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Create volume discounts easily with a customizable, no-code pricing builder.

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Boost sales by incentivizing customers to buy in bulk with Discounted Pricing, a versatile app that helps you easily set up customized volume discounts on all devices.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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July 12, 2024

Generate more sales with volume discounted pricing.

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Slice through the competition with an interactive pricing strategy using this game-changing app. Capitalize on your customers' desire for better deals with tailored bulk-buying incentives. Forge deeper buy-in that induces customers to add more products to their cart, effectively escalating your sales.

Rally your offerings around this versatile app that permits flexible price-tier customization. Craft volume discounts that perfectly echo your business strategy, ready for action in less than sixty seconds. Unlike operating in a tech-jargon maze, it's refreshingly free of coding, allowing you remarkable control over your pricing strategy within minutes.

Flexible and customizable, this app is designed for a seamless user experience, optimizing visual display across desktops, mobile, and tablet devices. An all-encompassing solution, it focuses on broadening your customer outreach while amplifying your potential conversions and sales.

Add a powerful tool to your arsenal that empowers you to nudge buyers into higher purchase volumes while enhancing user satisfaction with value-for-money deals. Experience the power of smart pricing strategy at your fingertips.


Set volume discounts and pricing across your shop's collections and products
Fully customize the app design & settings to integrate with existing discount codes
Define unique app rules such as "buy 4 or more, get a 7% discount"
Drive revenue by incentivizing specific products with quantity breaks
Access 24/7 human support for any questions or assistance


Create tailored bulk-buying incentives to drive sales
Craft volume discounts in minutes without any coding
Optimize visual display across all devices for a seamless user experience

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Owlfred Review

Hoot Hoot! Boost your sales to soaring heights with the Booster: Discounted Pricing app. This nifty tool allows your customers to buy in bulk with ease, thanks to its no-code volume discounted pricing builder. Your customers will be incentivized to add more items to their cart - more stored nuts in your vault, wink! It offers a choice of multiple price tiers and allows you to offer volume discounts. We're not just talking about customization here, it's total "owlization" - fully customizable, optimized for all devices, and easy to set up. Not only can you set rules like "buy 4 or more, get a 7% discount", but you can increase your revenue by incentivizing targeted products with quantity breaks. Rest easy in your nest; this app comes with 24/7 human support for when you need a hand. A small investment starting from $19.99 a month, you're sure to see your shop's revenue take flight. With an average rating of 4 stars from a smorgasbord of reviews, it seems fellow Shopify merchants think Booster: Discounted Pricing is a hoot, too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the advantage of volume pricing for my Shopify store?
Volume pricing offers advantages such as encouraging buyers to purchase more of a product. This can increase overall sales and profits and can lead to inventory turnover faster.
How does volume discounting apply to my business model?
Volume discounting can apply to any business model that carries multiple quantities of a certain product. It triggers a discount for customers who buy in bulk, incentivizing them to buy more items at once.
What's an example of how volume discount pricing strategy works?
For example, if you sell a product at $10 per unit but offer a volume discount of 10% if a customer buys 5 or more, customers are encouraged to buy more units to save money.
Can you explain the strategy behind volume pricing?
The strategy behind volume pricing is to encourage bulk buying by offering discounts on larger quantities. The more the customer buys, the greater the savings they can get. This can stimulate larger sales volumes and increase revenue.

Shopify App Comparison: Booster: Discounted Pricing vs Product Samples - which is better?

The Booster: Discounted Pricing app offers an interactive pricing strategy that allows you to tailor bulk-buying incentives for your customers. With this app, you can easily set volume discounts and pricing across your shop's collections and products, driving revenue by incentivizing specific products with quantity breaks. The app also provides customizable design and settings options, allowing you to integrate it seamlessly with your existing discount codes. Overall, this app focuses on broadening your customer outreach and increasing conversions and sales.

On the other hand, the Product Samples app provides a unique approach to boosting conversions and reducing returns. By offering free or reduced-price product samples, you can entice customers to place orders from your store. This app also allows you to validate products against quality standards before their full release, ensuring brand consistency and meeting customer expectations. Additionally, the app provides valuable feedback on product-market fit, enabling you to strategically plan your assortment for maximum impact. With detailed metrics and tracking capabilities, you can optimize the performance of your sample offerings and further enhance your e-commerce operation.

In conclusion, the Booster: Discounted Pricing app focuses on driving sales through tailored bulk-buying incentives, while the Product Samples app aims to increase conversions and reduce returns through strategic sample offerings. Depending on your specific goals and business needs, both apps provide valuable features and benefits. We recommend considering the Booster: Discounted Pricing app if you want to optimize your pricing strategy and drive revenue, or the Product Samples app if you want to enhance customer experience and gain valuable feedback on product-market fit.

Booster: Discounted Pricing Shopify AppBooster: Discounted Pricing
Product Samples Shopify AppProduct Samples
Average Rating 4 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 419 60
Estimated Installs 0 365
Min Price $19.98 $12.00
Max Price $89.99 $12.00
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