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Automate order cancellations with customized rules and notifications for a smoother inventory management.

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With Easy Canceller, you can automate order cancellations and release stock easily based on your specific criteria, saving you time and ensuring your inventory stays accurate. Recommended!

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July 8, 2024

Automate Order Cancellations with Ease

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Looking to streamline order cancellation procedures? This powerful tool equips Shopify merchants with enhanced order management capabilities. The mechanism enables simplistic yet effective cancellation of orders, allowing for automated stock release. This is particularly beneficial for handling manual payment orders that remain unpaid within the stipulated store time.

What sets this app apart is its brilliant customizability. Merchants are free to establish their personalized criteria applied to specific payment gateways, automated times, and order tags. This flexibility permits more accurate cancellation of the intended orders.

Moreover, smoothly automate your cancellation reasons and customer notifications to add an extra touch of professionalism and streamline your workflow. This brilliant tool has already found its place in numerous Shopify stores, emphasizing its reliability in effective order management.


Automates the process of order cancellation based on user-defined rules
Customizable payment gateway settings for each rule
Allows for automatic timing and general cancellation application using different tags
Deciphers and defines the reasons behind each order cancellation
Provides an option to send Shopify's native notification upon cancellation.


Increase operational efficiency as "Easy Canceller" automates order cancellations, reducing manual work and freeing up for strategic tasks
Mitigate losses for your online store by setting payment gateways for specifying cancellation rules, allowing to avoid unwanted transaction costs
Improve customer experience by sending automatic cancellation notifications, keeping them updated and fostering trust in your brand.

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Owlfred Review

Easy Canceller is an app designed to automatically cancel orders and release stock without reason based on specific criteria you set. With features like creating custom cancellation rules and setting payment gateways for each rule, it aims to simplify order management. While the app has only one review with an average rating of 3, it may still be worth exploring for those looking to streamline their order processing and inventory management. Give it a try if you're seeking automation in handling unpaid orders or specific cancellation scenarios.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can Easy Canceller do for my Shopify store
Easy Canceller streamlines order cancellation procedures. It offers enhanced order management capabilities and allows automatized stock release. The app provides customization options to set specific payment gateways,automated times,and order tags. It is beneficial for managing manual payment orders that remain unpaid within the store's time frame.
How does Easy Canceller customize the cancellation process
Easy Canceller enables merchants to establish personalized criteria applied to specific payment gateways,automated times,and order tags. This allows for more accurate cancellation of the intended orders.
Does Easy Canceller send notifications to customers
Easy Canceller allows you to automate your cancellation reasons and customer notifications. This adds an element of professionalism and helps streamline your workflow.
Is Easy Canceller reliable for effective order management
Easy Canceller is a proven tool for effective order management. It has been adopted by numerous Shopify stores,which emphasizes its reliability and usefulness in order management.

Shopify App Comparison: Easy Canceller vs Trackr Order Tracking, Tracker - which is better?

When comparing the Easy Canceller app to the Trackr - Track Order & Returns app, we see distinct differences in their capabilities and features. Easy Canceller focuses on simplifying the order cancellation process for Shopify merchants. Its standout feature is its customizability, allowing the establishment of personalized criteria for specific payment gateways, automated times, and order tags. This level of flexibility ensures more accurate and efficient order cancellations. Additionally, Easy Canceller offers automation of cancellation reasons and customer notifications, adding a touch of professionalism and streamlining workflows. This app would be highly recommended for merchants looking to increase operational efficiency, mitigate losses, and improve customer experience.

On the other hand, Trackr - Track Order & Returns takes a different approach by enhancing the customer shopping experience through order tracking and return management. It integrates real-time updates from over 1500 carriers, keeping customers engaged and minimizing inquiries about shipment status. The app also streamlines returns and exchanges, making it a smooth and hassle-free process. With efficient shipment notifications and tailored upsells, Trackr empowers merchants to drive sales and demonstrate commitment to customer satisfaction. For businesses looking to strengthen customer connections and elevate the shopping experience, Trackr - Track Order & Returns would be an excellent choice.

Easy Canceller Shopify AppEasy Canceller
Trackr Order Tracking, Tracker Shopify AppTrackr Order Tracking, Tracker
Average Rating 3 out of 5 4.1 out of 5
Number of Reviews 1 190
Estimated Installs 0 1227
Min Price $0.00 $4.00
Max Price $0.00 $19.00
Works With China Post, USPS, Klaviyo, Omnisend, Segment io, Markets
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