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Effortlessly Manage Orders: Returns, Exchanges, Refunds & More

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Effortlessly streamline the order management process in your online store with a robust, versatile tool designed to empower both you and your customers. The app opens new doors for shoppers, allowing them to take control of their orders directly on your storefront. This robust tool lets shoppers request returns, exchanges, or cancel orders with just a few clicks, ensuring a pain-free shopping experience.

Embrace transparency while fostering customer loyalty - the feature to reorder previous purchases at discounted rates creates a favorable shopping environment, encouraging repeat business. Key administrative options further elevate the customer experience, including the ability for customers to request order invoices or change shipping addresses quickly and effectively.

The powerful Order Lookup Functionality stands in the face of disabled accounts, ensuring customers can track their orders at their convenience, anytime, anywhere. The app merges functionality with simplicity, creating a harmonious trading atmosphere to drive customer satisfaction and business growth.


Allow customers to send RMA (Return/Exchange/Cancel) requests to the admin.
Enable customers to reorder their previous purchases with a discount.
Customers can easily request order invoices and change shipping addresses.
Provide Order Lookup Functionality for customers.
Enhance transparency and customer loyalty with seamless order management capabilities.


Empower customers to take control of their orders, increasing satisfaction and loyalty
Encourage repeat business with discounted rates on reorder requests, boosting customer retention
Ensure customer satisfaction and convenience with a powerful Order Lookup Functionality, driving business growth

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Owlfred Review

Hoot hoot, merchants! For the record, Customer Order Management is the bee's knees when it comes to empowering your customers. Increased autonomy, shift towards customer-efficiency, and bundles of options wrapped up neatly, it's all right here. Want your patrons to manage their orders, request returns, exchanges, or even cancels? Pssst...this is the app for you. Knocking it out of the park even more, your customers can reorder their fond favorites and snag discounts in the process. And don't worry about the admin side of things; you've got control. Provide customers with order invoices or help them change shipping addresses. This app's got your back, even down to returning, exchanging, or canceling requests. With a solid rating of 3.9 and a flock of installs, it's clearly doing a nifty job. For $15/month, this one-stop, order editing solution takes flight. It's crafted by the talented folks at Webkul Software Pvt Ltd, and they're known for their ace tools. So go on, open the door to efficient customer order management and watch your Shopify store soar.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does refunds or exchanges mean in the context of Customer Order Management app?
Refunds or exchanges refer to the process where customers return their purchases in exchange for their money back or a different item. This app makes it convenient to manage these processes.
How does the Customer Order Management app aid in handling returns and exchanges?
With the Customer Order Management app,you are equipped to track all returns and exchanges in your Shopify store. You can automate the process,making it easier to manage and granting customers a quicker response.
How to manage returns and exchanges on Shopify using the Customer Order Management app?
The Customer Order Management app provides a straightforward way to manage returns and exchanges. It allows for automated tracking and processing of returns,reducing manual work and increasing efficiency.
What is the role of the exchange and refund policy in the Customer Order Management app?
In the Customer Order Management app,the exchange and refund policy guides how returns and replacements are handled. It provides rules and guidelines for merchants when dealing with these circumstances.

Shopify App Comparison: Customer Order Management vs Order Editing & Upsell - which is better?

When comparing the Customer Order Management App and the Order Editing | "Self Service" App, we can see that both apps offer valuable features and benefits for streamlining the order management process. However, there are some key differences between the two.

The Customer Order Management App empowers customers to take control of their orders, increasing satisfaction and loyalty. With features like reorder requests at discounted rates and order lookup functionality, customers can easily manage their orders and track them at their convenience. This app focuses on creating a harmonious trading atmosphere that drives customer satisfaction and business growth. We recommend this app for businesses looking to provide a seamless and convenient order management experience for their customers.

The Order Editing | "Self Service" App, on the other hand, optimizes the post-sale customer journey by allowing customers to independently modify their orders and make additions based on recommended products. This app aims to increase average order value by providing personalized recommendations and reducing lost orders with verified shipping address recommendations. It also offers a customizable portal for brand consistency. We recommend this app for businesses looking to enhance their eCommerce operations and promote cross-selling.

Customer Order Management Shopify AppCustomer Order Management
Order Editing & Upsell Shopify AppOrder Editing & Upsell
Average Rating 4.5 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 6 54
Estimated Installs 42 282
Min Price $15.00 $0.00
Max Price $15.00 $399.00
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