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Offer customers the option to schedule specific delivery dates and times for enhanced service flexibility.

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Delivery Date Pro is a must-have app that allows customers to schedule their delivery date and time, providing a flexible and convenient service that will delight your customers.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

Last Updated:
July 18, 2024

Deliver Products on a Specific Day and Time with Ease

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Take control of your delivery schedule with this strong app that's empowered with multiple calendar functionality. Allowing your clientele to lock in the most suitable delivery date and time for their orders, this tool is a game-changer in customer service and efficiency.

This app is no one-trick pony. In addition to its key calendar feature, it hosts a suite of sub-features that are interdependent, elevating the flexibility in your business services. Adapt and utilize these nuances to streamline your operations for an impressively flexible service that will have your customers appreciating the enhanced control.

Giving ease of access prominence, this potent app is a perfect solution for all businesses big or small, to streamline delivery schedules. Its vast array of calendar options coupled with multiple, interconnected features offer businesses an extraordinary edge in pacing themselves and their deliveries for better customer satisfaction.


Take control of your delivery schedule with multiple calendar functionality for customers to choose the best delivery date and time
Easily track orders in one place and export delivery information for monitoring
Improve efficiency by limiting daily orders and setting preparation intervals
Set delivery dates for upcoming months in advance for customer convenience
Adapt to last-minute changes by blocking dates and times that work best for your business.


Set delivery dates to improve customer satisfaction with flexible scheduling
Streamline operations by easily tracking and exporting order information in one place
Increase efficiency by limiting daily orders and setting preparation intervals

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3681 Peacock Ct, Apt 1, Santa Clara, CA, 95051, US
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Owlfred Review

Owl's-eye view on Delivery Date Pro - this timely tool by Zestard Technologies is a hoot for businesses big and small! With an average rating of 4.7, based on 109 reviews, it's ruffling plenty of feathers in a good way. Want to delight your customers and increase your service flexibility? You can do that by letting them pick their product delivery on a specific day and time! No more worrying about scheduling woes, simply block out the date/time that suits you, or limit the number of orders per day by setting a same-day delivery cut-off time. You can keep everything organized by tracking orders in one place, and even pick delivery dates for the upcoming months in advance. The potential to plan ahead will give your customers peace of mind and the confidence to fly back to your Shopify shop time and time again. With pricing starting from $7.99/month after a 15-day free trial, it's time to embrace the flexible services this delivery date & pickup app has to offer! Just remember, the early bird catches the worm (or in this case, the best delivery slot!)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of having a specific delivery schedule?
Having a specific delivery schedule allows for better time management overall and ensures that customers receive their orders promptly, enhancing their satisfaction and loyalty. It also significantly reduces the risk of orders being missed or delayed.
How does scheduling regular deliveries help my business?
Setting up regular deliveries builds consistency and reliability in your business. It allows for smooth operations with fewer delays, making sure your items are always in stock and can be dispatched efficiently to your customers.
Why is timely delivery crucial in e-commerce?
Timely delivery is pivotal in e-commerce as it directly affects customer satisfaction and retention. It assures customers of your service's reliability and boosts your brand's reputation, ultimately leading to repeat purchases and higher sales.
Can Delivery Date Pro help me schedule deliveries?
Indeed, Delivery Date Pro lets you schedule deliveries according to your business's operational needs. It grants you the flexibility to set specific dates and times, giving you more control over your delivery process and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Shopify App Comparison: Delivery Date Pro vs Pickup Delivery Date —Pickeasy - which is better?

After reviewing the capabilities, features, and benefits of both the Delivery Date Pro App and the Pickup Delivery Date —Pickeasy App, we have determined that both apps offer impressive functionalities for managing delivery schedules. However, there are notable differences between the two.

The Delivery Date Pro App stands out for its multiple calendar functionality, allowing customers to choose the best delivery date and time. With the ability to set delivery dates for upcoming months in advance, businesses can provide customers with greater convenience and flexibility. Additionally, the app offers interconnected features that streamline operations, such as easily tracking and exporting order information and limiting daily orders for improved efficiency. Overall, the Delivery Date Pro App excels in providing businesses with the tools to enhance customer satisfaction and optimize delivery operations.

On the other hand, the Pickup Delivery Date —Pickeasy App impresses with its precise control over pickup and delivery schedules. Business owners can establish cut-off times, preparation durations, and blackout dates to manage store traffic effectively. The app also offers personalized product-based setups and supports multi-location setups, making it ideal for businesses operating in multiple areas. Furthermore, businesses benefit from accurate delivery rates based on multiple rules, reducing manual errors in calculating charges. With its attention to detail and comprehensive logistics management features, the Pickup Delivery Date —Pickeasy App presents itself as a reliable solution for businesses seeking to enhance their delivery and pickup service.

While both apps have their strengths, we would recommend using the Pickup Delivery Date —Pickeasy App for businesses that require meticulous control over pickup and delivery schedules, as well as accurate delivery rate calculations. With its wide range of features tailored to specific business needs, it offers a versatile solution for optimizing logistics operations. However, if flexibility and customer convenience are top priorities, the Delivery Date Pro App is a strong choice with its multiple calendar functionality and interconnected features that streamline operations. Ultimately, the decision depends on the specific requirements and goals of the business.

Delivery Date Pro Shopify AppDelivery Date Pro
Pickup Delivery Date —Pickeasy Shopify AppPickup Delivery Date —Pickeasy
Average Rating 4.7 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 111 955
Estimated Installs 142 3076
Min Price $7.99 $0.00
Max Price $15.99 $24.99
Works With Shopify POS, Checkout, Shipping rates- Shipeasy, Hulk Apps, Google Calendar
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