engagement. MLV Auto Currency Switcher, on the other hand, offers customizable switcher designs with country flags, currency symbols, and names. This unique aesthetic touch aids customers in identifying their currency effortlessly. Additionally, professional user experience experts are available for seamless integration into custom themes, ensuring a holistic and customized shopping experience. However, Currency Converter Bird's extensive currency support and rounded-off prices make it a recommended choice for merchants looking to expand their global sales potential.

In summary, both apps offer automated currency conversion based on customer location, improving the user experience and potentially increasing conversion rates. While MLV Auto Currency Switcher provides customizable switcher designs and seamless integration services, Currency Converter Bird excels with its support for a wider range of currencies and rounded-off prices. Therefore, we recommend Currency Converter Bird for businesses aiming to cater to a diverse customer base and enhance the UI experience on their online store.

Currency Converter Bird Shopify AppCurrency Converter Bird
MLV Auto Currency Switcher Shopify AppMLV Auto Currency Switcher
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