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Drive more sales and increase conversions with animation on your Add to Cart button.

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Add some flair to your Add to Cart button and boost conversions with Cart Animator - it's easy, engaging, and effective!

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July 12, 2024

Increase conversions with animated Add to Cart buttons

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Transform the ordinary into extraordinary with the app that breathes life into your e-commerce site's "Add to Cart" button. Bored of your static product pages? This application brings a fresh, captivating change to your scene, bustling with animations that demand your customer's focus on taking desired actions.

Break free from the tedious coding process with the immense collection of animation styles within your grasp. Personalize your Add to Cart buttons with straightforward adjustments that skyrockets the attraction factor of your product pages - no coding required. Now, enticing your site visitors to dive into their shopping lists is easier than ever. Let your Add to Cart icons steal the spotlight!

Witness the conspicuous change that just a splash of fresh animations can bring to your online store. Tap into the app's power today and pave an engaging path to attract your customers, leading them towards favorable actions. In the bustling world of e-commerce, stand out and be the shepherd, not just another sheep, with this revolutionary app.


Choose from 70 captivating animation styles to bring your "Add to Cart" button to life
Easily customize time intervals for continuous or scheduled animations
Enable or disable animations with just one click, no coding skills needed
Works seamlessly with your Shopify store, making installation a breeze
Transform your e-commerce site with engaging animations that attract and engage customers


Increase conversions by attracting customer's attention to the Add to Cart button with captivating animations
Stand out in the competitive e-commerce landscape and engage site visitors with personalized animation styles
Save time and effort by easily implementing eye-catching animations without the need for complex coding

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Owlfred Review

Hoot hoot! Enter the ATC Button Animation app, a clever little solution designed to catch your website visitor's attention and bring it straight to your 'Add to Cart' button. By adding dynamic animation, this app is there to help make your product pages more engaging and drive your visitors to take action. With a generous offering of 70 animation styles to choose from, and the ability to enable or disable the animation with just a click, this is an app that brings a touch of fun to your Shopify site. It's an absolute breeze to install and use, making it a great tool for enhancing conversion rates. What has the Shopify merchant community said about it? With nine reviews boasting an impressive average rating of 4.8 out of 5, it's pretty clear that the ATC Button Animation app is a hit! And at a simple and fair pricing model of $2.95 per month with a 7-day free trial, this is an affordable option for those looking to add a creative kick to their store. I spread my wings of approval for this one!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the ATC Button Animation App improve my e-commerce site?
The ATC Button Animation App enhances your e-commerce site by giving life to your static 'Add to Cart' button. It offers captivating animations that pulls customer's attention towards desired actions, boosting the visual appeal and interactive nature of your product pages
Do I need coding skills to use this app?
No specific coding skills are required to use the ATC Button Animation App. This app has a range of animation styles easily accessible and customizable, allowing clear-cut adjustments to your Add to Cart buttons without requiring any coding
Why does an animated 'Add to Cart' button help?
An animated 'Add to Cart' button helps make your e-commerce platform more interactive, attractive, and engaging. It draws the attention of your site visitors, enticing them to make purchases which could ultimately result in increased conversion rates
How does this app help my store stand out?
The ATC Button Animation App provides a distinct and engaging touch to your online store by adding fresh, unique animations to your 'Add to Cart' icons. This makes your platform more engaging and can lead your customers towards favourable actions, helping your store to stand out in the e-commerce landscape

Shopify App Comparison: ATC Button Animation vs Pushdaddy Add to Cart Animator - which is better?

We compared two apps that both offer the capability to transform your regular "Add to Cart" button into an eye-catching feature that enhances customer interaction and boosts conversion rates. The ATC Button Animation app stands out with its immense collection of animation styles and straightforward adjustments that allow for easy personalization of the button without any coding required. This app offers a wide variety of animation options, allowing you to create a unique shopping experience and attract the attention of your site visitors. With the ATC Button Animation app, you can effortlessly transform your static product pages into dynamic and interactive ones, saving you time and effort. We highly recommend this app if you are looking to increase conversions and stand out in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

On the other hand, the Pushdaddy Add to Cart Animator app excels in mobile optimization, ensuring that your animated "Add to Cart" button works seamlessly across all free Shopify themes. This app offers numerous animation styles and control options, allowing for added flexibility and the ability to tailor the overall experience to resonate better with your brand's vibe. The intuitive interface of the Pushdaddy Add to Cart Animator app makes it easy to set up and customize your button. If you are looking for an app that offers mobile optimization and a variety of animation styles, this app is a great choice. We recommend investing in the Pushdaddy Add to Cart Animator app to enhance customer interaction and boost conversion rates.

ATC Button Animation Shopify AppATC Button Animation
Pushdaddy Add to Cart Animator Shopify AppPushdaddy Add to Cart Animator
Average Rating 4.8 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 9 6
Estimated Installs 0 62
Min Price $2.95 $2.99
Max Price $2.95 $2.99
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