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Duplicate your store effortlessly and expand your business globally.

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Imagine seamlessly replicating shopping spaces with minimal effort. That's precisely what you unlock with the proficient 'Duplify โ€‘ Duplicate Store' app. This efficient tool enables effortless duplication of crucial store elements like products, variants, media, metafields, inventory, collections, pages, files, blogs, customers, orders, redirects, and more, translating it to a new store. No technical knowledge is necessary to achieve this, silencing the need for time-consuming copy-pasting tasks.

The app excels in facilitating the creation of staging stores, perfect for essential testing scenarios. Looking to broaden the horizons of your business? Consider devising international stores, feasible and quick, thanks to Duplify. Keep things synced across your multiple outlets with the advantage of product syncing. Experience the luxury of transforming your store replication endeavors into a hassle-free process, all with the help of this app. Start duplicating your store with exceptional ease today with Duplify.


Try before you buy by choosing what you want exported
Effortlessly duplicate your entire Shopify store, saving time and effort
Perfect for multi-store management to keep products and collections in sync
Export store data in bulk without fear of human error
Create backup stores and duplicate products across multiple stores


Duplicate your entire Shopify store effortlessly, saving time and effort
Easily create staging and international stores for testing and expanding your business
Keep products and collections in sync across multiple outlets

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Owlfred Review

Hoot hoot! Listen up, Shopify merchants. Duplify - Duplicate Store by Presidio Creative is a real timesaver when it comes to cloning your store data. This appreciated app has collected 88 reviews with an average rating of 4.4. This mighty app can duplicate an entire store in a flash without any technical skills required (now isn't that a hoot?). It's the perfect partner to avoid tedious copy-pasting, reducing manual errors, and keeping things in sync across stores. Use it to create backup stores or to launch international branches of your thriving Shopify business with ease. Its features such as bulk export and product syncing make it a brilliant choice for anyone looking to save time and expand their business efficiently. And the cherry on top? It lets you try before you buy, you only pay for what you export! I, Owlfred, definitely recommend giving Duplify a go! Its free install makes it an easy decision for merchants looking to simplify their store data management.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I expand my Shopify store to multiple countries?
Expanding a Shopify store to multiple countries involves creating a duplicate store for each target country. This can be done using an app like Duplify - Duplicate Store, which allows merchants to import and manage store data for each individual store.
Which business requirement makes it necessary to use a multi store setup instead?
A multi store setup is necessary when you have distinct business requirements for different markets or regions. This could involve varied product offerings, different pricing or tax structures, or language and currency differences that can't be handled by a single store.
What is a Shopify expansion store?
A Shopify expansion store is a duplicate of a main Shopify store but targets a different market or country. It allows businesses to cater to international audiences while managing unique requirements for different regions.
In which circumstance should a merchant use a multi store setup instead of Shopify markets?
A merchant should consider a multi store setup when they need to operate different stores for different markets with unique pricing, language, marketing, SEO, and other custom business rules that can't be catered for through a single Shopify store or Shopify markets.

Shopify App Comparison: Duplify โ€‘ Duplicate Your Store vs Rewind Staging - which is better?

When comparing Duplify - Duplicate Your Store and Rewind Staging, both apps offer valuable capabilities for creating duplicate stores and testing new ideas. However, there are some key differences in their features and benefits.

Duplify excels in its ability to effortlessly duplicate a wide range of store elements, including products, variants, media, inventory, and more. This makes it ideal for creating staging stores and expanding your business internationally. With the advantage of product syncing, you can easily keep multiple outlets in sync and save time and effort in the replication process. The app also allows for bulk export of store data, minimizing the risk of human error. Overall, Duplify offers a hassle-free solution for duplicating your entire Shopify store.

On the other hand, Rewind Staging focuses on providing a secure replica of your online store for experimentation purposes. It allows you to create a staging environment where you can test new apps, custom code, and themes without risking your live site. This app offers the ability to easily preview changes before deploying them and streamline the process of deploying changes to your live store. With its top-tier customer service, you can expect excellent support for your staging needs. Rewind Staging empowers you to constantly innovate and optimize your staging store without jeopardizing your business's performance.

In conclusion, both Duplify and Rewind Staging offer unique capabilities and benefits. If you're looking to duplicate your entire store and keep multiple outlets in sync, we recommend using Duplify for its ease of use and comprehensive replication features. However, if your focus is on creating a secure staging environment for testing and experimentation, Rewind Staging is the ideal choice. Assess your specific needs and choose the app that best aligns with your goals and priorities.

Duplify โ€‘ Duplicate Your Store Shopify AppDuplify โ€‘ Duplicate Your Store
Rewind Staging Shopify AppRewind Staging
Average Rating 4.5 out of 5 4.4 out of 5
Number of Reviews 99 102
Estimated Installs 0 0
Min Price $0.00 $99.00
Max Price $0.00 $99.00
Works With Rewind Backups, QuickBooks Online
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