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Design and customize sunglasses online, increase product sales with StyleBazi app.

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StyleBazi: Sunglass Designer is the perfect tool to let your customers unleash their creativity and design their own sunglasses, ultimately boosting your product sales effortlessly!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

Last Updated:
July 12, 2024

Design Your Own Sunglasses and Boost Sales Instantly

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Experience the revolution in eyewear customization with this distinctive app that bridges the gap between your aesthetic desires and e-commerce reality. Empower your clientele to craft their own sunglasses with a swift click and choose from a variety of frames, lenses, and glasses. This is not a mere retail transaction; it signifies the dawn of a paradigm shift where customers become designers themselves.

With an array of essential eyewear components at their fingertips such as the front frame, left temple, right temple, and lenses, customers can blend their personal style into the sunglasses they own. Offering an integral tool that seamlessly marries customization with simplicity and control, this app isn't just an enhancement but a complete transformation of your customer's shopping journey.

By integrating this application into your online store, you’re inviting customers to tap into their creativity, satisfying their desire for personalized products. This epitomizes the evolution of e-commerce, moving away from mere offerings and discounts to molding a customer-centric purchase experience. Experience the future of retail with this unique application that liberates the customer's creativity.


Allow customers to design their own sunglasses with ease
Choose from a variety of frames and lenses to personalize their eyewear
Upload frames, lenses, and temples for customers to select
Easily view and download customers' design details
Enhance customer engagement and satisfaction with personalized product design


Increase customer engagement and satisfaction by allowing them to design their own sunglasses, leading to higher conversion rates and order values
Save time and resources for merchants by offering customers the ability to create their own designs, reducing the need for constant product updates and new releases
Boost brand loyalty and retention by providing a unique and personalized shopping experience that sets your store apart from competitors

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Owlfred Review

When it comes to eye-popping eCommerce, StyleBazi: Sunglass Designer by SolverCircle is a ray of sunshine. This incredibly unique Shopify app is all about empowering your customers to run wild with their creativity, designing custom sunglasses that order and may increase product sales. And you know what? It works, based on the glowing 5-star review it has received, even if we don't have the install count due to its back-end nature. For the price of $29 a month after a 7-day free trial, you give your customers a user-friendly panel to pick their perfect pair, selecting preferred frames, lenses, and temples. Plus, you as the merchant can upload your options for lenses, frames, and temples, while also having the ability to check and download the designs your customers create. All in all, StyleBazi: Sunglass Designer provides a dynamic shopping experience customers will adore, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to any eyewear merchant looking for a fresh approach to boosting sales.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start my own sunglasses brand using StyleBazi : Sunglass Designer?
Starting your own sunglasses brand with StyleBazi : Sunglass Designer is quite straightforward. Choose designs from their extensive catalogue or create your own, decide on the pricing, and finally, list them on your store for customers to buy.
Who are some of the largest suppliers of sunglasses used by popular print on demand services?
The largest suppliers of sunglasses generally include manufacturers from China and Italy, although specific suppliers aren't typically disclosed. It's best to ask the print on demand service directly for the most accurate information.
What are strategies to sell more sunglasses with StyleBazi : Sunglass Designer?
Strategies for increased sales include offering limited-time promotions, showcasing customer reviews and pictures, and using high-quality, attractive pictures for your product listings.
How do I sell my sunglasses designed using StyleBazi : Sunglass Designer?
To sell sunglasses designed using StyleBazi : Sunglass Designer, simply list them on your Shopify store. Make sure to promote them using online channels like social media and email marketing for increased visibility.

Shopify App Comparison: StyleBazi : Sunglass Designer vs CustomizingBox‑Print on Demand - which is better?

We've come across two incredible apps that are revolutionizing the way customers interact with e-commerce. StyleBazi, the Sunglass Designer App, allows customers to design their own personalized sunglasses by choosing from a variety of frames, lenses, and glasses. This app empowers customers to tap into their creativity and customize their eyewear, leading to increased engagement and satisfaction. The ability to offer personalized products sets your store apart from competitors and enhances the customer shopping experience. On the other hand, CustomizingBox-Print on Demand App focuses on streamlining operations and improving customer satisfaction through its automated order processing system. This app takes care of the logistics of drop shipping and fulfillment, allowing merchants to focus on their creative output and save time. With its expertly designed user interface and features, merchants can easily handle their online business efficiently and increase productivity. Both apps provide unique benefits and capabilities, but we recommend StyleBazi for its ability to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction through personalized product design.

While CustomizingBox-Print on Demand App offers streamlined operations and a hassle-free shopping experience, StyleBazi goes beyond that by allowing customers to become designers themselves. By offering the ability to design their own sunglasses, customers feel more connected to the product and are more likely to convert. With higher conversion rates and order values, merchants can increase revenue and boost brand loyalty. Additionally, the Sunglass Designer App saves time and resources for merchants by reducing the need for constant product updates and new releases. This app truly embodies the future of retail and the evolution of e-commerce by shifting towards a customer-centric purchase experience. With StyleBazi, merchants can take their online store to the next level and provide a unique and personalized shopping journey for their customers.

StyleBazi : Sunglass Designer Shopify AppStyleBazi : Sunglass Designer
CustomizingBox‑Print on Demand Shopify AppCustomizingBox‑Print on Demand
Average Rating 5 out of 5 4.6 out of 5
Number of Reviews 1 15
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Works With Paypal, WooCommerce, Etsy
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