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Increase engagement, sales, and cart values with customizable banners and bars featuring promotions, discounts, and shipping offers.

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DrBary Free Shipping Bar &More is a fantastic tool to increase engagement and boost sales by easily creating customized banners and bars to promote your promotions, discounts, and special events.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

Last Updated:
July 12, 2024

Increase Sales and Engagement with a Free Shipping Bar

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Attract, engage, and convert more visitors into buyers with an intuitive shipping bar & promotional tool. This application is designed to ensure customers stay in the loop about promotions, discounts, and special events. Moreover, it encourages increased shopping cart values through strategic shipping offer announcements.

The tool's strength lies in its simplicity. With a single click, users can easily install the app, meaning no complex integration processes or coding skills are required. The ease continues into its manipulation, with a user-friendly interface that allows for streamlined creation and customization of banners and bars.

Brimming with features, the power to design captivating digital storefronts is right at your fingertips. Seize the opportunity to elevate your Shopify store with an app that brings effortless implementation and countless abilities to help incite customer interaction and ultimately, drive sales.


Attract, engage, and convert more visitors with intuitive shipping bar & promotional tools
Increase shopping cart values by strategically promoting shipping offers and discounts
Easy installation and user-friendly customization options with no coding skills required
Design captivating digital storefronts effortlessly to incite customer interaction
Elevate your Shopify store with countless abilities to drive sales


Increase customer engagement and conversion rates with eye-catching shipping bars and promotional tools that keep visitors informed and interested
Effortlessly boost shopping cart values by strategically promoting shipping offers and discounts, leading to higher average order values
Save time and resources with easy installation and user-friendly customization options, no coding skills required.

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Halley Software LLC
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Owlfred Review

Hoot-hoot! The app at hand is 'DrBary Free Shipping Bar & More', a marvelous creation from Halley Software LLC that's designed to empower your Shopify store. We can't track installs due to its backend nature, however, the few who've reviewed it highly recommend it with a perfect average rating of 5. Its primary purpose is to boost customer engagement, conversion rates, and sales by using bars. These can be customized to offer promotions, discounts, business updates, special events, and more. Plus, announcing shipping offers might just increase your cart values. What's fantastic about DrBary is its simplicity and user-friendly setup. With just a single click and zero coding skills required, you can design engaging banners and bars. It even comes with a free plan and a 7-day trial, so you're allowed to test the waters before diving in financially. So, if you're looking for an easy way to spice up your Shopify store's look and improve customer interaction, DrBary could be the app you've been searching for. Give it a shot, I say!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a free shipping bar contribute to my Shopify store?
A Free Shipping Bar app like DrBary can boost your Shopify store's sales by advertising your free shipping offer. The app can communicate this incentive to customers effectively,influencing their buying behavior and ultimately leading to increased sales.
How can offering free shipping boost my profits?
Offering free shipping can boost profits by attracting more customers who value this perk. It can act as a powerful incentive that can potentially increase the average order value and improve customer retention.
Do customers prefer buying from online shops offering free shipping?
Many customers tend to prefer online shopping with free shipping. Shoppers are generally more willing to buy products when they perceive additional value,like free shipping. It can also prove to be a deciding factor between you and your competitors.
Is free shipping significant for online consumers?
Yes,free shipping has been reported as a significant factor for many online consumers. It reduces their overall spending on an order and can be a primary reason driving their decision to go through with a purchase.

Shopify App Comparison: DrBary Free Shipping Bar &More vs Quicky—Trending Bars & Banners - which is better?

When comparing the capabilities of DrBary Free Shipping Bar & More and Quicky—Trending Bars & Banners, both apps offer the ability to create eye-catching promotional banners and bars to engage customers and drive sales. However, Quicky—Trending Bars & Banners takes it a step further by providing a wider range of features, including the Multi Announcement Slider, Action Bar, Sales Motivation Bar, Email Sign-up Bar, Coupon Bar, Free Shipping Bar, and more. This gives users a greater variety of options to choose from and allows for more customization to suit their specific marketing needs. Additionally, Quicky—Trending Bars & Banners offers the ability to easily analyze and A/B test different offers to identify which generates more sales and revenue, enabling users to make data-driven decisions to maximize profit. This feature is not available with DrBary Free Shipping Bar & More.

Furthermore, Quicky—Trending Bars & Banners provides additional benefits such as customizable and responsive design options, scheduling capabilities, and audience targeting features that help users reach the right customers at the right time for increased sales and improved business performance. It also offers the ability to add bars like the Countdown Timer Bar, Cookie Consent Bar, Add To Cart Bar, and Global Location Bar, enhancing user experience and driving conversions. With these additional features and benefits, Quicky—Trending Bars & Banners offers a more comprehensive solution for optimizing onsite marketing and boosting sales and revenue, making it the recommended choice for users looking to elevate their storefront functionality and drive business success.

DrBary Free Shipping Bar &More Shopify AppDrBary Free Shipping Bar &More
Quicky—Trending Bars & Banners Shopify AppQuicky—Trending Bars & Banners
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