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Elevate Your Shopify Store with Discord Integration

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Experience an intuitive and seamless way of integrating your Discord server with your Shopify store, allowing users' roles on Discord to align with their tags, memberships, or subscriptions on your e-shop. This integration can also serve to restrict the access of your online store to those who are actually members on your Discord server or users assigned a particular role.

With advanced role management features, assign permissions such as 'manage channel', 'view channel', and 'manage roles' to users depending upon their roles. Redirect Discord users after they log in or out from your Shopify account seamlessly to wherever you want, providing a streamlined user experience.

This integration tool offers a practical resolution for merchants who aim to link their existing Discord communities with their online Shopify storefronts. It not only strengthens the bond between merchant and customer via Discord's robust social platform, but it also ensures enhanced security and effective role-based management for the Shopify store.


Enable users to login/Register on Shopify Store using their Discord credentials
Assign roles to Shopify users based on their existing roles in Discord Server
Restrict access to the Shopify store content based on roles in Discord server
Restrict Shopify Store only for the users present on your Discord Server
Assign a role to a discord member when a product is purchased in Shopify


Increase customer engagement and loyalty by seamlessly integrating Discord server roles with Shopify user tags, memberships, and subscriptions, enhancing the bond between merchant and customer
Save time managing user permissions by assigning role-based access to Discord users on Shopify, streamlining user experience and ensuring effective role-based management
Boost security measures and restrict access to Shopify store content based on Discord server roles, providing enhanced security for the online storefront

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Works with

Role Membership, Discord Product Role, New Customer Account,, Hydrogen (Headless Store), Classic Accoun, Flow


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Owlfred Review

Hoot hoot! Let's talk about the miniOrange Discord Integration, an intriguing little gem in the Shopify app space. In essence, it lets your store customers SSO (Single Sign-On) using their Discord profiles, and even maps their membership tags and specific roles from Discord to your store. If a customer isn't a member of your Discord server, they won't be able to gain access to your Shopify store - a fanciful way to maintain exclusivity! Different permissions can be assigned based on user roles, and settings are in place to guide your Discord users to a specified URL after they log in via Shopify SSO. Shopify users' roles can be hinged on their existing roles in the Discord server, adding another layer of gamification to your store experience. Role restriction based on Discord server presence or product purchase is also possible, creating a unique, community-oriented approach to your online store. Despite the 0 installs, users have rated this app a full-fledged 5 stars with some rave reviews. With a price range including a free plan, it's certainly worth a try if integrating your Shopify store with your Discord server sounds like a fun twist. The miniOrange Discord Integration is a standout in the 'Accounts and Login' and 'Customer Accounts - Other' categories, and could be a fun addition to your Shopify toolbelt.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use miniOrange Discord Integration for my Shopify Store?
After installing miniOrange Discord Integration, you can connect your Shopify store with your Discord server. This allows real-time communication with your customers through Discord, include customer accounts creation and direct chatting.
What's the meaning of Discord Integration in a Shopify Store context?
Discord Integration in a Shopify store context refers to the process of connecting a Shopify store with a Discord server. This is done using an app like miniOrange Discord Integration. It bridges communication between store owners and customers, facilitating real-time interaction.
What are the benefits of using Discord Integration for my Shopify Store?
Using Discord Integration in your Shopify store allows for real-time engagement and interaction with your customers. It can improve customer service and foster a sense of community, potentially leading to increased customer loyalty and sales.
What does miniOrange Discord Integration do in relation to customer accounts?
miniOrange Discord Integration helps manage customer accounts on a Shopify store. It synchronizes the process of account creation and integration with Discord, allowing you to engage and communicate with customers more efficiently.

Shopify App Comparison: miniOrange Discord Integration vs HIKO Social Login - which is better?

When comparing miniOrange Discord Integration App and HIKO Social Login App, we can see that both apps offer valuable integration features for e-commerce platforms. The miniOrange Discord Integration App allows users to seamlessly integrate their Discord server with their Shopify store, aligning user roles and permissions between the two platforms. This is especially beneficial for merchants who want to strengthen the bond between merchant and customer through Discord's robust social platform. Additionally, the app offers advanced role management features and the ability to restrict access to the Shopify store based on Discord server roles, enhancing security measures. Overall, this app provides a practical resolution for linking Discord communities with Shopify storefronts.

On the other hand, the HIKO Social Login App focuses on transforming the customer sign-up journey into a seamless experience by offering login options using popular social media platforms. This key feature maximizes subscriber retention and increases sign-up rates, ultimately growing the customer base. The app also provides easy setup with extensive customization capabilities, allowing merchants of all technical levels to mold the platform according to their e-commerce aesthetics. Additionally, the integration with marketing strategies like Klaviyo and Mailchimp enables efficient targeted marketing. With its focus on simplifying the customer experience, this app is perfect for streamlining the sign-up process and driving business growth.

Overall, while both apps offer valuable features for e-commerce platforms, the recommended app would depend on the specific needs and preferences of the merchant. However, we believe the HIKO Social Login App is particularly advantageous due to its focus on maximizing subscriber retention, seamless customer sign-up, and extensive customization options. By embracing this modern solution, merchants can transform their customer interactions and drive business growth.

miniOrange Discord Integration Shopify AppminiOrange Discord Integration
HIKO Social Login Shopify AppHIKO Social Login
Average Rating 5 out of 5 4.9 out of 5
Number of Reviews 8 71
Estimated Installs 11 3549
Min Price $0.00 $0.00
Max Price $89.00 $4.99
Works With Role Membership, Discord Product Role, New Customer Account,, Hydrogen (Headless Store), Classic Accoun, Flow Google, Facebook, Apple, LINE, Klaviyo, Mailchimp
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