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Efficient Returns Made Easy for Online Shoppers

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Improve profitability and sustainability with the revolutionary service offering hassle-free parcel returns. This powerful app collaborates with retailers nationwide, enabling customers to return online orders seamlessly regardless of the place of purchase. The result? Happy customers, increased margin, and enhanced sustainability.

By collecting returns centrally at drop-off points, this app enables e-commerce platforms to dramatically cut transportation costs. That's more than just cost-saving β€” it's a forward-thinking approach to business that helps retailers operate in a more environment-friendly way. Your customers crave convenience, and this app delivers it. Now, the return process becomes a breeze, adding another layer of superb customer experience you can offer.

The formula is simple: better customer satisfaction results in higher return customers rates, therefore growing your business. Plus, by using this app, you're also playing your part in a more sustainable future. It's time to make returns work harder for your business.


Offer package-free and label-free returns at U.S. locations
Reduce returns-related costs with every return
Drive loyalty by providing faster speed-to-credit to encourage repeat purchases
Quickly operational in as little as one week
Integrate with Inmar's processing services for increased value recovery.


Enable hassle-free and eco-friendly returns, reducing transportation costs and improving sustainability
Enhance customer satisfaction with seamless return process, increasing customer loyalty and driving repeat purchases
Quickly implement the app and start benefiting from improved profitability and customer experience

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Blue Yonder Technology Solutions (UK) Limited
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Owlfred Review

Explore the convenient world of efficient returns with the "Inmar Package Free Returns" app by Doddle, your new ally in managing a flexible returns process. Although this app, perched cleverly in the 'returns and exchanges' category, is yet to be picked up by Shopify merchants, its 4.7 rating sings loudly from 16 appreciative reviews! So, what's this all about, you might ask? Inmar connects with retailers across the US to offer easy-peasy, label-free, package-free returns, and you know what that means for you? Lower transportation and returns-related costs - that's more dollars to put towards building your empire! Merchant sustainability and customer convenience sit at the heart of this solution. The quicker your customers can return their items, the faster they get credit, encouraging repeat purchases and boosting loyalty. The integration is a hoot, being operational in just one week. And oh, did I mention an optional integration with Inmar's processing services to enhance value recovery? This one's definitely worth a wise owl's rendering! It's free to install, but there might be additional charges catered to your particular needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are package free returns?
Package free returns refer to a system where customers can return products without the need for packaging. The item is simply handed back, typically in a retail location, eliminating the need for boxes, return labels, and shipping costs.
How can 'Inmar Package Free Returns' change the return process for my ecommerce store?
Inmar Package Free Returns simplifies the return process by eliminating the need for packaging and shipping from the customer end. This means less hassle for the customer and can increase the likelihood of repeat purchases.
What impact can offering in-store returns have on my online business?
Offering in-store returns for online purchases can significantly boost customer satisfaction and their likelihood to repeat purchase. 62% of shoppers are more likely to shop online if they can return an item in-store.
What is the average return rate for online shopping and how does it affect eCommerce stores?
The average return rate for online shopping can vary between 20%-30%. High return rates can lead to higher operational costs and lower profit margins. Strategies to reduce return rates include improving product quality, images, descriptions and customer support.

Shopify App Comparison: Inmar Package Free Returns vs ReturnZap Returns & Exchanges - which is better?

The Inmar Package Free Returns App offers a revolutionary solution for retailers looking to improve profitability and sustainability. By enabling hassle-free and eco-friendly returns, this app helps retailers reduce transportation costs and operate in a more environment-friendly way. With seamless return process, customers experience enhanced satisfaction that drives repeat purchases and increases customer loyalty. Implementing this app is quick, allowing retailers to quickly start benefiting from improved profitability and customer experience. Overall, the Inmar Package Free Returns App offers a convenient and sustainable solution that can effectively grow businesses while reducing costs.

In comparison, the ReturnZap Returns & Exchanges App provides a comprehensive solution for managing e-commerce returns and exchanges. With features such as auto-approval, flexibility in policies, and integrated portal, the app simplifies the return process and makes managing returns easier than ever. By offering options for refund, store credit, and exchange, customer requests can be resolved quickly and effortlessly. The app also boasts compatibility with numerous carriers, allowing for seamless integration with existing systems and operations. Overall, the ReturnZap Returns & Exchanges App is a one-stop solution for handling returns, managing exchanges, and streamlining processes.

In terms of recommendation, we believe both apps offer valuable capabilities and features. However, if you are looking for a solution that focuses on sustainability and reducing transportation costs, the Inmar Package Free Returns App would be a great choice. On the other hand, if you need a comprehensive solution for managing returns and exchanges with seamless integration with carriers, the ReturnZap Returns & Exchanges App would be the better option. Ultimately, the choice depends on your specific needs and priorities.

Inmar Package Free Returns Shopify AppInmar Package Free Returns
ReturnZap Returns & Exchanges Shopify AppReturnZap Returns & Exchanges
Average Rating 3.3 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 17 72
Estimated Installs 0 309
Min Price $0.00 $29.95
Max Price $0.00 $179.95
Works With EasyPost, Royal Mail, Canada Post, Sendcloud, Shippo, USPS
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