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Fulfill global orders seamlessly with Droplion - auto-correct addresses, manage payments, and ship via top carriers.

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Droplion is the perfect app for streamlining your international shipping and fulfillment process, allowing you to focus on building your brand while they take care of the logistics.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

Last Updated:
July 12, 2024

Ship globally with Droplion - streamline your fulfillment process today!

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Unlock a seamless order fulfillment experience with this outstanding app that skillfully manages address recognition, payment status monitoring, and order weight calculation. Streamline the dispatch process, whether it's via DHL, UPS, DPD, or freight, ensuring packages are in transit by 2 pm on the same day.

Utilize the propriety Blueprints feature to define and automate your processes. With this tool, adding additional products or promotional goodies, like flyers, gummy bears, or other add-ons into orders, becomes effortless. No more worrying about inventory management as it comes equipped with a dashboard for building sets that maintain auto-updated inventory records.

It's all about flexibility here. Tailor your services, decisions and processes to cater to various customer types - be it a first-time buyer or a bulk purchaser. This app optimizes your business operations while putting customer satisfaction at the forefront. Take control of your workflow and delight your customers with surprise inclusions in their orders, elevating their unboxing experience. Revel in the precision, agility, and customization this app has to offer.


Fix addresses and enable international shipping with DHL, DPD, UPS, and freight forward
Create custom processes tailored for first-time customers, key accounts, and B2B clients
Add flyers, gummy bears, and promotional goodies like invoices and delivery bills to orders
Build sets with automatic individual stock updates for effortless inventory management
Enhance customer satisfaction by customizing services, optimizing operations, and improving the unboxing experience


Save time and improve customer satisfaction by streamlining order fulfillment and ensuring packages are shipped by 2pm daily
Automate and simplify inventory management by using Blueprints to easily add additional products or promotional items to orders
Increase customer retention and satisfaction by customizing services and offerings for various customer types, enhancing the unboxing experience and optimizing business operations

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DPD, DHL, UPS, Freigt Forward


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Owlfred Review

Droplion has soared in as the go-to app for those seeking sophisticated yet manageable outsourced order fulfillment. With the app's promise to handle everything from fixing address inaccuracies, verifying payment status, and even adjusting order weight before shipping, Shopify merchants can enjoy a more streamlined way of managing their inventory. Its unique "Blueprint" process lets you add a personalized touch, whether that's adding flyers, gummy bears, or additional goodies to orders. Whether catering to first-time buyers or bulk clients, Droplion offers dynamic decision-making capabilities. Plus, virtual sets featuring automatically adjusted inventory can be readily created from your dashboard. While reviews are still coming in, Droplion's intuitive features for inventory optimization already seem to be impressing Shopify merchants, hitting a perfect 5-star rating in early reviews. Brace yourself folks, it's 'paralo'-time! Here's to efficient, seamless shipping solutions and building your brand internationally with Droplion's helping hand in your operations. Remember, every big journey starts with a single step, or in this case – a single package.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of inventory optimization in order fulfillment?
Inventory optimization plays a key role in order fulfillment by ensuring that adequate stock levels are maintained. It helps businesses avoid stockouts, overstocking, and helps improve order turnaround time.
How does Droplion app assist in outsourced fulfillment?
The Droplion app integrates with your Shopify store to connect you with outsourcing partners. It simplifies order management, tracking, and execution by automating key tasks in the fulfillment process.
What is meant by outsourced fulfillment in the context of dropshipping?
In the context of dropshipping, outsourced fulfillment refers to the process where a third-party provider stores, picks, packs, and ships your products directly to the customers on your behalf.
How does inventory optimization improve the efficacy of a dropshipping business?
Inventory optimization aids in sustaining smooth dropshipping operations. It avoids overstocking and understocking situations, provides accurate forecasting, and ensures the availability of products for prompt shipping when an order is placed.

Shopify App Comparison: Droplion vs Stock In Motion - which is better?

We have evaluated both the Droplion and Stock In Motion apps and found that they both offer unique capabilities and features that can greatly benefit businesses. Droplion excels in streamlining the order fulfillment process, providing seamless address recognition, real-time payment status monitoring, and efficient order weight calculation. The app also offers the innovative Blueprints feature, allowing users to automate processes and easily add additional products or promotional items to orders. With its flexible services and customizability, Droplion helps businesses optimize operations while prioritizing customer satisfaction. On the other hand, Stock In Motion stands out with its pre-ordering feature, enabling businesses to offer a seamless shopping experience even with out-of-stock items. By replacing the out-of-stock button with a branded pre-order opportunity, the app keeps shoppers engaged and maintains continuous revenue flow. Its advanced tracking functionalities and timely notifications for available items enhance customer connectivity and trust. Additionally, Stock In Motion offers personalized setup assistance, providing merchants with professional guidance and support for a smooth implementation. While both apps offer valuable capabilities, we recommend the Droplion app for businesses seeking to streamline the order fulfillment process and optimize operations, as it provides comprehensive features like address recognition, payment status monitoring, and order weight calculation. However, if your business specifically requires a solution for managing out-of-stock items and offering pre-order options, Stock In Motion would be a great choice. Ultimately, your decision should be based on the specific needs and priorities of your business.

Droplion Shopify AppDroplion
Stock In Motion Shopify AppStock In Motion
Average Rating 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 1 5
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Max Price $0.00 $249.00
Works With DPD, DHL, UPS, Freigt Forward Project 44
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