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Combine multiple discount codes in one order for boosted sales, including automatic discounts.

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If you want to empower your customers to use multiple discount codes in one order, including automatic discounts, ThanhBT's Discounts Combine app is the way to go!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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July 12, 2024

Combine Discounts and Boost Sales in One Order

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Seeking to elevate your sales through a strategic discount management system? Harness the power of offering your customers the flexibility of multiple discount codes with this Shopify app. It enables your customers to apply a free shipping code alongside a price discount code in the same order, stimulating more robust transactions and customer satisfaction.

This app resolves the hurdle of enabling discount codes while managing automatic discounts for your Shopify store. It smoothly intertwines these features, adopting a seamless strategy that amplifies sales and augments the user experience. The ability to combine discounts offers a tangible perk that could be the leading factor in customer conversions and repeat purchases.

With an emphasis on customer-centricity, the app encourages savvy shoppers to purchase more by using their powerful combination of discounts. Doing so not only positions your Shopify store as customer-friendly but also a prime marketplace for bargain finds. Optimizing your discount codes has never been more intuitive or beneficial.


Enable customers to apply multiple discount codes, including free shipping, in a single order to increase flexibility and boost conversions
Seamlessly integrate normal discount codes with automatic discounts to streamline discount management and maximize sales opportunities
Offer automatic installation for easy setup and use


Increase average order value by allowing customers to use multiple discount codes in a single order, such as combining a free shipping and a price discount code
Streamline discount management by effortlessly integrating normal discount codes with automatic discounts, eliminating the hassle of manual adjustments and maximizing sales opportunities
Enhance customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases by creating a customer-centric shopping experience that incentivizes savvy shoppers to take advantage of combined discounts

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Owlfred Review

Owl's take: ThanhBT's "Discounts Combine" is a wise choice for any Shopify merchant looking to give their customers more flexibility with their coupons. Appropriately named, this medium-sized app, with hundreds of installs, allows shoppers to apply multiple discount codes simultaneously in one order, including automatic discounts and free shipping codes. This kind of convenience can undoubtedly boost your store's sales by encouraging larger purchases and improving customer satisfaction. Featuring an automatic installation process, it makes its setup a breeze, so you can quickly start benefiting from its features. The app has decent ratings, averaging at 4.2 stars from just a handful of reviews, less than 30, confirming its utility among users. It's affordable with a free plan available and also a 7-day free trial, allowing you to test it out before digging into your wallet. Absolutely recommended for anyone looking to add a bit more discount dynamism to their Shopify store. After all, who doesn't love a good deal?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do discounts really increase sales?
Discounts can indeed stimulate sales as they attract price-sensitive customers and motivate swift purchases. They're especially effective during promotional seasons, with limited time frames, creating a sense of urgency for consumers.
What is a combined discount?
A combined discount refers to the application of two or more discounts on a single product. Rather than applying a single discount rate, multiple discounts are applied successively, possibly leading to deeper price cuts and more savings for customers.
How can I add two discounts together in my Shopify store?
In default Shopify setups, you cannot combine two discounts. However, with the help of certain apps, like ThanhBT: Discounts Combine, you can create more complex and layered discount strategies by allowing multiple discounts to apply to a single purchase.
What is the concept of a combination discount?
Combination discounts involve applying multiple discount offers to a single product. They can be sequential where one discount is applied after the other, or conditional where the application of one discount depends on another. This can be a powerful promotional tool to both move inventory and increase customer satisfaction.

Shopify App Comparison: ThanhBT: Discounts Combine vs OO ‑ Volume + Bundle discounts - which is better?

When comparing ThanhBT: Discounts Combine and OO - Volume + Bundle discounts, we found that both apps offer unique capabilities and benefits that can enhance your Shopify store. ThanhBT: Discounts Combine allows customers to use multiple discount codes in a single order, boosting average order value and encouraging repeat purchases. The app simplifies the discount process for customers, leading to increased conversions and sales. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates normal discount codes with automatic discounts, streamlining discount management and maximizing sales opportunities. Overall, ThanhBT: Discounts Combine offers an intuitive and customer-centric approach to discount management.

On the other hand, OO - Volume + Bundle discounts specializes in volume and bundle discounts, making it a perfect choice for businesses looking to promote enticing value-driven purchases. The app offers a fully customizable drag-and-drop extension for seamless integration with your theme, allowing you to create visually appealing and responsive designs that enhance customer engagement and retention. With the ability to automatically apply and generate discounts based on your specified settings, the app streamlines the shopping experience and boosts sales. Overall, OO - Volume + Bundle discounts provides a convenient and visually impressive solution for businesses aiming to grow through targeted discount strategies.

While both apps offer valuable features and benefits, our recommendation would depend on the specific needs and goals of your Shopify store. If you're looking to optimize discount codes and encourage customers to make larger transactions, ThanhBT: Discounts Combine would be a great choice. On the other hand, if you're focused on creating enticing bundle discounts and enhancing customer engagement through visually appealing designs, OO - Volume + Bundle discounts would be the right fit. Assess your priorities and choose the app that aligns best with your business objectives.

ThanhBT: Discounts Combine Shopify AppThanhBT: Discounts Combine
OO ‑ Volume + Bundle discounts Shopify AppOO ‑ Volume + Bundle discounts
Average Rating 4.2 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 25 3
Estimated Installs 504 0
Min Price $0.00 $0.00
Max Price $9.94 $8.00
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