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Help increase international sales with location-based currency conversion and automatic translation options.

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LinguaSwitch Chat & Translate is a great tool for reaching global customers and maximizing sales with its automatic currency conversion and multilingual chat features.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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July 16, 2024

Expand your reach and boost international sales with LinguaSwitch Chat & Translate

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Enter the world of effortless communication with the LinguaSwitch Chat and Translate app. This app empowers you to seamlessly cater to a global audience with multiple currency conversions and automatic translation features tailored uniquely for each country. A unified platform that offers a comprehensive toolset in a simple environment, mitigating potential language barriers and boosting your accessibility across diverse markets.

This game-changer app offers the convenience of three currency conversion modules that help your customers feel at home while shopping from any corner of the globe. It speaks their language by converting currency to a familiar one. Creating a localized shopping experience increases customer satisfaction and, consequently, raises your sales potential.

Furthermore, it breaks communication barriers with its automatic translation feature, allowing you to understand and interact with international customers better. The tool swiftly swaps lingo, ensuring that every interaction is decoded, understood, and drafted in the native language of your customer, therefore enhancing the communication process.

In conclusion, this app brings a versatile toolkit designed to streamline e-commerce operations tailored to individual country specifics. It offers an invaluable aid to store owners intending to expand globally while keeping customer engagement and sales maximization at the heart of operations.


Easily switch between currencies based on customer preference for a personalized shopping experience.
Customize settings and convert over different currencies effortlessly to cater to a global audience.
Enable Currency Switcher seamlessly via Theme customization for added convenience.
Access real-time multi-language chat tools on the Shopify app and iOS app for effective communication.
Compatible with popular platforms like PageFly and Shogun to enhance user experience and functionality.


Increase customer satisfaction and sales potential by providing a localized shopping experience with three currency conversion modules tailored to individual country specifics.
Enhance communication with international customers by breaking language barriers through automatic translation features, ensuring every interaction is understood and drafted in the native language of the customer.
Streamline e-commerce operations and expand globally while maximizing customer engagement and sales with a versatile toolkit designed to cater to diverse markets.

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Owlfred Review

Hoo-Hoo, dear Shopify merchants! Owlfred here with the scoop on the Currency Converter Turbo by Turbo Engine. This app is designed to give your international customers a hoot of a time shopping in their local currency! With a floating currency bar that auto-converts based on location, you can ensure seamless and smooth transactions for your shoppers around the globe. I love how it even rounds off the prices and lets customers choose their desired currency. Smooth navigation and aesthetic customization options are additional feathers in its cap. And worry not, despite all these switches, your shop currency will be used at the checkout. This app's free plan is a good selling point, though the paid version at $7 likely offers even richer features. As a wise owl, I am inclined to recommend this app especially for stores with worldwide customers. With a single 5-star review to its name, it seems to be an endearing hoot! Be aware, this is a backend app, meaning no install count is available. But don't let that deter you from giving it a whirl! Remember, a wise owl once said, "A small feather may complete a great flight". Happy Selling!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I increase sales overseas?
To increase sales overseas, consider using tools like LinguaSwitch Chat and Translate. Understand the market trends, ensure the product has a demand in the foreign market, and set competitive price points. Adopt customer-friendly policies and provide excellent after-sales service.
What is chat sales?
Chat sales is a method of selling products or services to customers through live chat. It builds an instant communication channel with customers to answer their queries and provide personalized solutions to influence their purchasing decision.
What strategies are required to attract customers?
To attract customers, a strategy should include understanding who your target audience is and tailoring content to cater to their needs. This could include engaging content, special offers, and customer testimonials highlighting the value of your products or services. Use LinguaSwitch Chat and Translate to facilitate communication with your customers in their native language.
What is customer reach strategy?
A customer reach strategy is how a business plans to communicate and engage with their customers to promote products or services. It includes identifying the right channels for communication and making sure your message reaches your target audience. Incorporating global languages through tools like LinguaSwitch Chat and Translate can be an effective way to reach a broader audience.

Shopify App Comparison: Stellar Solutions Collective vs Currency Converter Bear - which is better?

After analyzing the capabilities and features of both LinguaSwitch Chat & Translate app and Currency Converter Bear app, we believe that both apps offer unique benefits to online businesses looking to cater to a global audience.

LinguaSwitch Chat & Translate stands out with its comprehensive toolset that includes three currency conversion modules and automatic translation features. This app allows you to provide a localized shopping experience for your customers by easily switching between currencies based on their preferences. The automatic translation feature breaks language barriers, enabling effective communication with international customers. These features are essential for expanding globally and maximizing customer engagement and sales potential.

On the other hand, Currency Converter Bear focuses on eliminating currency barriers for online shoppers with its automatic multi-currency converter. It offers real-time exchange rate updates multiple times a day to ensure accurate pricing and prevent revenue loss. This app seamlessly integrates with Shopify Markets, allowing you to customize pricing for every customer, no matter where they are located. By providing customers with the comfort of knowing exactly what they are paying in their own currency, this app enhances the shopping experience, boosts conversions, and expands your business on a global scale.

Ultimately, both apps offer valuable features and benefits that can help online businesses succeed in the global marketplace. Depending on your specific needs and priorities, we recommend considering either LinguaSwitch Chat & Translate or Currency Converter Bear to enhance your e-commerce operations and cater to a diverse international audience.

Stellar Solutions Collective Shopify AppStellar Solutions Collective
Currency Converter Bear Shopify AppCurrency Converter Bear
Average Rating 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 1 600
Estimated Installs 0 7801
Min Price $0.00 $9.99
Max Price $7.00 $9.99
Works With pagefly, shogun Honeycomb Upsell, Bundles Bear, Ultimate Sticky ATC
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